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Analyst 1182-E is an analyst working for the Time Variance Authority.


Early Life

Taken by the Time-Keepers

Analyst 1182-E was a Variant who was taken by the Time-Keepers and had his memory suppressed so that he could be a member of the Time Variance Authority, an organization that protects the Sacred Timeline from Variants.[2]

TVA Analyst

Bombing of the Sacred Timeline

"This is Analyst 1182-E, uh, reporting a code, uh, 000. Branches rapidly forming at a slope—"
―Analyst 1182-E[src]

In the immediate aftermath of Sylvie Laufeydottir's deployment of Reset Charges across the Sacred Timeline, Analyst 1182-E and a fellow analyst responded to an alert indicating that multiple branch timelines were beginning to form as a result of the timeline bombing. Analyst 1182-E grabbed a nearby phone and attempted to report the incident to his superiors, but his explanation was bogged down by technical language, leading his fellow analyst to interject that someone had bombed the Sacred Timeline[1]




Behind the Scenes