"You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent."
Mark Bailey to Nandi Tyler[src]

The Arrest of Nandi Tyler was the capture of Detective Nandi Tyler for her association with the Stylers. The operation was executed by the New York City Police Department in an attempt to take Tyler into custody.


"Look, I don't wanna be right about this."
"Nandi deserves the benefit of the doubt."
"Well, then help us clear her. Or bring her in. Because she might have a direct line to Bushmaster."
Misty Knight and Mark Bailey[src]

While Luke Cage, James Lucas, Mariah Dillard and Tilda Johnson sheltered in the Rand Enterprises Research Facility, Misty Knight went to 29th Precinct Police Station. Privately in the interrogation room, she informed Priscilla Ridley about their situation and request immunity for Dillard. It was necessary to convince her to make a statement against Bushmaster. Ridley agreed and contacted with DA Blake Tower who quickly came through paperwork and gave a contract to New York City Police Department.

Unbeknownst to them, Nandi Tyler was in interrogation room too and learned about a deal. She decided that Dillard must die and went to Harlem's Paradise. Tyler informed Bushmaster about Dillard's location. While she received her reward, Stylers led by Bushmaster attacked facility to assassinate Dillard.[3]

At next day, Knight became suspicious because Tyler hasn't shown up for work. With Ridley, they learned that somebody used a key card to came to the interrogation room while Knight and Ridley discussed Dillard's deal. Then Tyler became a suspect. With Mark Bailey's help, they found surveillance footage of Tyler leaving Harlem's Paradise. DA Tower gave them a search warrant for her apartment and PC for an arrest. Bailey run her credit card numbers and phone numbers and tracked down her location.[4]


Nandi handcuffed

Knight tries to handcuff her former colleague

"I'm sorry, Mark, this wasn't about you."
"Look, y'all can talk about that shit back at the precinct."
Nandi Tyler, Mark Bailey and Misty Knight[src]

Misty Knight, Priscilla Ridley, and Mark Bailey with several police officers arrived at the airport right before Tyler could leave the New York City. Knight attempted to handcuff her but Tyler punched her and managed to run. However, Knight caught her up and quickly neutralized her despite resistance from her side. Before Tyler could stand up, Bailey handcuffed his former partner and she was escorted to the precinct.[4]


Tyler in precinct

Tyler is interrogated in the precinct

"You sold us out to Bushmaster. He is a homicidal maniac."
"Bushmaster just wants justice from Mariah. Real justice. Mariah doesn't get to win. She's gotta go."
Misty Knight and Nandi Tyler[src]

In the 29th Precinct Police Station, Misty Knight reminded Nandi Tyler about the incident with her former classmate Tasha Bowles who was framed by Tyler and kicked out of their team. Then she furiously blamed her former colleague because she sold them to Bushmaster. Tyler said that she wanted Mariah Dillard dead because of the death of Tom Ridenhour. Knight decided to not waste her time and Tyler and she was taken into the custody.[4]


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