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"Just because someone says something is true doesn't mean that it is. Even if you wanna believe them. Even if you keep believing them. Even if they believe it themselves. In the end, you just have to admit that they're lying and change your own path, 'cause... people never change."
―Amy Bendix[src]

Amy Bendix is a street-smart grifter and a member of Fiona's Crew who was recruited by the Russian Mafia to take compromising pictures of Senator David Schultz. However, once Schultz's family learned of this, they sent John Pilgrim to assassinate Bendix and all of her friends, as Bendix escaped and fell under the protection of Frank Castle. Despite all their struggles to get along for a time, Bendix and Castle formed a strong bond as they traveled to New York City to escape from Pilgrim's wrath while getting some help from Dinah Madani as well as Curtis Hoyle. Although Pilgrim was eventually able to find and capture Bendix, they were able to convince him to let her go as they learned it was Eliza and Anderson Schultz who were behind everything, as Bendix and Castle had killed them both, and had also rescued Pilgrim's two sons before Bendix and Castle said goodbye and had gone their separate ways.


Early Life

Dreams of Marine Salvage

"Marine Salvage. It's what I've always wanted to do. I saw a documentary on it once. Find treasure under the sea and if you find it, you get to keep it."
"You know what, Amy, forget I even asked."
"No, seriously, I remember they were in the Caribbean and the sea was so green, and there was all this sun and there was no noise under the water, just all this old stuff waiting to be found, Spanish gold and jewels and stuff."
―Amy Bendix and Curtis Hoyle[src]

As a young girl, Bendix developed a fascination with a career in Marine Salvage, having watched a documentary about the subject where she saw divers in the Caribbean diving into the water to find Spanish gold and jewels.[6] However, instead of pursuing this career further, Bendix was recruited into Fiona's Crew, where she began doing various small crimes and cons to earn cash. During this time, Bendix also developed skills in creating their fake I.D.s,[1] as well as mastering the three-card monte scam.[5] Bendix had also become friends with Shantel, who eventually left the crew to move to New York City, although Bendix and Shantel remained in contact, so Bendix could hide out in New York if needed.[8]

On the Run

Massacre in Chicago

Bendix playing games with her friend Simon

"Anyways, the next thing I know, I'm under the bed in this motel, and my friends... My friends are all bleeding out on the carpet."
―Amy Bendix to Frank Castle[src]

During her criminal career with Fiona's Crew, Bendix built up her long rap sheet, while using various aliases including Peggy, Susan as well as Stephanie, in order to ensure that she could not be linked with the crimes.[2] Eventually, the crew were hired by Sergei Konchevsky, who had them pose as waiters for a funeral, where Bendix was instructed to secretly take some photographs of David Schultz, while he was kissing another man, something which Bendix felt uncomfortable doing but continued with the job regardless, while Bendix had all kept the pictures hidden.

Bendix hiding away from John Pilgrim

With the job complete, Bendix and the rest of Fiona's Crew had then remained hidden in Chicago, as they waited for Konchevsky to come to collect all the pictures and pay them what they were owed. During the wait for Konchevsky, Bendix and Simon kept themselves amused as Simon held back some of their money while Bendix tried to grab it from his hands, not being fast enough to take it. Eventually, the crew became hungry as Bendix was instructed to go out and get tacos for everyone. However, when Bendix returned, she then found that every member of Fiona's Crew had been massacred in their motel room.

Bendix making her escape from Chicago

Before she could react, Bendix heard the killer returning, as she then hid under the bed and looked into Fiona's lifeless eyes. Bendix then witnessed John Pilgrim exploring the room, attempting to find all the photographs of Schultz, as Bendix managed to remain undiscovered. Once she had an opportunity, Bendix then made her escape, taking her laptop and all those undeveloped pictures with her before Pilgrim could realize that anybody had escaped him.[8] Bendix then escaped to Michigan, where she knew that she had to contact Konchevsky in order to lose the pictures and get enough cash to then disappear.[4]

Hiding from Assassins

Bendix asks for a drink at Lola's Roadhouse

"Did you hear me? Someone knows. Whatever, whatever this is, they killed them all for it."
"Except you. Bring the photographs to me, I will keep you safe."
"No. Look, whatever this is, I want out of it. I get the money, you get the photos, and we're done."
―Amy Bendix and Sergei Konchevsky[src]

Having just managed to get away from Chicago following the brutal massacre of Fiona's crew, Bendix then managed to make her way to Michigan, where she then took shelter in Lola's Roadhouse. Upon entering the bar, Bendix spoke to Beth Quinn, who asked Ringo if it would be alright to serve the young-looking Bendix, although Ringo was unfazed about it, while Bendix simply blamed it on her young complexion before she then ordered a Sprite with lemon and ice.

