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The Ant-Man promotion campaign was a crossmedia campaign to promote Ant-Man. It consisted the social media platforms YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The crossmedia campaign was mostly focused on the main characters Scott Lang and Darren Cross.

WHiH Newsfront: covering 'Scott Lang'

WHiH News Front

The campaign included the first season of the webseries WHiH Newsfront focusing on Scott Lang and his future release. To promote their new online platform, WHiH posted links to their videos on their Twitter and Google+ pages. The video's were further discussed on the website Mashable. WHiH also gained some exclusive footage involving Lang who was set to be released from prison after the 2012 break-in. A WIRED interview with Darren Cross was released by WHiH aswell.

Pym Technologies with CEO 'Darren Cross'

Screenshot 2015-07-15-00-51-22(1)

Pym Technologies had a recent break in nano technology. Naturelly this was discussed on their Google+ and Twitter pages, which gained the atention from the media. Not soon after Darren Cross CEO of Pym Technologies was interviewed by WIRED Insider reporter James Rondell. An article of the interview could be found on the WIRED webpage, which gave some deeper inside. A brief history of Darren Cross can be found aswell, on his Linkedin page.

There was also an official Darren Cross and Pym Technologies Youtube page. However, besides their picture or logo, they didn't upload anything else.


The timeline of the campaign.


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