"You came after me. You and your masked friend. I've been hiding out here ever since you two busted into my place. Who am I gonna hire? No one will risk pissing off a couple supers."
―Andrew Brandt to Jessica Jones[src]

Andrew Brandt is the half-brother of Madeline Brandt who had his sister brutally assaulted by a group of thugs when she inherited a prized statue instead of him.


Heritage Issue

"You hear about this piece of shit? Hired a couple thugs to beat the crap out of his half-sister."
"She inherited the one thing he wanted. He got everything else, but not this stupid sculpture."
Adrian and Trish Walker[src]

Learning that his sister, Madeline inherited a valuable sculpture instead of him, Andrew Brandt hired a group of thugs who brutally assaulted Madeline. After beating her to a critical state, they stole the statue from her and handed it to Brandt who stored it in his apartment. Brandt was arrested by the NYPD, however, they couldn't find the sculpture to link him to his sister's attack. Without any other significant evidence, the police had to drop the charges against Brandt. Without any police prosecutions, Brandt looked forward to selling the sculpture to the art gallery.[1]

Assaulted by the Vigilante

"What the hell? Who the hell are you?"
"Right now, your sister's best friend."
"Get your nutjob ass out of here."
"Your turn to be the helpless one."
―Andrew Brandt and Trish Walker[src]

Brandt is attacked by the masked vigilante

One night, while Brandt was watching the boxing match at his apartment, something triggered the security system, so he went to check it, only to be confronted by the masked vigilante who broke into his place. The vigilante who was following and tracking him for weeks and reminded him about his sister and after Brandt demanded her to get out, she assaulted him. Brandt managed to get away from her and rushed to his vault to take his gun but before he could shoot the vigilante, Jessica Jones leaped into the apartment through the window, confusing both of them.[1]

The vigilante took the opportunity to cover herself, avoiding Brandt's shots before Jones hit him with a sofa. Left without his weapon, Brandt recognized Jones as an enhanced vigilante from the viral video footage. The vigilante then rushed to the vault to take the sculpture, however, she was stopped by Jones who took her away from Brandt. While they were fighting each other, Brandt took the sculpture and ran away from the apartment, leaving the vigilante with nothing.[2]

Confronted by Jessica Jones

Attack on Andrew Brandt

Brandt is found by Jessica Jones

"I don't give a shit about the sculpture. I do give a shit that you hired someone to stab me."
"Stab you? Why? How? All you people have impenetrable skin."
Jessica Jones and Andrew Brandt[src]

As he handed the sculpture to the Cassaro Gallery, Brandt was contacted by "gallery employee" who informed that it was sold out, so Brandt told her to come to his hideout and give the money to him. However, the employee turned to be Jessica Jones who left Brandt without his gun and pinned him to the wall with his own car. Brandt assumed that Jones was hired by his sister and told that she can leave the sculpture if she wanted it so badly.


Brandt is tied up and left alone to the police

However, Jones replied that she did not care about the situation with his sister and accused Brandt of hiring someone to stab her. Brandt dismissed any accuses, saying that he is not foolish enough to go against the enhanced vigilantes. Jones believed Brandt and let him go, but she then tied him up and left to the vigilante. Later, the New York City Police Department broke inside the hideout where they found Brandt with evidence against him, so they were able to arrest him.[3]


  • Handgun: Brandt kept this handgun in his safe, and went for it when he noticed that Trish Walker was inside his apartment. Despite Jessica Jones broke through a window, Brandt shot at Walker, until he lost the gun when Jones pushed a coach against him. Jones took Walker to another room to protect her, and Brandt shot at them again through the door before leaving.






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