Bendix talking with Frank Castle at the bar

While Quinn got the drink, Bendix noticed Frank Castle was looking at her, as Bendix questioned why he was looking at her and called him rough road due to having a face like forty miles of a rough road, which Castle smirked at. With Castle glancing at her, the paranoid Bendix demanded to know what he wanted, although Castle insisted that Bendix was the one who was staring at him, as he asked if she was okay, having noticed how defensive she was being. Bendix had insisted that she was okay and paid for a drink, before walking away, while Quinn and Castle had shared a laugh over Bendix's attitude.

Bendix trying to stay unnoticed at the bar

Bendix kept out of the way for much of the night, watching Shooter Jennings perform on the stage. Eventually, Bendix quietly found the telephone as she called up Sergei Konchevsky, deciding not to give Konchevsky her name, but revealed that she was one of the people who had worked for Fiona, revealing that someone had killed Fiona and their crew. Instead of being alarmed by this news, Konchevsky had immediately asked if Bendix the images of David Schultz that he had paid for, although Bendix once again expressed her concerns at the fact that somebody had just found out what they were doing and had resorted to murdering anyone who was involved in the scheme.

Bendix calling Sergei Konchevsky for help

Konchevsky then promised that if Bendix brought the photographs to him then he would keep her safe, although Bendix simply refused as she insisted that she wanted to get out of the entire situation, telling Konchevsky to pay her for those photographs and then she would be done with him. As Konchevsky agreed with this, Bendix then told him that she was in Michigan, noting that she ran there as she felt it was the last place that anybody would think to look for her, before telling Konchevsky to meet her at Lola's Roadhouse with the money, telling him to come there alone, or she would simply disappear again.

Bendix stays in a room at Good Rest Motel

Bendix spent the rest of the evening at Lola's Roadhouse since she had no money and no plan for what to do before Konchevsky found her and paid for their photographs. Needing a place to sleep for the night, Bendix left Lola's Roadhouse once they closed and went over into the Ace Peterson, where she checked to see if one of those rooms was empty, before quietly picking the lock and getting inside the room, which she found to have been unused. Sitting on the bed, Bendix struggled to cope with her current situation, since she began physically shaking out of fear and stress over what she had seen.

Bendix accidently bumps into Frank Castle

Bendix had eventually managed to get some sleep until she was woken up in the early hours of the morning by the maid, who found that the door had been locked from the inside. Collecting her bags, Bendix then unlocked their door, before she walked away without saying a word, with the maid still calling out after her about stealing the room. As Bendix was leaving, she walked into Castle as he was about to get into his van. With Castle questioning if she was alright, Bendix demanded to know if Castle was following her, which Castle denied as Bendix simply walked away, leaving Castle confused.[4]

Attack on Lola's Roadhouse

Bendix quietly waits for Sergei Konchevsky

"If there's more people out there, people like this I mean, you didn't just come in here to leave me for them. Did you? You can help me, can't you?"
―Amy Bendix to Frank Castle[src]

The following evening, Bendix returned to Lola's Roadhouse as she then walked through all of the crowds of people who were there to watch Shooter Jennings performing. Stepping out of the way of the crowds, Bendix stood to the side, waiting for Sergei Konchevsky to arrive with the money for the photographs, which would finally allow Bendix to put this entire ordeal behind her. However, as the hours went by, Bendix became nervous as Konchevsky still had not turned up as instructed.

Bendix attempts to escape outside the bar

Still not seeing Konchevsky, Bendix did notice Marlena Olin stepping onto the dance floor and looking around their bar, as Bendix feared that Olin was actually there for her. Attempting to get away, Bendix was blocked by a drunken man who asked for a dance, alerting Olin to her location as Bendix pushed her way past that drunk man, and then headed to the lady's bathroom. Stepping into one of the stalls, Bendix had then desperately attempted to sneak out through one of their open windows, as she managed to drop her bag outside before then struggling to squeeze herself through the small gap to safety.

