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Apartment 6F is an apartment a floor above the Alias Investigations Office that was previously owned by Robyn and housed her and her brother Ruben. It housed the new superintendent Oscar Arocho and his son Vido Arocho.


Too Much Commotion

On occasions, Robyn and Ruben have loud confrontations in their apartment that disturb their neighbor Jessica Jones below. One night, however, they receive a knock at their door. Rueben answered and stared at an upset Jones, whom asked for the two to keep the noise down. Soon, Robyn peeks through the door and attempted to push Jones away. When Robyn insulted her neighbor, Jones bursted through the door and broke the chain lock, as she pulled Robyn out into the hallway and lifted her against a wall. Jones repeated that she wanted the two to keep the noise down before leaving and proclaiming that they gave themselves self-respect. Robyn, then, turned to her brother and demanded him to help her out of the floor and to put some pants on before closing the door behind her.[1]

Family Dinner with Jessica

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