"We rent a different space every time and they're a little rough and ready, but it keeps people on their toes."
Billy Russo to Dinah Madani[src]

The Anvil Training Facility is one of the buildings rented by the Anvil in order to organize field trainings.


Hostage Scenario

"I thought we could organize something up here in New York, via our private contractor. There's a company, Anvil, that have all the facilities we'd need."
Dinah Madani to Carson Wolf[src]

Billy Russo with Sam Stein and Dinah Madani

SAC Carson Wolf contacted with Billy Russo from the Anvil and ordered field training for Homeland Security agents. Russo then rented building in New York City and organized scenarion with hostage situation.

Team of Homeland agents, led by Dinah Madani and equipped by training rifles, moved through the facility without light. They managed to eluminate several hostiles and made their way to the hostages. However, Stein hestitated with one of them and Madani pulled him away and shot the hostile who covered behind them. Then training was completed and agents left the site.

Madani then speak with Russo personally and he informed her that Anvil rent a different place every time for different contractors. Their dialogue was interrupted by Wolf who said Russo to talk to prosecurement to discuss further cooperation with Homeland.[1]


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