Bendix sees Frank Castle entering the room

However, before Bendix could get away, she was suddenly grabbed by Olin and another woman, who then threw her against the wall and punched her in the stomach. Bendix attempted to insist that they had the wrong person, which Olin denied as Bendix drew a knife to try to defend herself, only for the second woman to then easily disarm her. However, when Bendix screamed, Eddie was suddenly knocked into their bathroom, having been head-butted by Frank Castle who came to aid Bendix. Bendix remained by the wall while Olin, Eddie, and the other woman drew knives to kill Castle, who just readied himself.

Bendix watching Frank Castle's brutal fight

However, Castle swiftly proved himself to be a remarkable fighter, as he easily subdued both Olin and Eddie, forcing the third assassin to let go of Bendix and join the fight, as Bendix tried to keep herself out of danger while Castle had furiously fought to defend her, smashing Eddie into the mirror and the door, before killing him by smashing his skull through the sink. Having seemingly ended the fight, Castle then offered Bendix his hand to take her away from danger, only for Olin and the other woman to get back up, as Castle simply responded by pushing Bendix back into one of the stalls and fighting the women.

Bendix knocks out Marlena Olin with a sink

During their ongoing fight, Castle still managed to maintain control over the situation, as he knocked Olin onto the floor before stabbing the other woman with her own knife, killing her and impaling her onto the bathroom door. During this, Bendix had managed to crawl under the bathroom stalls and got behind Olin, striking her across the head with the broken sink before she could attack Castle again. With Olin unconscious and Eddie and the other woman dead, Castle had then questioned who Bendix was and why she was now being targeted by this crew, although Bendix refused to answer and tried to leave.

Bendix asks Frank Castle to protect her

However, Castle demanded that Bendix stay there and answer his questions, with Bendix claiming that the women had cornered her in the bathroom with an offer to party and attacked her since she had refused, which Castle refused to believe. When Bendix went to leave, Castle warned that there were more outside as he again questioned who these people were. When Bendix remained silent, Castle went to leave, only for Bendix to ask him to protect her from the others who were targeting her, noting that he was more skilled than they were, as Castle reluctantly agreed to help protect her from the mercenaries.

Bendix being protected by Frank Castle

Stepping back out into the bar, Bendix and Castle had attempted to make their way past the dancers, who were still listening to Jennings, without drawing more attention to themselves before they were able to get outside, with Castle telling Bendix to remain calm as they had noticed more mercenaries who were guarding those doors. However, Castle then unexpectedly let go of Bendix in the middle of the dance floor, which allowed one of the mercenaries to grab her by the hair as he attempted to take her into custody, only for Castle to return and pull the mercenary away from Bendix, while Castle ordered her to run.

Bendix being held by a one of the soldiers

As the fight broke out between Castle, the mercenaries and random drinkers who became involved, Bendix desperately attempted to hide behind a table, watching Castle furiously fight against her attackers. Bendix then witnessed Ringo being pulled into the fight, while chaos broke out across the bar as two of the mercenaries began stabbing at Ringo while Castle became overwhelmed by the mercenaries and random fighters. When another mercenary grabbed onto Bendix, she screamed and desperately tried to get herself, kicking off the wall to knock him off balance, while the bar patrons tried to protect her.

Bendix being rescued again by Frank Castle

Once Castle had stabbed and killed the mercenary he was fighting, he then called out to the man on top of Bendix, who let her go and attempted to take down Castle, who proceeded to push him back against the wall. Bendix then looked on as one mercenary tried to shoot Castle, only for a random bar patron to run into the path of the bullet, before Ringo snapped that man's neck. As Ringo was then shot and killed, Castle slammed the mercenary's face into his own knife, as Beth Quinn drew her shotgun, only for her to get shot in the shoulder in the process, as Castle dragged Bendix away.

