Anthony Mecca portrayed Tall Painter in the Daredevil episode Upstairs/Downstairs.

He was also a stunt performer in the Daredevil episodes New York's Finest, Upstairs/Downstairs, Revelations, Reunion and A New Napkin, the Luke Cage episode Manifest, The Defenders episode Worst Behavior and The Punisher episodes Virtue of the Vicious and Flustercluck.

He was also a stunt rigger in the Luke Cage episode Just to Get a Rep, The Defenders episodes Worst Behavior, Take Shelter, Ashes, Ashes and The Defenders and the Iron Fist episodes The Dragon Dies at Dawn and Morning of the Mindstorm, a stunt driver in the Luke Cage episode Soliloquy of Chaos and a stunt player in the Iron Fist episode Snow Gives Way.

He was also a stunt double for Geoffrey Cantor in the Daredevil episode The Devil You Know and Matt Gerald in the Daredevil episode Aftermath.


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