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―Arnim Zola[src]

Doctor Arnim Zola is a HYDRA scientist who worked closely with the Red Skull on the Tesseract project, until he was captured by Captain Carter and taken prisoner by the Strategic Scientific Reserve.


World War II

Recruited by HYDRA

During World War II, Arnim Zola was recruited by HYDRA, a Nazi scientific branch created by Johann Schmidt, best known as Red Skull because of his disfigurement. Red Skull confided Zola his plans to eventually betray Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich, however, intending to summon a tentacled creature from the cosmos, which Schmidt considered the "Champion of HYDRA", to conquer the Earth.[1]

Captured by the Allies

Zola with the Tesseract

"Ah, Fräulein Carter. I was wondering when you might visit me. You're wasting your time. I will tell you nothing!"
―Arnim Zola to Peggy Carter[src]

Having acquired the mysterious Tesseract from Odin's Vault, Red Skull entrusted Zola to take the Tesseract to Berlin. Escorted by fellow HYDRA soldiers, Zola was taken to Berlin aboard a truck, but their trip was interrupted by Captain Carter, the only Super Soldier created with Abraham Erskine's Super Soldier Serum thanks to the German assassin Heinz Kruger's intervention, who effortlessly defeated all of Red Skull's men while Zola stayed behind on the truck. Upon knocking out Brick, Carter checked the truck and found Zola, who swore upon realizing that all his escort had been neutralized.

Zola confronts Captain Carter

Following the apparent death of Steve Rogers aboard the Schnellzug EB912, Carter decided to interrogate Zola to learn about Red Skull's plans. Once Carter opened his cell, Zola sarcastically greeted her by saying that he was asking himself when she would visit him and affirmed that she would lose her time as he would not tell her anything. However, through unknown means, Carter ultimately succeeded in interrogating Zola, who told her all he knew about Red Skull's plans at Castle de Krake and the "Champion of HYDRA".[1]


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