Bendix witnesses Beth Quinn being injured

Bendix was then thrown up over the bar for her protection by Castle, who managed to avoid the mercenary's shots, before taking Quinn's shotgun, killing one of the mercenaries. Although Castle was shot in his ass by a ricocheting bullet, he had still managed to beat that final mercenary down onto his knees, before beating him to death with the shotgun as Bendix watched in horror. With the fight over, Bendix had then witnessed Castle leaping over the bar to go to the aid of Quinn, who was now bleeding heavily from a bullet that had hit her shoulder, as Bendix also went to get a rag in order to slow the bleeding.

Bendix takes cover from Frank Castle's fire

Bendix assisted Castle in putting Quinn inside his van, as they drove towards Ecorse Hope Hospital, only for Bendix to note that they were being followed by more mercenaries. When their van became pinned by two of the mercenaries' cars, Bendix questioned what they would do next, only for Castle to begin firing at the car in front, killing those mercenaries, before reversing straight into the back car. Bendix then witnessed Castle step out of his van and gunning down all of those remaining mercenaries, as she tried to leave, only for Castle to drag her back inside the van, despite Bendix begging him to let her go.

Bendix asks Frank Castle what will happen

Although Bendix had continued to insist that she had no idea why all these people were targeting her, Castle ignored this and insisted that she direct him to the hospital in order to get Quinn the medical care that she needed. Once they arrived at the hospital, Bendix witnessed Castle hand Quinn over to the doctors, promising to contact her son to let him know what happened. Once Quinn was safe, Bendix asked what to do next, as Castle got back in the van and drove away, with them driving in silence, with Bendix questioning if more mercenaries would come after them, as Castle then noted that he hoped so.[4]

Treating Castle's Wounds

Bendix and Frank Castle driving out of town

"Is this, like, normal behavior for you? Getting shot, I mean."
"Not in the ass. First time for that. Get it. Get it."
"All right, now what?"
"I need you to stitch up the wound."
"Stitch what? I'm a girl, so that means that I know how to sew? No, I don't have the first idea how to macrame your backside."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

As they continued driving out of Michigan, Bendix noticed that Frank Castle was still bleeding from all of his wounds as he struggled to stay awake, with Bendix commenting on how Castle would begin falling asleep, causing their van to briefly lose control until Castle woke himself back up and continued driving. Bendix suggested that Castle allow her to drive, which he refused, as Bendix then continued to comment on how he kept falling asleep and putting their lives at risk as a result of his dangerous driving.

Bendix trying to reason with Frank Castle

Bendix then suggested that they find somewhere to spend the night, as Castle questioning if she would look after him to ensure he did not bleed out during the night, to which Bendix had noted that she owed Castle after he had saved her life. However, Castle simply questioned if Bendix's lies ever worked on anyone, to which Bendix sarcastically told Castle to let himself bleed out and die just to prove his point. As they got to Larkville, Castle had put on the radio in order to ignore all of Bendix's complaining, before Castle pulled off from the main road to find somewhere to examine his injuries and get some sleep.

Bendix is given money from Frank Castle

Castle and Bendix then pulled up at the Tides Motel, where he then instructed Bendix to get them a room, since he had too much blood on him to speak to the manager himself, as Castle then also warned Bendix to not do anything stupid, as Bendix questioned why Castle did not just let her go. As Castle still refused to let her go free, Bendix asked him to give her some money to get a room, as Castle reached into his pocket and handed her some notes, which were covered in blood, as Bendix sarcastically commented that this bloody cash was not suspicious at all as she had then stepped outside of their van.

Bendix paying for a room in the Tides Motel

Stepping up to the reception, Bendix had then found Debbie asleep at her desk, as she woke her up, only for the irritable Debbie to then comment on it being too late, as Bendix claimed that it was actually early. Thinking about how to get away from Castle, Bendix had asked Debbie is there was a bathroom she could use, which Debbie refused to allow. Bendix and Debbie debated how the charge for their room would work since Debbie wanted to charge her twice which Bendix refused. Finally, Bendix relented, as she paid Debbie with her bloody cash, which Debbie did not react to as she gave her a room key.

Bendix introduces herself to Frank Castle

Parking the van outside, Bendix and Castle then stepped inside their room, as Castle had struggled to walk due to his injuries. Castle then told Bendix to sit onto the bed, as she became increasingly nervous about his intentions for her, as she watched Castle take out a bottle of O'Harren's Scotch Whisky to help with his pain, while he struggled to remove his boots until Bendix stepped up and began pulling the boots off for him. As Bendix asked what to call him, Castle claimed that his name was Pete, as Bendix introduced herself as Rachel, with them both knowing that they were lying about their actual names.

