"No risk, no reward."
―Antonine Grier to Serena Grier[src]

Antoine Grier is a young man who went on the run when he fell into debt with Len Sirkes.


Early Life

Antoine Grier and his older sister Serena were raised by a father who taught them to take risks in order to receive greater rewards; Serena, as she got older, distanced herself from that philosophy while Antoine embraced it wholeheartedly, playing sweepstakes and lottery games, hoping to win their awards.[1]

The Loan

Grier became short on money and took a loan from Len Sirkes, a loan shark in the area. When his sister Serena discovered his actions, she gave Antoine money to repay Sirkes; however, Antoine, with his friend Victor, felt that it would be better if they took the money and invested it in illegal drugs. The friends found an abandoned warehouse and started growing marijuana there. Victor brought his dogs, Myers and Krueger, to protect their product. Meanwhile, Antoine, who abandoned his apartment, did not contact Serena about his plans.[1]

Contest Winner

Grier knew that the loan shark Len Sirkes sought him so, when he received a phone call telling him that he won a video game console, he sent Victor to answer the call and receive the prize.[1]

Fight for Grier

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Return to His Sister

Antoine was taken by Jessica Jones to his sister Serena Grier. Upon seeing her younger brother alive and fairly well, Serena hugged him; however, immediately, Antoine was told to go into her bedroom so that she could chastise him later, as Serena dealt with Jones and her desires.[1]







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