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"I'm giving you the name of a top-notch private investigator. Angela del Toro. Reasonable rates."
Jessica Jones to Luke Cage[src]

Angela del Toro is a well-qualified private investigator in New York City.


Angela del Toro was recommended by Jessica Jones when Luke Cage came to her, asking for Jones' help to investigate a missing person case. Jones said that del Toro was a good private investigator and that her rates were reasonable.[1]


  • Expert Investigator: Del Toro is an excellent investigator, considered by one of her colleagues, Jessica Jones, worthy enough to recommend her services to Luke Cage when she did not want to take a case due to personal reasons.


  • In the comics, Angela del Toro was a federal agent who became known as the vigilante White Tiger. She is frequently associated with Daredevil.


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