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"Eye for eye make the whole world blind. The past gone. You can't change it! All you can do is build something for the next generation!"
―Anansi to Bushmaster[src]

Paul Mackintosh, also known as Anansi, was a Jamaican bushman who worked at and co-owned Gwen's, and was the uncle and mentor of Bushmaster. He was set on fire and then shot and killed by Mariah Dillard.


Early Life

"We grew up together. Me, John and our bredren, Sheldon. Me like an older broda to John-John. There was an elder, Anansi, a bushman, who'd always tell John stories."
Gideon Shaw to Misty Knight[src]

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Saving John McIver's Life

"Anansi, don't let him die. Not Gwen's boy."
"Ingrid, he not going to die. Not today."
Ingrid Mackintosh and Anansi[src]

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Life in New York

"We come here with nothing, and build everything up from scratch."
―Anansi to Bushmaster[src]

Alongside his wife, Ingrid Mackintosh, Anansi opened Gwen's in New York City, named after his dead sister-in-law. He was surprised to find that John McIver had returned to New York to reclaim his birthright, and tried to warn him off the path of revenge.[1]

War for Harlem

Apprehended by Black Mariah

"Me laugh at me own folly. When Johnny declared war on you, me felt sorry for you. Me nah wan' him to destroy you the way the Stokes destroyed him own family. But now me see you with me own two eye, and I understand the temptation. Your darkness matching his. You deserve all the brimstone him gon bring pon yuh."
"Where is he?"
"Me nah know. And I wouldn't tell you raatid if me did. But I'll tell you like I tell him. When one seek vengeance, him must dig two grave."
―Anansi and Mariah Dillard[src]

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Massacre at Gwen's

"Me gonna haunt you 'til the end of your days! You can eat but you won't taste! You can sleep but you won't rest! Everything you love, you gon lose! You hear me!"
―Anansi to Mariah Dillard[src]

During an attack on Gwen's which was carried out by Mariah Dillard and her allies, Anansi watched in horror as his friends and family were shot and killed around him. Assuming nobody had survived, Anansi thought all hope was lost and allowed Mariah to set him alight. He screamed in pain until Mariah sped up his death by shooting him before he had burned to death. Unbeknownst to Anansi, his wife, Ingrid, had survived her wounds and escaped, later being protected by Luke Cage.[4]


"Don't take nothing, don't ask for nothing and I stay happy."
―Anansi to John McIver[src]

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