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Ana Helstrom is a demon-human hybrid and the sister of Daimon Helstrom. After she got kidnapped and forced to kill people by her father, Helstrom was moved into foster care after escaping her father. Here, she became friends with Chris Yen after she killed their abusive foster parent. Yen and Helstrom grew up to run a successful auction house, which was a front for their pattern of killing bad people.

When the Kthara, the demon possessing her mother freed her son, Helstrom believed him to be her father. She went to Portland and worked with her brother to bring her father down, and began working on their relationship together. Helstrom and her brother, along with Chris Yen, Louise Hastings, and Gabriella Rosetti, attempted to stop the demon, eventually realizing that it was not her father. While Helstrom at first returned to San Francisco, where her auction house was, until deciding to help her brother stop the demons and rescue her mother. Helstrom and her brother killed several demons and agreed to raise the child resulting from Rosetti's forced pregnancy, who was Kthara.


Early Life

Gifts from a Serial Killer

Ana Helstrom and her brother, Daimon, were raised by Victoria Helstrom and her husband, the demon Marduk Helstrom.[1] Helstrom grew up liking to eat biscuits and gravy. She felt as though Daimon were Victoria's favorite child and held a grudge against him for it. However, other demons such as Kthara knew Helstrom as Marduk's favorite child.[2] She struggled to draw stick figures growing up, which Daimon took note of.[3] Their home was near a botanical gardens, where Helstrom enjoyed getting her hands dirty and climbing trees. Victoria often took Helstrom and Daimon to the zoo, where she enjoyed counting the spots on giraffes and making wax giraffes every time.[6] Helstrom and her brother often enjoyed playing together in a barn hear their house.[7]

When she was eight years old, Marduk returned home from a "business trip," and Helstrom was excited to see him, unaware that Marduk had been committing murder. He gave Helstrom an emerald green pin, saying that he got it just for Helstrom. When Victoria saw the gift, she slapped it out of her hand using excessive force. Helstrom began crying so hard she could barely breathe, unaware of her father's true nature.[2] Her father continued to give her gifts from his outings, and she later discovered that using her demonic powers, she could only sense pain from them. She kept all of the gifts in a box, unaware of their true nature and believing it to be her father's way of showing he cared about her. Victoria hated this, and Helstrom internalized that and believed that since she hated the box, her mother hated her.[3]

Kidnapped by her Father

One day, Marduk Helstrom decided to kidnap Helstrom and take her around while he killed people.[1] He found her and tried to set her on fire, saying that she was special and would survive. He grabbed hold of Helstrom, despite Daimon and Victoria Helstrom yelling at him to stop. She eventually broke free from her father's grip and ran.[8] He approached Helstrom, who hid in the basement corner. Daimon Helstrom attempted to defend her, although Marduk hurt him with a special knife. Ana watched Marduk approach her and push Victoria Helstrom to the ground. As Marduk drove away, she screamed into the back window while Daimon and Victoria ran after them. The two eventually fell too far behind and stopped running, as Ana drove away with her father.[1]

While with her father, Ana once sat in the backseat of Marduk's car while Marduk disposed of the body of someone he killed. Ana was able to see it happen through the rearview mirror of the car. He returned to the car and handed her a bracelet with a butterfly chain on it, which Helstrom hesitantly accepted.[2]

One Friday, Helstrom's father had her approach Zoe Richards and say that she was lost and looking for her father. Her father eventually approached Helstrom and Richards, feigning concern for Helstrom, before kidnapping Richards. He tied Richards to a chair, pouring liquid on her and setting her on fire. Helstrom believed Richards to be dead after this incident.[9]

Marduk took another girl and tied her up, wanting Helstrom to stab her with his dagger. However, she stabbed him in the leg instead and fled until she got tired. Marduk appeared behind her and put his hand over her mouth, scaring her. He buried her under the ground, and she did not escape until Caretaker found her and dug her out, hugging her.[4] When she finally returned home, she and Daimon remained in contact, although she never told him about what happened while with her father.[9]

Sent into Foster Care

After she returned, she was sent to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health for psychological evaluation, where the psychologist found that she had a frighteningly low amount of empathy. One day, a nurse touched her, and her demonic powers caused the nurse to faint, feeling as though she was dying. Helstrom was put in a room with a glass window and played with a bracelet she had with a butterfly charm, while Louise Hastings and Caretaker discussed what would be done with her and her brother. Helstrom then broke the window, startling Hastings.[4]

She was sent into foster care with Chris Yen, where she cried out for her mother. She cried in her sleep, and other times hid in her foster father's workshop until she stopped crying, calmed by the scent of the wood.[6] Helstrom eventually killed one of her foster fathers, who had been abusing the other foster kids. Yen found the man dying at Helstrom's feet, knowing that he would cover for her.[4] Although Helstrom always wanted Caretaker to stay with her, although he never did.[7]

Helstrom and Chris Yen opened an auction house together and began a side activity of killing people who hurt others, using Helstrom's demonic powers to inflict vigilante justice. Helstrom used to throw people off of buildings often, although they eventually stopped being able to do that.[1] Helstrom would call Yen in at all hours of the night due to this business, upsetting Yen's boyfriend, Derrick Jackson. She kept a box with gifts from her father in it, feeling nothing but pain from the objects inside. She and Daimon Helstrom went to their childhood home to clean it out, where she found the box her mother gifted her where she kept her father's gifts, and she took it back with her to the auction house. She used the pain she could sense from the items inside to inspire her to continue killing.[3]

Family Reunion

Assassination of Edward Tate

Helstrom and Chris Yen attending their auction

Ana Helstrom held an auction with Chris Yen in order to draw out and kill Edward Tate, who had previously killed seven women. As Helstrom arrived at the auction, Yen informed her that he was present. Helstrom and Yen watched as Tate bid on a sword owned by Napoleon Bonaparte. Yen told Helstorm that he would make sure things are taken care of, as Helstrom reminded Yen to turn off security feeds.

Helstrom brutally murdering Edward Tate

Helstrom led Tate to the roof of the auction house, where the two briefly discussed Willard Libby. Tate complimented her intelligence, and Helstrom held out her hand to him, experience his past with murder. She revealed to Tate that she bought the sword in order to bring him to the auction and revealed that she knew about her murderous past. She said that she would be avenging the girls as she used her demonic powers to kill Tate and throw him off of the roof of her auction house.

