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"Dex, this is getting out of control. Someone needs to call Kingpin."
―Arinori to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Agent Arinori was a member of the FBI, who began working with Wilson Fisk.


Working for Kingpin

"Fisk's got something on all of you? Arinori?"
"Better we don't talk about it. And in here, we don't even say his name."
Ray Nadeem and Arinori[src]
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Agent Arinori, along with Agent Ramsey, met with SAC Tammy Hattley to try and take over handling Wilson Fisk. Agent Wellers warned Ray Nadeem about their move to try and take responsibility for Fisk away from him.[3]

Hunt for Daredevil and Karen Page

"I'm saying we should get in front of this. Someone needs to call Kingpin."
"And say what? That we failed?"
"There something that you want to say to me, Arinori?"
―Arinori and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

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