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"I'm gonna call him Ant-thony."

Ant-thony was a carpenter ant and the loyal steed of Ant-Man.



"His name is #247?"
"He doesn't have a name, he has a number, Scott. Do you have any idea how many ants there are?"
Scott Lang and Hank Pym[src]

Named "#247" by Hank Pym, the ant who would later be named Ant-thony was mounted with a camera by Pym to spy on Scott Lang as he stole the Ant-Man Suit from the Pym Residence.[1]


Ant-Man and Ant-thony ready to infiltrate the Avengers Compound

"Please don't drop me again!"
Ant-Man to Ant-thony[src]

When Scott Lang broke back into Hank Pym's house to return the suit, he was arrested, but escaped from jail with help from a horde of ants under Pym's control, including Ant-thony. Pym and Hope van Dyne trained Scott to ride on and control Ant-thony. Ant-thony accompanied Lang in stealing a device from the Avengers Compound and assisted Lang in fighting and evading Falcon.[1]


Ant-thony's remains after being assassinated by Darren Cross

Scott Lang would again ride Ant-thony while infiltrating Cross Technologies. Flying alongside other carpenter ants, Lang and Ant-thony pursued Darren Cross up to the building's helipad as he made his escape. However, Cross fired upon the approaching swarm with a pistol, killing Ant-thony in the ensuing gunfire. This prompted Lang to swear revenge on Cross after landing on another carpenter ant below. Lang manages to defeat Darren Cross by infiltrating and damaging the Yellowjacket Suit's internal mechanics, avenging Ant-thony's death.[1]





Behind the Scenes

  • According to Stanford biologist, Dr. Deborah Gordon, Ant-thony is portrayed in a manner that is not consistent with real world ants. It has the anatomy of a virgin queen ant, and thus would have to be a female, despite what Ant-Man calls it. Its behavior would be completely impossible, such as the ant phalanx scene, as carpenter queen ants do not attack together, and only stick with mates; and ants such as Ant-thony cannot be controlled in the manner the film portrays, since the duties carried out by ants are not instructed by any leader.[3]


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