Helstrom and Yen arguing about Tate

The next day, Helstrom arrived at work and asked about the auction. Yen tried to scold her for being reckless while killing Tate, although Helstrom falsely claimed that Tate fell off the roof by accident. Helstrom realized that she had missed a call from Caretaker, and Yen said that he had also called the auction house talking about a crypt in Colma, which caught Helstrom's attention. Yen asked Helstrom if she would be helping with the books for the auction, but she instead left to meet with Caretaker.[1]

Reuniting with Caretaker

Helstrom taking the Keeper's Skull

Helstrom arrived in Colma, where she met with Caretaker about a break-in a local cemetery, where the people who broke in entered a crypt. Caretaker explained that the was unaware of the crypt's existence before the breaking, although Helstrom expressed her disbelief. Caretaker told Helstrom that he had been in Texas, and the two entered the crypt together. They found the remains of two of the people who had broken in, and continued further. They investigated a skeleton, which Caretaker explained belonged to a Keeper, and asked if it could have been protecting people from her father. Helstrom could not use her powers on the Keeper's book, and she acknowledged that that was unusual. Caretaker began to talk about covering the demonic activity up, although Helstrom got distracted by the Keeper's skull seemingly whispering to her. Caretaker snapped her out of the trance the skull seemed to have her in, and Helstrom pretended to have been listening.[1]

Studying the Skull

"Been a while... can we talk?"
Daimon Helstrom to Ana Helstrom[src]

Helstrom looking through her box

While studying the Keeper's Skull, Helstrom received a text from her brother, asking to talk. She reflected on her brother getting injured while defending her as her father kidnapped her. She put down her cell phone and continued her research. Helstrom then closed her laptop and drew her own blood, placing on the skull. She placed her hand on it and attempted to look at its past, although she suddenly saw an eye appear inside of the skull, causing her to jump back from fear. Calming down, she watched blood enter a symbol on the skull. The next day, Helstrom placed the skull on a shelf in her auction house and put a cloth over it for safe keeping. While leaving the skull, she found a box filled with things given to her by her father. She sat down across from it on the floor and reflected on when she was kidnapped. She went to touch one of the objects and learn about a person her father killed, but found herself unable to bring herself to do it.[1]

Reunion with Daimon Helstrom

Helstrom being reunited with Daimon Helstrom

"Please tell me the bitch is dead."
―Ana Helstrom to Daimon Helstrom[src]

Helstrom later received a phone call from Caretaker, in which he told her that the two bodies they found in Colma were from Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health.[2] Helstrom returned to Portland and arrived at Saint Teresa's, where she found Daimon Helstrom going towards his car. When Daimon noticed her, she asked for confirmation that their mother was dead.[1]

Daimon took Helstrom to a local restaurant and complained about the quality of the coffee. She and Daimon ordered their food after discussing Helstrom's former love of biscuits with gravy. Helstrom told Daimon that she was visiting because Daimon reaching out likely meant their mother's health status was worsening, which Daimon confirmed, expressing hope that the two could exorcise Kthara together. Helstrom explained that it was likely impossible, and Daimon expressed hope that the two could support each other. Annoyed, Daimon demanded to know the true reason for Helstrom's presence, so she told him that in case their mother truly was dying, she needed to say some things to her first. She explained to Daimon that she wanted alone time with their mother, and convinced a hesitant Daimon to allow it.[2]

Reunion with Kthara

"There's the Mother I know."
―Ana Helstrom[src]

Helstrom was later contacted by Chris Yen, who told her that the newspapers believed the story about Edward Tate having killed himself. He also explained that she had missed a meeting with a client that morning. Helstrom apologized and explained that she had personal matters to deal with, hanging up on him when he expressed concern.

She entered Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health and met with Louise Hastings, who refused to allow her to visit her mother alone. Helstrom attempted to threaten Hastings, who reminded her that they were in a very public place and that Helstrom would not kill her. Hastings insisted on accompanying Helstrom on her visit. The two entered Kthara's room, and Helstrom tried to talk to her. Hastings explained that her brother had developed a way to coax her mother out by describing a pleasant childhood memory. Helstrom instead slapped Kthara, prompting her to throw her and Hastings against the wall.

The two left, and while Helstrom was satisfied with the response, Daimon Helstrom arrived a Saint Teresa's and scolded Helstrom for being reckless with Kthara. Daimon nearly compared Helstrom to their father, although he stopped himself before finishing the sentence. Helstrom began scolding her brother, an argument that almost resulted in the siblings' demonic abilities being let loose. Hastings defused the argument, and Gabriella Rosetti arrived to say that a man had been possessed and needed Daimon's help. Helstrom briefly flirted with Rosetti, although Daimon told her not to bother, since she was an officiate. Daimon left with Rosetti, asking Helstrom not to visit their mother. However, Helstrom sarcastically agreed and gave him the middle finger.

Yen later called Helstrom, who found out where she was from Caretaker. She listened to the voicemail he had left her and ignored it. She found Louise Hastings, who refused to allow Helstrom to see her mother again. They argued and Hastings left, but Helstrom stopped her, saying that she understood that Hastings wouldn't have wanted to raise her, referring to herself as "damaged goods." Hastings explained that there was more than Ana knew and that Kthara would kill Helstrom, although Helstrom insisted that she was stronger than her. Helstrom convinced Hastings to allow her another visit, although she became frustrated when she could not get her mother to come out by taunting her. Helstrom suggested that the two should be alone, so Kthara began subtly using her abilities to cause Hastings to have a coughing fit. Hastings insisted that she could not coax her mother out through taunting, so Helstrom agreed to talk about a shared memory, recounting an instance of Victoria Helstrom refusing to allow Helstrom to accept a gift from her father, aware that the gift likely came from a girl he had killed. Kthara then worsened Hastings' coughing fit, forcing her to step outside.

