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"What kind of organization is it?."
"Social club. For L.A.'s silver spoon crowd since 1906. The influential, the powerful, the reptilia and the rodentia. The Arena Club is where they all congregate."
Peggy Carter and Howard Stark[src]

The Arena Club is a male only social club for wealthy individuals and serves as the meeting place for the Council of Nine.



The Arena Club was founded in 1906 in Los Angeles, as a social club for wealthy white males. Since its foundation, individuals whose backgrounds included just a hint of non-anglosaxon ethnicity were not allowed to join, and females are denied from even entering the club.[1]

Unexpected Meeting

Calvin Chadwick hears of Council of Nine

"You shouldn't take this personally Calvin, your interests are our interests, your primary focus now should be the senate race."
"We've already contributed a considerable amount towards your campaign."
Hugh Jones and Thomas Gloucester[src]

Calvin Chadwick arrived at the Arena Club for a drink when Eddie informed him that the Council of Nine were waiting for him. Joining the council, Chadwick was informed by Thomas Gloucester that they had come to a decision and decided to shut down Isodyne Energy's research into Zero Matter, as they felt it had attracted too much attention from the media as well as the Strategic Scientific Reserve.

Hugh Jones dismisses Calvin Chadwick

Chadwick strongly argued his point that the Zero Matter had the potential to change the world, however Gloucester remained insistent and refused to listen, stating that the council's decision was final. Hugh Jones recommended that Chadwick instead focus his efforts on his senate campaign which the Council had been funding. Chadwick was forced to agree with his fellow Council members and they began focusing their efforts on blackmailing Chadwick's rival Anderson by printing two Los Angeles Tribune newspaper headlines, one where he resigns quietly and one where he was involved in a sex scandal.[2]

Code Pink

Howard Stark invades the Arena Club

"You know what Terry, I think I might have been a little harsh on this place. You're not half bad."
"Mr. Stark, it's time to go."
"Actually, your club's terrible and I'm never coming back!"
Howard Stark and Edwin Jarvis[src]

The Arena Club was visited by Howard Stark and his butler Edwin Jarvis, who were looking at joining the club. As Stark complained about the lack of excitement he invited a barrage of beautiful young women to join him, despite Torrance's protests. Although Stark briefly considered joining, when Jarvis informed him it was time to go, he insulted the club and left with the women, promising not to come back.[1]


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