"You're under arrest for your unlawful escape from Seagate Prison."
Franco to Luke Cage[src]

The Arrest of Luke Cage was the successful apprehension of former Seagate Prison inmate Carl Lucas by United States Marshals Franco and Johnson.


"You both framed me for murder. There's nothing you can offer me that'll make me let that go."
"How about your freedom? Right here is everything you need to prove that Diamondback framed Carl Lucas."
Luke Cage and Shades[src]

Carl Lucas was sent into Seagate Prison for a crime that he didn't commit. During his first day, he lined up with other prisoners and were scolded by Albert Rackham. Lucas scoffed at Rackham and got hit in the gut, taunting that he was a former sheriff. Lucas was locked in solitary confinement, where he spent hours sitting alone. Once, Rackham visited Lucas, complimenting his fighting abilities. Reva Connors was shocked by all the bruises and cuts. Lucas admitted that he got into a fight or two. Later, Lucas was approached by Shades and Comanche, who complimented Lucas on his fighting in the ring. However, Lucas found his appearance suspicious due to it happening just before his plan would go underway. Admitting that they were not happy that Lucas planned on exposing Seagate, Comanche noted that Rackham wished him to either be killed or locked in solitary, so they then beat him up until he was severely injured.

Lucas was sent to the infirmary, being treated by Noah Burstein, and put under life support. As he began scanning Lucas, Rackham busted in, demanding the whereabouts of Lucas. He turned up the heat in the tank and overloaded it, causing the explosion of the tank. Lucas came out of the ruins of the tank, fully healed from all the injuries. The alarms went off, in frustration of no way out of the situation, Lucas punched the wall, causing it to crack. Lucas discovered he his strength was enhanced and escaped from the Seagate.

He met Connors at the nearest motel. She deleted any records on Lucas and asked him what his new name would be and he responded with his father's favorite bible verse from the book, thus, Luke Cage was born.[2]


"Luke is innocent."
"They're not arresting Luke Cage. They're arresting Carl Lucas."
Misty Knight and Priscilla Ridley[src]

While in the 29th Precinct Police Station, Marshals Franco and Johnson entered, requesting to arrest Luke Cage. Initially, Misty Knight and Priscilla Ridley expressed that they had put forth effort to keep from apprehending Cage; the marshals, however, informed them that they were there for Carl Lucas whom had escaped Seagate Prison and owes time for the state of Georgia. After saying his goodbyes to Claire Temple, Cage willingly followed the men.[3]


Defenders Entertainment 6

Luke Cage is taken out of Seagate Prison

"Looks like all of your paper-pushing worked. Uncuff the superstar. Get him out of my sight."
―Prison Guard[src]

Several months after returning back to Seagate, Luke Cage was freed thanks to the evidence recovered by his friend Bobby Fish and the lawyer, Foggy Nelson. Eager to return home, Cage headed back to New York City. Returning back to Harlem, Cage was greeted by his girlfriend, Claire Temple. Temple asked what Cage wanted to do now that he was freed. Cage said that he want to continue helping the people of Harlem.[4]


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