Kthara, assuming Helstrom's intention was to talk to her mother, told her that it was impossible. However, Helstrom instead revealed that Kthara was the one she wanted to talk to. Kthara taunted Helstrom for wanting to see her mother, claiming that she had always hated Helstrom deep down. Helstrom demanded to know what demon had been set loose on the world, but Kthara mocked her and her brother instead of answering the question. She tried to kill Kthara using her own demonic powers, but Kthara instead rendered her unconscious. Kthara expressed disappointment about how easy it was and then lay Helstrom on her lap, petting her. Helstrom woke up and demanded again to know what had been set loose, so Kthara told her that it was her father who would be proud of who she had become. Helstrom, upset, left the hospital, ignoring Hastings' attempts to talk to her.[2]

Victoria's Return

That night, Helstrom had a dream that she was brushing her teeth at The Nines Hotel, where she was staying in Portland, until she started choking on dirt. She woke up and received a phone call from Daimon Helstrom, saying that their mother had regained control of her body. Daimon convinced Helstrom to work with him to end their mother's possession.

She went into the lobby to go to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, where she found Caretaker waiting for her. She demanded to know whether he was following her, and Caretaker responded by asking whether she was avoiding him and offering her pancakes. Helstrom explained to Caretaker that her father had returned, declaring her intention to kill him. Caretaker tried to say that he was too dangerous, but Helstrom ignored him, telling him that it was not his fight to fight. Caretaker advised her not to let her pride get in the way since she was not planning on telling her brother about their father, but Helstrom said that she was instead feeling rage and left.

Helstrom and Daimon then visited her mom, who instantly recognized Helstrom. She asked whether her children had enjoyed the snow, still delusional. The two went along with it, and Daimon suggested they build a snowman together, but Victoria said that there wasn't time, saying that their father would be angry if he saw them outside. Helstrom tried to help her as she had a breakdown, but failed, so she planned to leave, but Kthara suddenly grabbed her arm and said that their father was back. Daimon learned that Ana already knew this, and Kthara revealed that he still had unfinished business. Gabriella Rosetti and Louise Hastings determined that this was referring to Zoe Richards, a young girl who had allegedly escaped her father, although Helstrom did not believe it. However, they decided to warn Richards anyway. Helstrom then suggested using her as bait to draw her father out.[9]

Investigating Zoe Richards

"Hello, button."
"It's you."
Basar and Ana Helstrom[src]

While on the way to Zoe Richards' house, Helstrom, Daimon Helstrom, and Gabriella Rosetti discussed how they would talk to Richards. However, Helstrom began flirting with Rosetti, who appeared uninterested and unbothered by Helstrom's questions. When they arrived at the house, Richards answered the door and refused to talk to them, changing her mind a moment later. Richards began to recount the story of her kidnapping, when Helstrom became uncomfortable and asked to use the restroom. Sensing that somebody else was present, Helstrom explored the house. She entered a bedroom, when Daimon appeared and asked what she was doing. Ana explained her sense that something was off, and Helstrom instead suggested that Kthara's words were getting to her. The arguing became intense as they went back downstairs and Helstrom asked questions more intensely, about the apparel and scent of her attacker, not believing that Richards lived alone. Helstrom grabbed Richards' arm and tried to use her abilities to sense her past, but Richards kicked them out.

Helstrom and Daimon discuss Zoe Richards

Outside the house, Helstrom justified herself to Daimon and Rosetti, explaining that she knew that Richards was lying. She explained that she had been involved in Richards' kidnapping, and she knew that Richards surviving was likely impossible and stormed off. She returned to her hotel, where she lay in bed and reflected on her time with her father and what Kthara had said to her. She then decided to go out.

She went to a club, walking around and touching various people, looking for somebody with a dark past. Somebody came up to her and grabbed her, and she sensed that he had killed somebody in the past. He introduced himself and asked if he wanted to go in the back with her, and he agreed, she started to lead him there until she recognized Zoe Richards at the club. She began to go after her, until Jake stopped her. She used her powers to kill him, and left as people noticed he had died. She followed Richards after the bar, and she ran.

Helstrom followed Richards to an abandoned building, where she learned that the woman she was following was in fact Aubree Richards, the twin sister of the girl she helped to kidnap. Richards confronted Helstrom about her lies, when a demon, who Helstrom assumed to be her father, attacked her. Helstrom tried to kill him, to no avail, and the demon quickly overpowered Helstrom. She regained consciousness in time to see the demon kill and consume Richards, fleeing over the railing and fall into a dumpster. As Helstrom walked away, she began to get a headache, overwhelmed by emotions. She had to sit down in the middle of the road, when Daimon Helstrom and arrived. Helstrom confirmed that she had felt her father's presence, and Daimon assured her that he believed her, helping her get to their car.[9]

Covering for Chris Yen

"Okay, well, Yen had to do something, we've got a ton of expensive artifacts in there."
"You are not trying to justify what we just saw."
―Ana Helstrom and Daimon Helstrom[src]

Helstrom was allowed to stay with Daimon Helstrom after the shock of that night. The next day, Helstrom listened to music as she made herself toast for breakfast while listening to music, and looked around Daimon's house while Daimon went for a jog. Helstorm answered a knock not he door, finding Gabriella Rosetti. After briefly flirting with her, Rosetti explained that Daimon had told her that she was attacked, saying that she and Louise Hastings were there to help, the latter's presence upsetting Helstrom. She then saw her toast come out of the toaster, burned.

Daimon arrived at his house and Caretaker came last, and Daimon announced that their father had likely come back. Helstrom took a donut which Caretaker had brought and asked how to kill him, but Caretaker explained that it was impossible. He said that a Keeper demon, such as the one whose skull Helstrom had found, could contain their father. Ana got up and left, saying that the skull was in San Francisco, and leaving to retrieve it. Helstrom tried to call Chris Yen, who did not answer, upsetting Helstrom. She was met by Daimon, who insisted on going to San Francisco with her.

They arrived at Helstrom's Auction House, and Daimon commented on Ana's poor art skills growing up, leading to banter between the two. Helstrom called out for Yen, who did not respond, and nor had she answered her texts. They continued to discuss Ana's business while Ana looked for Chris Yen. She realized that he was not there and entered the vault with Daimon, when they came across Cameron Tate's corpse and the skull missing, and realized that Yen was likely connected to both. She looked at Tate's wallet, realizing who he was, lying when Daimon asked whether she knew him. Helstrom touched the axe and tried to use her powers to figure out what happened, and when she couldn't get a clear enough image, she and Daimon watched Yen brutally murder Tate on the security footage. Helstrom tried to justify Yen's actions by discussing the expensive artifacts, much to Daimon's horror. Helstrom saw Yen leave with the skull in the security footage, and scolded Daimon for wanting to call the police, believing that they needed to focus on finding the skull and staying on track. They argued about Yen's actions, and Daimon reluctantly agreed to help Helstrom dispose of the body.

