"Arlene French called in drunk. You want to play a sassy beer wench?"
Howard Stark to Peggy Carter[src]

Arlene French is an actress who voiced the character of Betty Carver in The Captain America Adventure Program. She went on to appear on a film made by Stark Pictures about the character of Kid Colt.


Voice Actress

"Arlene French beat me out for that part."
Angie Martinelli[src]

Arlene French, who won the role over Angie Martinelli, was the voice actress for the character Betty Carver in the The Captain America Adventure Program[1] which played until May 8, 1946 when the character Captain America was lost in the sea of Japan.[2]

Film Actress

By 1947, Howard Stark hired French to play a bar waitress in his motion picture based on the Kid Colt comic book. She called out from work one morning, citing that she was too drunk.

Her position in the film was offered by Stark to Peggy Carter, but she quickly refused it, citing that she would rather play the cowboy.[3]


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