"There are a few obstacles in my country, but with your influence, we should be able to work them all out, and then we shall have our sanctuary state."
―Anton Petrov to Gideon Malick[src]

Anton Petrov was a Russian delegate looking to find peace for Inhumans, making a deal with Gideon Malick in the process. He died by the hands of Lance Hunter during an attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Dimitri Olshenko.


Inhumans Meeting

"These Inhumans are not our enemies. In fact, should their numbers increase, my country is prepared to establish a home for them within our borders, a sanctuary state, where they could live in peace if they so choose."
―Anton Petrov[src]

Anton Petrov appeared at a summit in Taipei, Taiwan where he met with Phil Coulson, Glenn Talbot, Xiao Chen, Ellen King, Haruto Yakimura, and Nathi Zuma to discuss how to handle the Inhumans. Anton Petrov suggested that they house the Inhumans in a specially-built community in Russia. During the meeting, Gideon Malick appeared as he and a blackmailed Talbot claimed that Coulson was the Director of HYDRA. Later on, Petrov met with Malick on his plane, unaware that Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse had stowed away.[2]

Assassination Attempt

Parting Shot 4

Petrov plans the assassination of Dimitri Olshenko

Back in Russia, Petrov introduced Gideon Malick to the members of the Russian government who supported the idea of sanctuary for the Inhumans. He told Malick that Prime Minister Dimitri Olshenko was against the proposal and that the Inhuman General Androvich had killed Olshenko's Attaché Yuri Krupin when he arrived to try to stop Petrov's plans. Petrov asked for Malick's advice about what to do next and Malick replied that they should kill the Prime Minister with the help of Androvich.[1]


When Dimitri Olshenko arrived where Petrov and Gideon Malick had pitched their idea to him, it had come to Olshenko's attention that Petrov was planning to overthrow him. Before that plan could happen, S.H.I.E.L.D. intervened the meeting. While Lance Hunter ran with Olsheko, Petrov tried to shoot the Prime Minister, only to get shot by Hunter.[1]






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