Using her demonic powers, Helstrom crushed Tate's body, impressing Daimon. He tried to get her to talk about what happened after their father kidnapped her, but she deflected the conversation and told him to help clean up after Daimon noted how calm she was regarding the situation. Helstrom and Daimon left to look for a cooler and a way to cover the smell, when someone arrived. While Helstrom hid, Daimon left to investigate. Ana joined the conversation once they learned that it was Derrick Jackson, Yen's boyfriend, wanting to know where he was. Jackson asked about Helstorm's business and why Yen was constantly being called in at all hours of the night. Helstrom took responsibility, faking remorse, and made up a story about Yen having been sent overseas to Mongolia in hopes of deterring Jackson from investigating further. Jackson noticed blood on Helstrom's clothes from the cleaning, and she quickly came up with a story that Daimon were moving an artifact that caught her and caused her to bleed that she didn't realize. Daimon recommended that she bandage her "wound," and Jackson left, saying that he would break up with Yen if she continued to be so demanding. Daimon attempted to comment on Helstrom's ability to lie, but Helstrom instead commented on Jackson, saying that Yen needed a better boyfriend, before resuming cleaning.

While Helstrom mopped, Daimon interrogated her about what she and Yen did, and said that he realized they do not simply sell art. Helstrom asked why he was asking questions if he knew what they did, and Daimon said that he wanted to hear her say it, so Helstrom coldly stated that Yen helped her kill people. This upset Daimon further, and Helstrom attempted to defend herself by explaining Tate and his brother's murderous past, although Daimon was not convinced. Helstrom realized that Daimon was likely comparing her to their father, and she defended herself, saying that she killed people like him. Daimon explained that using her logic, people could kill her, and Helstrom simply stated that she would overpower them, rather than offer an ethical rebuttal.

Helstrom and her brother discuss their past

Helstrom sat down in the vault, looking through her box of gifts from her father. Daimon found her, and she told him about the pain they give off, and that she used to keep their father's gifts in the box, which their mother hated, leading Helstrom to believe she hated her. Daimon assured that she did not, and suggested returning the items to the victims' families, although Helstrom explained that nobody would want to know their loved one was killed by a serial killer. She assured Daimon that she would bury the box when she killed her father.

Once everything was clean, the two pondered how to get rid of the body. Helstrom suggested dumping it in the bay, although Daimon said it was too risky and used his ability to control fire to destroy it, and Helstrom went to comfort him. They flew to Portland International Airport, where she refused to stay with him and insisted on returning to her hotel. They briefly discussed Yen's potential whereabouts before she left. However, she found that her room was not available, so she went to Daimon's house, where she found Magoth nearly killing Daimon. Helstrom pushed Magoth off of her and briefly fought him, helping Daimon to exorcise him. She expressed being impressed with Daimon's abilities, and refused to help Daimon clean up the mess left behind.[3]

Searching for Chris Yen

"You don't understand. I have a job now. He needs me, you don't."
"I do need you."
Chris Yen and Ana Helstrom[src]

The next morning, Helstrom woke up from a flashback she was dreaming of when she had escaped her father, breaking out of the ground she had been buried in, making herself briefly see dirt in her bed before falling out and realizing it was not real. She was contacted by Daimon Helstrom to go to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, so she rushed there, interrupting a one-night stand. When she arrived, Daimon explained that their mother had gone into a coma, and Helstrom sensed the Keeper's Skull's presence, allowing them to realize that Chris Yen was at the hospital. Helstrom, Daimon, and Hastings checked the security footage while Caretaker searched the building, and nobody found Yen. Ana explained to Helstrom that the skull was influencing Yen, and Caretaker realized that it was attracted to Kthara since Helstrom's mother was marked for possession by her father and was tied to a blood oath. Caretaker then explained that her situation would get worse if Yen and the skull got closer to her, and Hastings realized that he must have been underground. So, Helstrom, Daimon, and Caretaker went underground to find him. Ana asked what they would be dealing with once they found Yen, and Helstrom explained that convincing him to go through the sewers was a sign that the skull was strong. Daimon brought up him having killed someone, and Helstrom sarcastically said she forgot that before going into the sewer with him and Caretaker.

While looking for Yen, Daimon suggested that they destroy the skull, and Helstrom disagreed, saying it was their only weapon against their father. Caretaker agreed with her, and while Daimon and Caretaker argued about it, Helstrom found Yen's bag. While Daimon and Caretaker looked at it, Helstrom thought she sensed somebody moving further into the sewer, so she left without saying anything. She found Yen in an almost feral state, with the Keeper's Skull biting down on his arm.

She approached Yen gently, trying to convince him to help her return things to normal, but Yen explained that he perceived himself as simply her errand boy, which he did not want. Daimon rapidly approached, although Helstrom insisted that she could handle Yen. She apologized for lying and told him the truth about her father and the importance of the skull, offering to take him out in exchange. Yen explained that the skull needed him more than he felt Helstrom did, although she insisted that it wasn't true. She told him, however, that she needed the skull as well, and that she would hurt him to get it. When Yen again refused, Daimon lost patience and prepared to hurt him, so Helstrom through him against the wall. Daimon did the same to her, and the two argued, attempting to protect the person they cared about. Helstrom demanded to know why he cared about protecting their mother so much, so Daimon told her that he was the person who had her committed. Caretaker arrived and saved the two of the from pipes that nearly fell on them due to Helstrom's powers, and she realized that Yen had used the distraction from their argument to escape.

They followed Yen's path and discovered that he used a ladder to return to Saint Teresa's, so they followed after him. They found Yen uncovering the skull near Victoria's seizing body, so Daimon knocked him unconscious. Helstrom checked on Yen while Daimon attempted to destroy the skull, only stopping when Victoria sat up and yelled for him to. The Helstroms reunited in the hospital courtyard, where Victoria told her children about Kthara and how she used Helstrom against her. While Daimon was happy to have her mother back, Helstrom was less enthused and went back inside. She checked on Yen with Hastings and Caretaker, and he rushed against the door, begging to be given the skull. While Hastings and Caretaker insisted that they were doing what was best for Yen and that his addiction would subside, Helstrom expressed that she was upset the day was considered a victory due to their mother, while Yen's mind had been broken.[10]

Confronting Her Mother

Helstrom contacted Derrick Jackson from Chris Yen's phone and provided Yen with a cover story about why he was not in San Francisco, bringing back to chips to eat with Yen. The two ate together and Yen complained about the lack of napkins, making Helstrom happy that he appeared to be back to normal. Curious, Helstrom asked Yen what the Keeper told him, but Yen instead said that it was more about him feeling what it wanted him to do. Yen apologized for trying to kill Victoria Helstrom, but Helstrom insisted that Daimon Helstrom was more upset than she was. Yen, however, told her about how often she used to cry for her mother when she first got into foster care, upsetting Ana.

