Anya was one of the girls trained as assassins in the Red Room Academy.


Anya was a girl in the Red Room Academy who trained to be an assassin. Every night she slept handcuffed to her bed. One morning on April 24, 1937, she awakened and was uncuffed from bed. The girl beside her was also uncuffed as she awakened. As the headmistress walked around the bedroom uncuffing and awakening the girls, Dottie pulled out a piece of bread she had hidden and began to eat, watching the headmistress so she would not be caught. Dottie then broke a piece from her bread and handed it to Anya. They smiled as they shared the secret.

As part of their regiment, Anya and Dottie watched films that were filled with subliminal messages whilst they were learning to speak English.

During fighting class, Anya sparred against her new friend. The headmistress watched their battle. During the battle, Dottie got the upper hand and had Anya in a headlock. When the headmistress nodded her head, Dottie snapped her neck, killing Anya instantly.[1]


  • Expert Combatant: Having received extensive training from the Red Room, Anya is an excellent melee combatant, matching Dottie Underwood before being dominated.
  • Expert Acrobat: Anya was extremely athletic and trained in acrobatic arts, performing several starlets to escape Underwood's attack.






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