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"If it wasn't for this guy, you'd all be dead. So the next time you see him, do the right thing. Make him Employee of the Month or something."

Anton Reed was an employee at the ReadyQuick Check Cashing in New York City, who became Jigsaw's inside man for a robbery. After their escape, Reed was intimidated by the Punisher's interference of the heist, which led to him departing from the crew, and being executed by Jigsaw, without hesitation.


Jigsaw's Crew

Robbery of ReadyQuick

Reed was an employee working at the ReadyQuick Check Cashing in New York City under the founder's daughter, Lillian. However, Reed was actually an inside man for Jigsaw and his crew so that he could rob ReadyQuick after he was informed that ReadyQuick had three hundred thousand dollars. When ReadyQuick was robbed by Jigsaw, Bobby and Mike Reed and a female cashier were shown to be scared of the robbers.

Jigsaw had Reed bring over Lillian, who was shown not to be intimidated by Jigsaw's threats. When Lillian still had refused to give Jigsaw the money after Jigsaw had threatened to blow ReadyQuick up Reed had opened the door for Jigsaw. Lillian was confused about why Reed was opening the door and had attempted to reverse Reed's actions. However Jigsaw and his men had already gotten into the money and the staff, Jigsaw tells Lillian that she should thank Reed before handcuffing and leaving with him.[1]

Departure and Death

Reed getting shot through the head by Jigsaw

After the Punisher had chased Jigsaw's Crew, Jigsaw and his men bring Reed back to their hideout. One of Jigsaw's men, Bobby cuts off Reed's zip-tie restraints and congratulates the latter on his success, revealing that Reed was actually Jigsaw's inside man. Reed was shown to be afraid of the Punisher and was now, along with Bobby starting to doubt Jigsaw. When Reed and Bobby were going to leave Jigsaw's crew, Jigsaw had swiftly executed both Reed and Bobby with a gunshot to the head. Jigsaw had killed Reed and Bobby in order to strike fear in his crew so that they would not doubt him, this method of fear had worked for Jigsaw's benefit.[2]