He told her that it was okay to miss her mother, and Helstrom got up to leave, not wanting to be lectured. Yen also got up to leave, although Helstrom had noticed that Yen was scratching his arm to the point of bleeding and insisted that he stay. She pushed Yen against the wall and left, closing the door behind her, as Yen rushed against the door and insisted on the Keeper's Skull needing him. Helstrom walked away with Ellis and told him to tell her and Louise Hastings if he kept shouting. Ellis told Helstrom that patients usually calm down after being medicated, but Helstrom told him that Yen was unlikely to.

She went to the hospital cafeteria to get lunch, and was approached by Hastings, asking her to look after her mother while the doctor did her rounds. Hastings told Helstrom that her brother was at the Blood Hotel, where several of their patients had been freed and several Blood members had been killed. She tried to called Caretaker about it, although he did not answer as Hastings explained that she had been trying. Helstrom said that she should be looking for her father, who she guessed was responsible for the freed patients, rather than watch her moth, but Hastings convinced her to do it and reminded her not to tell her mother about the freed patients or the dead Blood members.

She visited her mother's room and shut down Victoria's several attempts at small talk, instead demanding to know about her father. Victoria began explaining that she did not know that he was a serial killer until much later, only seeing charm and kindness in his eyes. She explained that she did not realize who he was until he wanted her to and that she could not escape the cruelty he wanted her to experience. This made Helstrom upset, and she commented on the depressing nature of Victoria's hospital room and asked for a change of pace. The two went outside, where Victoria again attempted to make small talk, this time talking about the botanical gardens near their house, where Helstrom liked to get her hands dirty and climb trees.

Helstrom told her mother that she had since grown to hate getting her hands dirty, since they mess up her manicure. Helstrom asked her mother why her father brought her gifts, and Victoria told her that he had seen a lot of himself in her, then reminded Helstrom that she had also inherited a lot of traits from her mother. They reminisced on their trips to the zoo, and Helstrom brought her mother inside while she expressed her wish that her brother had gotten a life instead of dedicating himself to caring for her like Helstrom did.[6]

Escape from Saint Teresa's

Helstrom brought Victoria Helstrom back into Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, reflecting on when her father kidnapped her. She decided to tell Victoria that her father had gotten an army of demons and that he might attack her. She told Victoria that she did not know how to kill him and not to lose the Keeper's Skull. Just then, Louise Hastings appeared and told them that Ellis had been killed since somebody was present, and Helstrom untied her mother from her wheelchair, giving her a fighting chance in the escape Helstrom herself got hurt. A security guard then came and told Hastings that everyone was locking inside as the power went out and emergency power turned on.

Helstrom received a call from Daimon Helstrom, warning them about the demons coming, when she said that they had already arrived. Helstorm, Victoria, and Hastings went into Hastings' office and found Magoth, who stole the Keeper's Skull and fled. Helstrom began to rush after him, but Hastings stopped her, suggesting they wait for Daimon. Helstrom said that they needed the skull to use on her father, and Hastings responded, saying that she might die. As they argued, all of the patients were freed from their rooms.

Helstrom and Hastings went into the common area for patients, where Hastings told a patient named Tanya to return to her room, and then noticed a fight between Jeff and Manny. Helstrom helped Hastings tranquilize Jeff and then left to find Magoth, refusing to let Hastings go with her. Hastings apologized for not taking her in when she was a child, and Helstrom told her to try not to die before walking off.

She went into the basement, where she got attacked by two demons, including Raum. Hastings saved her from the other demon, and Raum said that they were given permission to attack Helstrom, despite her belief that the hospital's attacker was after her. The other demon pushed Hastings to the ground and attacked Helstrom, who was already fighting Raum, and she began choking both demons and threw them to the ground. Hastings asked Helstrom whether they were dead, and she assured her that they were not, before they continued looking for Magoth.

They instead found that Chris Yen had killed his host, and was now sitting with the skull. Yen said that he got it for her, although he refused to hand it over. Helstrom told him that he had misremembered a detail about her crying, saying that she cried in their foster father's workshop rather than the basement, and that he was right about her missing her mother. This convinced Yen to give the skull over, so Helstrom, Hastings, and Yen ran off together with it.

They caught up with Daimon Helstorm, Victoria Helstrom, and Gabriella Rosetti, and Daimon and Ana began arguing about whether to use the skull on their father. Victoria announced her desire to weigh in, saying that she would sacrifice herself to destroy her husband as a family. Just then, the elevator opened and Basar attacked, throwing everyone to the side and getting away with Victoria. Helstrom took the skull and ran down the stairs with Daimon after Basar, whom they still believed to be their father.

They rushed into the basement, and Helstrom realized that the Keeper's Skull was damaging Basar's host body, and began to fight him. However, Basar gained the upper hand and threw her across the room and into a windshield, causing the skull to roll away. Although she was temporarily disoriented, she got herself up while Daimon fought Basar and saw that Basar was about to kill Daimon. Victoria managed to get the skull and give it Ana, who put it into the mouth on Basar's stomach, causing his body to burn and break in two. Helstrom knelt down and taunted Basar, saying that she would never be like her father. However, Kthara successfully took control of Victoria's body and caused a momentary distraction, when Basar grabbed Helstrom's leg, and her powers revealed to her that Basar was not her father. While Kthara helped Basar flee and Raum drove them away, Helstrom was on the verge of tears as she told Daimon that they had not been fighting their father.[6]

Family Quarrels

Helstrom and Daimon Helstrom sat down and talked about the demon that was not their father, and Daimon demanded proof next time Ana believed someone to be their father. Helstrom accused Daimon of being upset with her since he believed him, and Daimon said that he was upset with himself for going against his instincts and Victoria Helstrom getting taken as a result, pointing out that Helstrom did not appear to be upset about that part. He scolded her for being so easily manipulated and walked away. Helstrom, not ready to end the conversation, went after him and continued yelling.

