"Look, I don't want any trouble. Just get out of the bar."
"Yeah? You don't want trouble? You shouldn't have slept with my wife."
Luke Cage and Andre[src]

Andre is a man who discovered that his wife Gina was having an affair with Luke Cage.


Andre, who enjoyed playing rugby with his friends, was married to Gina, but she grew dissatisfied with him, to the point that she no longer offered him fellatio.

One day, Gina approached Andre demanding to know why he was having the private investigator Jessica Jones follow her. He told his wife that he was not having her followed. In the course of the conversation, Andre discovered that Gina was having an affair with the owner of the bar Luke's, Luke Cage.

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Andre is beaten up by Luke Cage

Rallying his rugby buddies, Andre decided to teach Cage a lesson about sleeping with someone's wife and brought the crowd of men to the establishment. As the fight was about to begin, a woman entered the bar. During the fight, Andre and his rugby teammates attacked Cage, but he easily dismissed them, tossing them to the side after each assault. Andre broke a bottle and attempted to stab Cage in the neck; nothing happened, to Andre's shock. Cage pinned Andre against the bar and told him to forget about their skirmish, leave, and never return. Andre ran outside with his friends and departed.[1]





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