"Minister of Defense, former KGB assassin."
"And still at it, apparently."
Phil Coulson and Leo Fitz[src]

Colonel General Androvich was a high ranking officer of the Russian Armed Forces and a Minister of Defence of Russia. When he went through Terrigenesis he became the first Inhuman to hold such a high position, and was eventually involved in a HYDRA plot to assassinate Dimitri Olshenko. However, he failed to do so due to Bobbi Morse who killed him.


Early Life



Androvich's files on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s archives

General Androvich was a member of the Russian Armed Forces and a former KGB assassin. He later became the Minister of Defense. Androvich underwent Terrigenesis, which enabled him to have his shadow manifest as a Darkforce-powered being.[1]

Attempt Assassination on Prime Minster

Confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D.

While meeting with Gideon Malick and Anton Petrov, they worked on a plan that would eliminate Prime Minister Dimitri Olshenko when he disapproved of Malick and Petrov's ideas of sanctuary in Russia for the Inhumans. Androvich had already taken out Olshenko's attaché Yuri Krupin, using his shadow to strangle the man. When S.H.I.E.L.D. infiltrated the facility, Prime Minister Olshenko was meeting with Petrov's group. When Olshenko started to see Malick and Petrov's true colors, Bobbi Morse intervened by sending a smokescreen in the area. While Olshenko was evacuated by Alphonso Mackenzie, Lance Hunter and Daisy Johnson fought with Androvich and his shadow.[1]

Killed by Bobbi Morse


Androvich is assassinated by Bobbi Morse

Realizing that the shadow could only be defeated if Androvich's human form was killed, Bobbi Morse escaped finding Androvich. Finding him with some FSO agents, Morse shot Androvich at point-blank range, killing him.[1]

Powers and Abilities


"Fitz and I believe the General has the ability to manifest a form of sentient Darkforce, able to shift its density at will."
"Judging by the way he's elsewhere at the moment, it operates independently of him."
Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz[src]

Androvich was an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential after undergoing Terrigenesis during the Inhuman Outbreak and gained superhuman powers.

PS Darkforce

Androvich's Darkforce manifestation

  • Darkforce Manifestation: Androvich possessed the power to manifest Darkforce in the form of his shadow, able to shift its density at will. This allowed the shadow to harm others while being able to not get touched by others.


  • Skilled Martial Artist: Androvich seemed to have some skill in martial arts. He was seen using precise strikes to pick his opponents apart. He also attempted a chokehold on Bobbi Morse.
  • Bilingualism: Androvich was able to speak both English and Russian.






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