Helstrom followed Daimon into Louise Hastings' office, accusing him of not being strong enough to destroy Kthara, saying that the demon manipulated it into thinking their mother could be saved. Daimon accused Helstrom of choosing to sacrifice their mom to kill their father, who ended up not being their father, and Helstrom responded saying that their mother had chosen to sacrifice herself, referring to their mother by her first name. Daimon asked why she did that, since she was their mother, and Helstrom simply told him that she was not anymore. Hastings then entered her office while Daimon called her coldhearted, and tried to diffuse the situation. Helstrom responded aggressively, telling her to stay out of their family business. However, Daimon defended Hastings, saying that she was his family and demanded that Helstrom respect her. This hurt Helstrom, so she left while Daimon continued to yell at her. She checked Chris Yen out of the hospital and passed Gabriella Rosetti and Jolene Spivey. Rosetti asked where she was going and what would happen to her mother, and Helstrom simply said that it was not her problem.

She returned to San Francisco and told Yen that she was going home, but instead went to her auction house and reflected on when her father tried to make her stab somebody. Yen found her, and when Helstrom asked him to get back to work, Yen said that he was only there because he had forgotten his phone charger. He tried to suggest that Helstrom take time off, but she said that she was tired of people telling her what to do. Yen said that he was tired of skulls, possessions, and Helstrom's family, and she agreed. Yen told her that his boyfriend, Derrick Jackson was suspicious of their activity, not having believe the story she told him while covering up Yen's murder. The two argued, and Helstrom said that she did not care about Jackson. This upset Yen, and said that if Helstrom needed to take out her anger, she should have stayed in Portland and done so with her brother. Helstrom then asked Yen to find her someone she could kill, implying it was the only way to contain her anger.

Helstrom later found Yen with a client, meeting about auctioneering, upset that it was not a person she could kill. She pulled Yen aside, and he told her that he would not be helping her kill people for the purpose of emotional fulfillment. He told her that the reason he started working with her after she killed their abusive foster father was because he believed the deaths for justice, and that he did not want to help her kill someone simply because she wanted to. This upset Helstrom, who tried to throw a crate on him, and he simply left, asking her to pull herself together since Jackson was coming for lunch.

Helstrom walked past Yen and Jackson eating lunch and asked how long it would take, despite Yen having told her about it. Jackson told Helstrom that the way she was treated his boyfriend was unacceptable, and suggested that she find a way to relieve her stress, such as exercising. Helstrom thanked him for the advice and walked away.

She went to work looking for a victim, logging into the San Francisco Police Department database the same way she had seen Yen do so several times. Yen found Helstrom and said they should lay low, but Helstrom distracted Yen by asking whether the phrase should have the word "lay" or "lie." Jackson then returned angrily, and Yen closed the laptop while Jackson demanded to know why he was logged into the database both at home and the auction house. Yen and Helstrom feigned ignorance, and Jackson told them that he would have to report which files were accessed, including Edward Tate's, who died the night of their auction. Jackson assured Helstrom and Yen that he would figure out what was happening and left, upsetting Yen and Helstrom.

Helstrom went out that night, preparing to kill Jackson to keep her secret, and saw him leaving the police station. She followed him as he left the San Francisco Police Station and walked towards his parked car. He turned around and saw Helstrom, who told him that Yen was not involved in signing in to the database. She said that she wanted to screen clients after Tate turned out to be a killer and feel safe. She told him that Yen was important to her as well, promising not to do it again. The two hugged, and Helstrom began using her powers to kill him, but remembered stabbing her father to escape when he kidnapped her and decided not to. She let go and walked away, panicking as she remembered herself running away from her father.

Upset, she returned to her auction house and found the box she had kept, containing gifts he gave her from the girls he killed, and destroyed the box. She saw a bracelet with a butterfly charm on the floor and broke down crying, when Yen found her. She apologized for nearly killing Jackson, realizing that it would have made her like her father. Unaware of what she did, Yen comforted her, and told her than since she did not follow through on her plan, she was not like her father. Helstrom said that she needed to go back to her family, and Yen agreed, hugging her and including himself in her family.[4]

Returning to Portland

While on the way back to Portland, Helstrom received several phone calls from Daimon Helstrom, warning her that the Blood attacked him and that she might be next. She called him back when she arrived at Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health and went to apologize, when Daimon told her that he believed she was right. She asked to talk in person, when Daimon told her that he was returning to their childhood home to retrieve the other part of Marduk Helstrom's Dagger. Helstrom said it was a bad idea, but Daimon told her that it could kill Kthara, saying that there was no hope to get their mother back. Helstrom realized that Daimon had referred to "the other piece" of the dagger and asked what he meant, so Daimon explained that they had a piece which was at in Saint Teresa's.

Helstrom went inside the hospital to find Louise Hastings putting it in her safe. She demanded to see it, so Hastings took it out of the safe and showed it to her. She sensed a lot of darkness coming from the knife, and told her not to be near it, describing it as toxic. Although Hastings at first brushed her off as superstitious, she started coughing blood, and looked at her. Hastings told Helstrom that the coughing was due to lung cancer rather than the dagger, and asked her not to tell her brother. Hastings explained that Caretaker was the only other person who knew, and that she had not seen him since he said he wanted to take care of her. Helstrom described this as typical of Caretaker, upset about him never staying with her as a child, and Hastings explained that he was always torn between her and the Blood. Helstrom asked whether he would willingly tell the Blood where her father's dagger was, and Hastings said that he would only do that if he thought they would use it to kill Kthara.

She went into Victoria Helstrom's old room, enjoying her mother's energy in the room. Hastings went in and told her about a call she received from a man she knew was possessed asking for her brother to go to Portland Harbor. Hastings explained that it was an obvious trap, so Helstrom determined she would surprise them by appearing herself with Hastings and the dagger. Although Hastings tried to talk Helstrom out of it, Helstrom told her that her brother was too hopeful to kill Kthara, and Hastings agreed. She asked Hastings to be the one to kill Kthara, and she refused, suggesting instead they allow Victoria to die naturally. However, Helstrom explained that the knife could actually kill the demon rather than allow it to possess someone else, and Hastings eventually decided to help, commenting that she would not be haunted by the act too long given her cancer. Helstrom commented on how dark the comment was and the too left together.

