"I'm gonna call him Ant-thony."

Ant-thony was a carpenter ant and the loyal steed of Ant-Man.



Named "#247" by Hank Pym, the ant who would later be named Ant-thony was mounted with a camera by Pym to spy on Scott Lang as he stole the Ant-Man Suit from the Pym Residence.[1]


Ant-Man and Ant-thony ready to infiltrate the New Avengers Facility

"Please don't drop me again!"
Ant-Man to Ant-thony[src]

When Scott Lang broke back into Hank Pym's house to return the suit, he was arrested, but escaped from jail with help from a horde of ants under Pym's control, including Ant-thony. Pym and Hope van Dyne trained Scott to ride on and control Ant-thony. Ant-thony accompanied Lang in stealing a device from the New Avengers Facility and assisted Lang in fighting and evading Falcon.[1]


Ant-thony's remains after being assassinated by Darren Cross

Scott Lang would again ride Ant-thony while infiltrating Cross Technologies. Flying alongside other carpenter ants, Lang and Ant-thony pursued Darren Cross up to the building's helipad as he made his escape. However, Cross fired upon the approaching swarm with a pistol, killing Ant-thony in the ensuing gunfire. This prompted Lang to swear revenge on Cross after landing on another carpenter ant below.[1]





Behind the Scenes

  • According to Stanford biologist, Dr. Deborah Gordon, Ant-thony is portrayed in a manner that is not consistent with real world ants. It has the anatomy of a virgin queen ant, and thus would have to be a female, despite what Ant-Man calls it. Its behavior would be completely impossible, such as the ant phalanx scene, as carpenter queen ants do not attack together, and only stick with mates; and ants such as Ant-thony cannot be controlled in the manner the film portrays, since the duties carried out by ants are not instructed by any leader.[3]


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