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"I'm afraid of what's gonna happen tonight."
"Oh, no. Don't be. That's why we're bringing your project for insurance."
Janet Stein and Victor Stein[src]

The Anti-Gravity Device was a device created by Janet Stein and Victor Stein to destroy Jonah's spaceship engine.


"Your design was magnificent. I may have made a couple alterations, but yes. If we can get close enough, we should be able to shut down the engine."
Victor Stein to Janet Stein[src]

Upon learning that Jonah planned on leaving Earth with his spaceship, Janet Stein, who blamed herself for having put the life of her son Chase in danger through her involvement in PRIDE, decided to stop Jonah and to destroy his ship. To that end, Janet intended to use knowledge from the Abstract, which had been given to her by Geoffrey Wilder and she had deciphered with help from her husband Victor. Therefore, Janet was able to design an Anti-Gravity Device which would prevent the spaceship from ascending and causing damage in California.[1]

Once taken out of his Healing Algorithm by Janet, Victor helped his wife in the design of the device, bringing slight modifications to her prototype. Although Janet worried that the system they had created could fail, Victor assured Janet that she had performed a brilliant work. They then took the Anti-Gravity Device with them to the PRIDE Construction Site. There, during the battle opposing PRIDE and the Runaways to Jonah, Victor asked Chase to distract Jonah with the Fistigons so he could throw the Anti-Gravity Device on the ship's shell. The device successfully attached to the ship and, combined with the effects of the Anti-Gibborim Serum used by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, it managed to cause the ship's destruction. The device was destroyed as well in the ensuing explosion.[2]

Janet later took credit for the invention of the device as a justification to join Victor and Robert Minoru in their plans to design weapons directed against the Runaways.[3]


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