They arrived at the ship and found Kthara, who was taunting Helstrom's brother. Kthara expressed surprise to see Helstrom and Hastings alone, and Hastings revealed that she had the dagger, scaring Kthara. Kthara threw several items at the pair, who dodged them. Helstrom rushed over to restrain Kthara while Hastings went to stab her, although Kthara stopped Hastings and made her stab Helstrom, who started feeling the pain caused by the dagger. Kthara said that Helstrom's mother would feel the same pain for eternity while Hastings ripped the knife out of Helstrom's leg. Her mother resumed control of her body, and Helstrom found herself unable to kill her. So, she caused the dagger to fly out of Hastings' hand and began suffocating her mother, intending to revive her so that she could be free. She convinced Hastings to go along with the plan as Victoria finally died. She called and ambulance while Hastings performed chest compressions.

Helstrom began to panic when the chest compressions were not working, and began looking for adrenaline or a similar drug to help. Hastings told her that it was up to Victoria to come back, and Helstrom started yelling at her frustrated. Victoria finally gasped for air, and the three happily reunited.

They took Victoria back to Saint Teresa's and Helstrom called Daimon Helstrom, telling him he good news. Daimon insisted that he should be there, although Helstrom told him not to come until the morning, as she could handle a single nightshift. However, she told Daimon that she expected him to do the talking.[7]

Her Brother Possessed

The next morning, Helstrom woke up and asked a nurse if Daimon Helstrom had arrived, and the nurse told her that he had not. She called Daimon, and asked him to come to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, hanging up. She looked at her mother and left the room, looking for Daimon. She went to his house and looked around, finding it empty. She saw that his bed had blood in it and followed the trail to the bathroom. She felt the presence of her father's dagger and found it, taking the backpack it was in with her as she continued looking. She returned to Saint Teresa's and found Daimon strangling Victoria Helstrom, pushing him off of her. Helstrom quickly realized that her brother had been possessed by Basar, and the two fault. Basar briefly gained the upper hand, although Helstrom dropped a chandelier on Basar's head, winning the fight. Louise Hastings and Caretaker saw this, and Hastings yelled at Helstrom, and they took him to a hospital room.

While she and Caretaker were tying her brother down, Helstrom asked where Caretaker was, and he explained that the Blood had taken him. Helstrom told Caretaker and Hastings that she sensed that her brother had been possessed by Basar, even though it should not have been possible. Daimon's body started convulsing as he fought against the possession, although Basar took over as Helstrom screamed at him, wanting her brother back. However, Basar explained that it was too late to stop his possession. Hastings demanded to know where Gabriella Rosetti was, so Basar said that she was dead, although Helstrom did not believe him.

They went to Hastings' office to discuss their plan, as Helstrom pointed out that she felt responsible since she freed Victoria. Hastings tried to calm her down although Helstrom explained her guilt. Caretaker went out to find Rosetti, and told Helstrom that the only way to save Daimon was to use her father's dagger, despite the potential of it killing him. Helstrom went to Victoria's room and told her what happened, explaining that he was still fighting. Helstrom asked her to talk to him, and Victoria expressed fear. She sat down next to Victoria and empathized with her, telling her that talking Daimon was their only option and asking her to try. Victoria expressed fear that she would fail him again, and Helstorm assured her that she would not.

Hastings took Helstrom and Victoria to see Basar, and Victoria went to talk to him alone. Helstrom stopped Hastings from interrupting the conversation until he started cracking the viewing panel. Hastings then took Victoria away from the door and told Helstrom that she was taking her mother to Daimon's house and that being at Saint Teresa's was too harmful for her. She sat alone on a bench and was joined by Caretaker, offering to be the one to cut Basar out of Daimon. Helstrom insisted on being the one to do it, but Caretaker asked to do it as a way to make up for not being there for her growing up, confessing that he was afraid to get attached and then lose her. Helstrom assured Caretaker that she did not lose him, but said that she was the only person strong enough to go against Daimon.

Victoria Helstrom called her and told her that Gabriella Rosetti was pregnant, and she realized that the child was Kthara. She sent Caretaker to her brother's house and prepared to use her father's dagger. She took it into Basar's room, saying that she was ready to say goodbye to him, although Basar was confident she would not use the dagger on him. He began manipulating her body as he told her that he knew how much Helstrom and Daimon cared about each other, revealing to her that he tried to kill himself following her kidnapping. She revealed to Basar that she was the only person keeping Rosetti and Kthara alive, so he charged at her, although the struggle with Daimon for control caused him to pass out. Helstrom was about to cut Basar out of Daimon, when he suddenly woke up as himself. She told him about Rosetti, and he asked her to cut the demon out of him so that he could help. However, as she started, he realized that it would not work without both pieces of the dagger, so she left to retrieve them. However, she found the second half missing. She told Daimon, who had her go to protect Rosetti. Helstrom made him promise to hold Basar back until she could return with the dagger and left.[11]

She got to the house and found an ambulance outside, taking away an injured Hastings. Caretaker left to be with her in the ambulance, while Helstrom told her mother that they needed the other half of the dagger. They retrieve it and returned to Saint Teresa's, where Katherine Reynolds told them that Daimon had died and was moved to the morgue. Helstrom rushed into the morgue to find Basar, instead finding the bleeding body of the still-alive morgue attendant, telling him that he was lucky.

She told Victoria what happened and complained that she could not get Caretaker until Hastings was out of surgery. She told her mother that Hastings was too strong to die, and that she knew Daimon was alive because the two of them could survive more than the average human. She told her mother about how she escaped her father, prompting Victoria to embrace her. Chris Yen then entered Hastings' office, saying that he had an eyeball in his throat. She took Yen to the hospital to meet with Caretaker, who told Yen that he had become a Keeper Demon and that it could prove useful in helping Helstrom's brother.

The three returned to Saint Teresa's, where Caretaker explained that demons had captured Rosetti. Although Helstrom wanted to leave, Caretaker explained that she still needed her father's weapon, which had to be reforged. Yen, using his newfound Keeper knowledge, explained that only Helstrom could do it using her fire and blood, and agreed to do it with help from Victoria. The two went into Victoria's old hospital room and reforged the knife, experiencing the pain from the dagger together. The knife fell to the ground in one piece as Helstrom recovered from the pain.

