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"Armand Tully? Sleaze bag owns buildings all over town."
Foggy Nelson[src]

Armand Tully is the owner of a number of buildings in New York City. He wanted to force his tenants to leave their homes in order to turn the properties into luxury condominiums.



Tully owned a series of apartment buildings all over New York City and rented them to tenants at rent controlled prices. Over time, Tully wanted to evict all tenants from his apartments in order to turn the properties into luxury condominiums. He offered each tenant, including Elena Cardenas, $10,000 to leave. Cardenas and her neighbors refused the offer, wanting to stay in their homes.[1]

Fake Repairmen

Elena Cardenas requested repairs to her apartment from Tully. Joseph Pike and Stewart Schmidt arrived posing as repairmen and began to destroy the apartments with sledgehammers. The damage left the tenants without water or electricity for days.[1]

Selling Out

Tully sold his real estate holdings to Wilson Fisk and Confederated Global Investments. He used this money to purchase a small island with no extradition agreement, making it impossible to force him to testify against Fisk.[4]





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