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Anvil Headquarters was the main facility and headquarters of the private military company known as Anvil, located in New York City, New York. It was later destroyed in an explosion when Billy Russo became a fugitive and Homeland Security ambushed him.


New Recruits

Billy Russo gives a speech to the recruits

At the Anvil Headquarters, CEO of Anvil Billy Russo personally welcomed all the new recruits, including Lewis Wilson, who were looking to join Anvil private military company. Giving a speech to the recruits, Russo explained in detail how to be trained for the United States Armed Forces, the U.S. government had already invested thousands of dollars into each and every one of them, and promised all of them the chance to find something to fight and live for and giving them a new brotherhood of soldiers who they could stand with.

Russo and Hoyle discusses Lewis Wilson

Wilson and other recruits began training, so Russo could examine their physical and mental state and judge if they were worthy candidates for joining Anvil's forces. He was visited by Curtis Hoyle who recommended that Wilson not be selected for Anvil, because of his mental state. Russo called Wilson for a private talk in which Russo told him that he would not be selected, leading to Wilson blaming Hoyle for the rejection. Wilson insulted him for lying so Russo and leave Headquarters.[1]

End of Anvil

Billy Russo destroys Anvil Headquarters

Having escaped from inside Micro's Hideout after gunfight with Homeland Security, Russo got to the Headquarters and pulled out the bullet from his arm. Having patched up the wound, Russo then collected his weapons and cash and prepared to go on the run, only to then overhear some incoming Homeland agents who had managed to find his location and had come to capture and bring Russo to justice.

Using his knowledge of the building's layout to his advantage, Russo silently killed all agents sent after him and made his way outside. He also set off a bomb within the Anvil Headquarters and blew up the building.[2]


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