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Ant-Man - Scott Lang: Small Time is a comic set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is set three years before the events of Ant-Man.


Meet Scott Lang: Electrical Engineer. Honest Citizen. Um... Criminal? He's made some questionable choices, but that just leads to more intrigue and excitement for you, dear reader! Get caught up in the shocking Infinite Comics caper that leads directly into this summer's film, Marvel's Ant-Man!


Scott Lang is working at VistaCorp until his boss Geoff Zorick is complaining about an system update done by Lang and orders to change it back. Lang explains that without the update, VistaCorp is illegally overcharging its customers. He tries to blow the whistle and reports at human resources but it backfires and Lang gets fired. His wife, Maggie Lang is supportive and urges him to get a new job. However angered by the injustice, Scott Lang breaks into the headquarters of VistaCorp. Avoiding security and disabling the camera's, he manages to get at the servers and hacks his way into their systems, even bypassing the Qubit Defense Matrix. Now having access to their bankaccounts he refunds the nearly $4 million to the customers Vistacorp was stealing from.

Getting carried away he also breaks into Zorick's house, stealing clothes and jewelry for his wife. Before leaving he decides to drive Zorick's car into the swimming pool. However, when he tries to leave the pool, the police shows up and he gets arrested. He is sent to prison and meets his cellmate Luis, who heard about the Vista job and gets him formally introduced to the group, by fighting Peachy.










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