Helstrom and Yen then took the knife and went to the abandoned carnival where Basar and the other demons were keeping Rosetti, and Helstrom told him to look for Rosetti while Helstrom fought Basar. They split up and Helstrom looked through the carnival, getting scared by a falling bottle. Helstrom found Basar and chased after him, using the flashlight on her phone as he led her into the carnival's haunted house. He shouted after him, and Basar told her that Daimon Helstrom tried and failed to exorcise him, so Helstrom determined it was her job. Basar offered to let Helstrom join the demons, so Helstrom taunted her. He turned on the haunted house, scaring Helstrom. She found Basar and he attacked her, and she prepared to fight him. She stabbed at Basar several times, but he dodged and got the knife out of her hands. He took a pipe and swung at her, eventually getting her on the ground. She got back up and flung him across the room, and they rushed for the dagger. They fought to use it telekinetically, and Basar one, taking the knife and getting on top of Helstrom, who called out for her brother. Basar stabbed her with the knife and she managed to get him off of her. Helstrom momentarily regained control and begged his sister to kill him, when Yen arrived. Basar regained control and attacked Yen, who began containing him. Just the the dagger activated and Helstrom cut Basar out of Daimon's body, killing the demon but now her brother. Helstrom helped him recover and gave Daimon the knife. While Helstrom begged Yen for the knife, he told her that they were too late to stop the child from being born.

Helstrom gave Daimon the dagger and he rushed into where the demons were being held, with Helstrom and Yen not far behind. Magoth tried to escape with Kthara's infant form, but Helstrom and Yen got in his way as Helstrom killed him. The two watched as Daimon rushed to Rosetti, assuring her that she would be okay, but realized that she was in a state of mental distress so great she could not answer and instead repeated a prayer.[8]

A Happy Family

Following the fight, Kthara was brought to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, where Chris Yen watched her. Helstrom checked on him and asked if she had done anything unusual, which Yen said she had not. Yen also said that it was his responsibility to make sure Kthara did not destroy the world, and that he could with Helstrom's help and her father's knife, with which she performed a ritual involving putting the knife into the back of his head.

Ana and her brother

Helstrom found Daimon Helstrom near St. Johns Bridge and went up to him. Daimon thanked her for saving him, and she thanked him for never giving up on her. Daimon said that he felt as though he owed her that, but she insisted that being family meant no debts were involved. They told each other that they loved each other and looked out at the water.

Later, Victoria Helstrom and Helstom make dinner at Daimon’s house for themselves, Daimon, Caretaker, and Louise Hastings. Caretaker and Ana bonded over the baby, talking about who should change her diaper. Victoria and Helstrom brought out dinner and everyone say down to ate. Victoria toasted to her children and the people who raised them, and they ate dinner together as a blended family.[8]


Ana Helstrom focuses on herself first. She refused to see her mother countless times because of the way she was treated in childhood. She was also hesitant to wear unfashionable boots to protect her feet while investigating the crypt. She can be rude at times, with Caretaker noting that it was unusual for her to pay him a compliment. She is also dismissive of people such as Chris Yen and Derrick Jackson. However, she truly does care about these people, as evidenced by her tending to immediately show up when they need her. She puts logic over emotions, refusing to acknowledge her brother's emotions regarding their mother as anything except dangerous.

Powers and Abilities


"I have many gifts."
―Ana Helstrom[src]

Cambion Physiology: Due to her heritage, Helstrom is part demon and part human, granting her supernatural abilities. She has physical attributes similar to her brother, Daimon Helstrom, as well as powers unique to her.

  • Superhuman Strength: Due to her demonic heritage, Helstrom possesses greater strength than a normal human being.
  • Superhuman Durability: Due to her demonic heritage, Helstrom's body is much more resistant to physical damage than the body of a normal human being. She is capable of withstanding force impacts and falls that would kill a normal human. This was displayed when Basar repeatedly slammed her into a ceiling and back onto the ground, and only emerged with minor bleeding.
  • Vitality Absorption: Ana has the ability to drain a Human's lifeforce via physical contact.
"Ana can read certain people, she sees things."
Daimon Helstrom[src]
  • Psychometry: By touching an object or a person, Helstrom can see the path that the object or person has traveled and everything that has happened around them during the journey.
  • Telekinesis: Helstrom possesses telekinetic abilities. She was able to fold a corpse into a compact cube for disposal with her mind. Daimon noted her telekinetic abilities to be very strong, as he watched her demonstrate this power on Cameron Tate's corpse, in order to dispose of it.
  • Fire Manipulation: Helstrom possesses the ability to generate and control fire.


  • Expert Combatant: To be added



Helstrom wielding her father's flaming dagger

Other Equipment


To be added


  • Helstrom Residence: Helstrom, along with her brother, Daimon Helstrom, grew up in the Helstrom Residence until she was kidnapped by her father. She and Daimon would often play in a barn near the property together, and this residence was also the site of Helstrom's kidnapping.
  • Ana Helstrom's Auction House: Helstrom, along with Chris Yen, ran antique auctions out of her auction house. They also used these auctions as a means of drawing out their targets so that Helstrom could kill them. She did this to Edward Tate. She also used the auction house for meetings regarding appraisal and other auction-related business meetings.
  • The Nines Hotel: When she first visited Portland in order to visit her mother, Helstrom refused to stay with her brother due to her desire to avoid emotional attachments in Portland, so she instead stayed in The Nines Hotel. She had several nightmares while staying at the hotel which were also flashbacks to when her father buried her alive, which would cause her to visualize dirt in her room at The Nines. Caretaker managed to find Helstrom at this hotel, and she eventually checked out.
  • Daimon Helstrom's House: Once she checked out of The Nines Hotel, Helstrom moved in with her brother, Daimon Helstrom, at his house. She spent several nights there while working on a solution to Victoria Helstrom having been possessed.
  • Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health: To be added






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  • In the comics, Satana Hellstrom, or Satana, was the half-human, half-demon daughter of Marduk Kurios. She was raised by her father in Hell and often clashed with her heroic brother, Daimon.
  • Ana Helstrom is a fan of AC/DC.
  • According to Sydney Lemmon, Helstrom's taste in clothing is a method of masking insecurities she developed due to her troubled past.[12]

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