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"Here at Anvil, if you are recruited you will find that something. A new brotherhood to call your own. Something to fight for."
Billy Russo[src]

Anvil was a private military firm founded by Billy Russo with the purpose of providing military and security services.


Funded by Rawlins

"The country has too much to lose for Frank Castle to expose me. And should it come to that, you need to know you'll be right there with me. No more government contracts, no more Anvil. No Mr. Billy Russo."
William Rawlins to Billy Russo[src]

Founded by Billy Russo, Anvil specialized its activity at military contract service, such as personal protection, convoy security and tactical operations. Russo hired former United States Armed Forces members as his agents and send them to different locations, mostly Iraq and Afghanistan. Anvil often rented out some facilities for different types of training sessions, and tailored the experience to meet the needs of the clients.[1]

Exposed Mission

"We did what you paid us to do."
"It's what the State Department paid you to do. Which was to protect certain diplomats from harm."
"Still alive, aren't they?"
Tom Weems and Billy Russo[src]

Anvil tasked Tom Weems, Spencer Geiger, Mike Bashille, and Jim Pruitt to protect diplomats in Iraq. However, they ended up killing innocent civilians in public, with footage of the killings being recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Following the fiasco, the United States Department of State attempted to apprehend all four for murder, prompting them to flee underground and become fugitives.[2]

Homeland's Training

Billy Russo with Sam Stein and Dinah Madani

"A government contract here, on U.S. soil, would be a big deal for us."
"Where are your guys now?"
"Iraq and Afghanistan mostly. Close protection work. Convoy security, that kind of thing. We do good work. We're growing fast."
Billy Russo and Dinah Madani[src]

Anvil was contacted by Carson Wolf who authorized field training for Homeland Security agents in New York City. Russo then rented facility in New York and organized hostage rescue training for agents, led by Dinah Madani. At meeting Russo revealed that Anvil was engaged in extensive operations overseas but had yet to gain a significant domestic presence, a fact that he wished to change.[1]

Training Recruits

Billy Russo gives a speech to Anvil recruits

"You won't be doing him or yourself any favors if you put him in combat situations. I'm telling you, if I was out there, I would not want that kid watching my six. And a team is only as good as its weakest link, right?"
Curtis Hoyle to Billy Russo[src]

Anvil is shown to recruit promising prior military service members after they have passed a physical fitness test, and vetting process. Lewis Wilson was rejected for employment by Billy Russo after it was revealed to him by Curtis Hoyle that Wilson suffered from PTSD, and could be a liability in combat.[3]

Attack on Gunner Henderson

Anvil agents are slaughtered by the Punisher

"The closest two are behind you at your five and seven. Now they are gonna come up behind you from either side of the tree and then you got ten seconds till the next pair comes at you from the front making it a crossfire."
Micro to Punisher[src]

Anvil provided nine troops to William Rawlins to assault the homestead of Gunner Henderson in Kentucky. All were killed in the operation, but their bodies were retrieved.[4]

Infiltration into Fort Bryon

Anvil saves Morty Bennett from the Punisher

"What a shitshow. Get your asses up!"
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"Saving your life, Morty. So why don't you put your pants on and then you're gonna say exactly what I tell you to say."
Billy Russo and Morty Bennett[src]

Anvil provided an ambush squad of three troops led by Russo at Fort Bryon to protect Morty Bennett, and eliminate Frank Castle. Castle however managed to take down all the agents without killing them.[5]

Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse

Billy Russo hires former soldiers into Anvil

"An op. Blacked out. Search and destroy. Total deniability. Right here in the city. And I'll be leading it myself."
"How does that help us with State?"
"It doesn't. But the big fat checks you'll be getting will help get you to a country with no extradition."
Billy Russo and Tom Weems[src]

Seeking to assassinate the Punisher during a supposed arms deal, Russo contacted with Weems, Geiger, Bashille and Pruitt who still were on the run. He proposed them operation in city to find and eliminate Castle in exchange for fifty thousand dollars to each. The operation turned out to be an ambush by Homeland Security however and everyone except Russo was killed during the firefight.[2]

Attack on Stan Ori

"Professionally, he's a threat to be neutralized. Personally, he's a murdering coward I'd take out in the blink of an eye."
"And you don't worry that violence begets violence?"
"Senator, I make my living out of violence."
Billy Russo and Stan Ori[src]

Anvil was hired by Senator Stan Ori to provide personal security forces for him after an on-air debate with Wilson marked him as a potential target. Wilson then murdered Isaac Lange at his home and stole his uniform, and attire to gain access to the security detail for the Ori. Wilson proceeded to kill four Anvil agents and then held off three others by taking Karen Page hostage and using an explosive vest with a dead-man's switch. Despite the casualties, Ori survived the encounter and Russo considered the operation a success.[6]

Billy Russo speaking with WHiH World News

Russo provided a live interview to WHiH World News in front of an Anvil banner on the nature of his relationship with Castle, and Anvil's intentions to aid in the manhunt against him.[7]

Ambush in Micro's Hideout

"We're in the power station, there's no one here. It's a basement, they were living here, but there's no sign now. They've got a whole bunch of computers in here, too. Heavy-duty setup, it looks like. And there's some torture video and some countdown running."
Jack to Billy Russo[src]

At the command of Russo Jack and two Anvil agents dressed as NYPD officers were sent to abduct the Lieberman family. They successfully abducted Sarah Lieberman, and Zach Lieberman but Leo Lieberman evaded capture.[7]

Jack attempting to shoot at the Punisher

Anvil provides a sixteen man assault squad to raid the basement hideout of Castle and Micro. The entire squad was terminated by Castle. A later team led by Russo discovered the scene.[8]

Capture of Frank Castle

At a prisoner transfer Anvil agents were supposed to exchange the freedom of Zach, and Sarah Lieberman for Castle, and Micro. Zach, and Sarah had gas canisters strapped to their back, and then punctured. They were told to start walking away from the Anvil employees while one lit a road flare as a threat to keep Castle, and Micro in check. Russo was directing the exchange from a sniper position on a water tower. The exchange was interrupted by the Homeland Security, and there is a resulting firefight. The Anvil employee dropped the road flare and fire started running up the trail left by Sarah, and Zach but was extinguished by Micro. Castle then was taken prisoner but Micro was shot by friendly fire in the back from Homeland, and presumed dead. Russo shot out the tires of the Homeland vehicles.[8]

Ambush on Billy Russo

Billy Russo destroys the Anvil Headquarters

"I've seen you on the news. Armed and dangerous. They have no idea, huh?"
Curtis Hoyle to Billy Russo[src]

At the interrogation of Frank Castle, which was being secretly recorded by Micro for evidence, Billy Russo was caught on camera participating in torture, and colluding with William Rawlins. He was later shot in the arm by Homeland Security agents when they raided the basement to free Castle. Russo managed to evade capture. Later, Russo became known on television as armed, dangerous, and wanted by the authorities.[8] Anvil Headquarters was blown up by Russo after it was raided by Homeland Security in a failed attempt to capture him, marking the end of Anvil.[9]


Name Position Status
Billy Russo CEO Deceased
Jim Pruitt Agent Deceased
Tom Weems Agent Deceased
Mike Bashille Agent Deceased
Spencer Geiger Agent Deceased
Jack Agent Deceased
Isaac Lange Guard Deceased
Simon Guard Alive
Lewis Wilson - Rejected/Deceased


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