"Listen, I got pinched. And, Tandy, I put all my money into your new life. I need your help. Please."
Liam Walsh to Tandy Bowen[src]

The Arrest of Liam Walsh was the detention of one of the first suspects in Brigid O'Reilly's investigation on the crime scene involving Rick Cotton.


Liam Walsh was a known associate and boyfriend of Tandy Bowen, with whom he committed several robberies, such as the Robbery of Rick Cotton's Apartment which later caused Bowen to be attacked and nearly raped by Rick Cotton in revenge, although she was able to escape.[5]. NOPD Detective Brigid O'Reilly investigated the case of Cotton after he was found wounded and unconscious, although she quickly deduced that Bowen had been the real victim. Since Bowen wanted to leave New Orleans out of fear of the consequences of her actions, Walsh agreed to help her to rob people from a wedding.[6]


"Liam Walsh? You have the right to remain silent."
Brigid O'Reilly to Liam Walsh[src]

Having investigated on Tandy Bowen and Rick Cotton, although she had been unable to find the former, Brigid O'Reilly eventually managed to get the name of Liam Walsh and his association with Bowen. From this point, she successfully tracked him down and ambushed him after the Infiltration into Lynn & Tad's Wedding, quickly putting him in handcuffs. Walsh, depressed after Bowen left New Orleans and ended their relationship, did not resist the arrest and was taken into custody in the New Orleans Police Department Station where he called Bowen for help, but she did not reply and abandoned Walsh.[6]


"I don't sell drugs."
"But you know someone who does, I bet. The person with the high-quality coke who works at the club you adore?"
Liam Walsh and Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Liam Walsh remained in custody of the NOPD for several days, during which he was interrogated by Brigid O'Reilly who was investigating in the drug trafficking in New Orleans. Although he denied that he was a drug dealer, Walsh admitted that he knew people who sold drugs in the city, and agreed to help O'Reilly with her investigation as he no longer counted on Tandy Bowen to get him out of jail.[7]

Eventually though, Walsh was bailed out by Bowen who had gathered enough money to pay for his release. He was then taken by Bowen to the St. Theresa's Church, where Bowen attempted to absorb his hopes, leaving Walsh in a confused state of mind which later caused him to rob Bowen while she was away, no longer trusting her to build a future together.[8]


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