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"Anzhou. It's the name of a city in China."
Danny Rand[src]

Anzhou is a town in Anxin County, Hebei, China.


Air Crash in the Himalayas

"This factory, it's in Anzhou. It's where we were headed when my plane crashed. My father, he, he never visited the foreign sites. He must've suspected something was going on."
"Maybe Gao found out he was onto her."
Danny Rand and Claire Temple[src]

With the growing suspicions with Madame Gao and Harold Meachum, Wendell Rand took his family Heather Rand and Danny Rand to a trip to Anzhou, China. During their air travel, however, the plane had entered some turbulence, gradually having the plane fall apart and crash in the Himalayan mountain range.[1]

Trip to China

Before his death, Radovan Bernivig told Rand that Madame Gao was headed for Anzhou. Familiar with the name and reminded of the traumatic crash, Rand gathered with Colleen Wing and Claire Temple, in which they attempted to plot out their plans once there. Though the turbulence stressed him heavily, the trio reach the town safely.[2]



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