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"It's your turn to suit up, people could use another Patriot to look up to."
"Not gonna lie, I'd look pretty damn fine in that suit."
Daisy Johnson and Antoine Triplett[src]

Antoine Triplett was a virtual recreation of the real-world person of the same name inside the Framework. He fought for S.H.I.E.L.D. under the leadership of the Patriot, and having been tasked with working undercover in HYDRA to gain intel. In the wake of the Patriot's death, Triplett continued the fight in his memory, siding with Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons until he and everything else within the Framework was deleted by Aida.


Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Arrested by HYDRA

Assigned by Jeffrey Mace to infiltrate HYDRA, Triplett took several photographs about Project Looking Glass only to be arrested after a HYDRA operative spotted him hiding a camera in his locker. He was subsequently sent to the HYDRA Enlightenment Cultivation Center, but not before concealing the photos inside his boots.[1]

Rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D.

No Regrets 11

Triplett while being held captive by HYDRA

The Patriot and Phil Coulson had entered inside of the HYDRA Enlightenment Cultivation Center and freed Triplett. Once Coulson noticed Triplett, he automatically called him "Trip". Triplett said he had not called like this since high school, so Coulson said it felt right. Triplett searched for his boots with the film inside them and he found them being worn by a HYDRA soldier. Coulson spotted a former student of him being taken to the isolation building, so he split from Triplett in order to rescue him.

Triplett met with Patriot and Burrows outside and informed them about Coulson. Suddenly, a HYDRA Quinjet approached, so the film was given to Burrows and Triplett led Patriot to Coulson. While running, Melinda May attacked Patriot from behind, so he told Triplett to go for Coulson alone. Triplett found Coulson in a room full of children undergoing through Faustus. Triplett rescue some of them from the collapsing building and he met Grant Ward and Jemma Simmons outside.

They returned to the room and saw how Patriot holding a heavy concrete beam to save Chris Adler. May entered the room but helped them to rescue the boy. Patriot ordered them to get out and leave him behind. Once they brought the children to a bus, Triplett and the others watched as the building collapsed, burying the Patriot under it.[1]

Aiding Jemma Simmons

Triplett showed Jemma Simmons the designs of Project Looking Glass he had taken. Simmons recognized them and knew where the machine was built. Triplett gathered a team and they flew with the Quinjet to an Oil Platform. However, no one was there. Simmons figured out that the machine was being built in the "real world". Triplett told her that he believe her that there was another world. On their way to base, Triplett and Simmons watched Phil Coulson revealing HYDRA's true face to the world.[2]

The New Patriot

Antoine Triplett later helped Daisy Johnson bring Simmons, Mack, Melinda May, and Phil Coulson to the Framework portal on the pretense that they were going on a mission to stop Madame Hydra (this was technically true, as returning to the real world would help them defeat AIDA, who was known as Madame Hydra in the Framework). After the team reached the point where the Framework portal was supposed to be, Trip offered to come with Daisy, but she said that he needed to stay behind to help handle things there (in reality, it was because Trip had no body in the real world and was in fact a mere simulation of the real-world person). Daisy suggested that Trip take up the mantle of the Patriot now that Mace was gone, to which Trip expressed excited interest. Daisy then left Trip and Ward behind, but when Alphonso Mackenzie refused to leave his daughter Hope behind in the Framework, Trip greeted him upon his return to the base, taking care of a sleeping Hope and expressing surprise that Mack had come back.


Like everything else in the Framework, the alternate version of Antoine Triplett was deleted when Aida decided to wipe out the Framework and recreate its content in the real world.[3] This most likely means that Trip was never able to take Daisy Johnson's advice and succeed Jeffrey Mace as the Patriot, although it is possible he did so in the brief period of time between the team's departure and his deletion.


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  • Daisy Johnson suggests that the Framework version of Trip can take up Jeffrey Mace's mantle of Patriot after his passing, to which Triplet had expressed excitement and interest. Antoine Triplett bears physical similarities with Eli Bradley, who took up the mantle of the Patriot after Mace's death in the mainstream Marvel universe.

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