Bendix is ordered to stitch up Frank Castle

Bendix was then ordered to step into the bathroom with Castle, who began pulling down his pants to examine a bullet wound in his ass, much to Bendix's disgust as she watched Castle pour some of the whiskey on to the wound to clean it. Castle then ordered Bendix to open their medical kit before watching Castle attempting to remove the bullet with a pair of tweezers, commenting that the bullet must have ricocheted since this was not a deep wound. Despite Castle's attempts to do it himself, he found that he was unable to remove the bullet, as he then turned to Bendix and asked her to do it for him.

Bendix stitching up Frank Castle's rear end

Despite Bendix's reluctance to go near that wound, Castle reminded her that she owed him for saving her life at Lola's Roadhouse, as she washed her hands before taking the tweezers to remove the bullet in Castle's ass, asking if this was normal behavior for Castle. Once the bullet was out, Castle then instructed Bendix to stitch up the wound, as Bendix also took offense over Castle assuming that she knew how to stitch. As she did as instructed, Bendix expressed her gratitude for Castle's actions, and regret about Beth Quinn getting shot, while she had continued to deny that she knew what she was attacked for.

Bendix insisting that she is a young student

While she stitched the wound, Bendix had claimed to be a student in Michigan for an interview, and that her parents would soon become worried about her, only for Castle to ignore her pleas as she finished the stitching. Bendix then followed Castle back into the bedroom, as he ordered her to sit on the bed, as Castle took out his gun and put it on the bed. However, instead of doing as instructed, Bendix made a desperate attempt to run out of their door, only for Castle to grab her and pull her back inside, furiously ordering her to get onto the bed as Bendix had continued to beg Castle to let her go, which he refused.

Bendix being left bounded by Frank Castle

Castle then ordered Bendix to present her hands to him, which she reluctantly did, as Castle took out some cable ties and used them to tie up Bendix's hands before tying her to the bed to ensure that she did not attempt to escape again, while Bendix had then insisted that he did not need to this as she would not try to run away. Ignoring her pleas, Castle offered to take off her shoes, only for Bendix to curse at him, before Castle laid down on his own bed to sleep. When Bendix threatened to keep making noise, Castle simply put gaffer tape over her mouth to went back to bed, much to Bendix's annoyance.[1]

Answering Questions

Bendix is temporarily freed by Frank Castle

"They came after you. A little girl. I had to get involved. It's my own damn fault. It is what it is, I guess."
"It's what you made it. I was in that bar, remember? You did not hesitate. Not for one second. You know, it's almost like you were happy for the excuse."
Frank Castle and Amy Bendix[src]

Having both managed to get some sleep, Bendix was finally freed from her cable ties by Frank Castle, as she complained about how much they hurt. Ignoring this, Castle pulled up a chair at the end of the bed and commented on how Bendix got a lot of people killed at Lola's Roadhouse, although Bendix insisted she did not kill anyone. Castle told Bendix to tell him who those mercenaries were and why they came after her, although Bendix insisted she did not know.

Bendix talks to Frank Castle about her case

However, Castle did not believe Bendix, noting how she had claimed to be a college student but was simply acting like one since she was not screaming and did not alert Debbie to her situation when she got the room, as Castle accused her of lying to him. As Bendix refused to answer him, Castle stepped over to her and grab her jeans, causing Bendix to fear that she would get sexually assaulted, only for Castle to steal the rolls of film containing the images of David Schultz which Bendix had in her pocket. When Castle began looking at the images, Bendix begged him to stop, claiming they were a school project.

Bendix explains the photos to Frank Castle

Bendix finally confessed that she did not know what the photographs were, claiming that she would have given them to the mercenaries if they would just leave her alone, although Castle insisted that they did not want to talk to her, they only wanted to kill her. Castle told Bendix that the only reason she was alive was because of him and explained that now he was their target and he would deal with their situation by killing the enemy before they got to him, although Bendix then simply mocked this idea and Castle for having a bullet hole in his ass, before offering to help them both disappear by making some fake I.D.s.

Bendix listening to Frank Castle's evaluation

However, Castle sarcastically questioned if Bendix learned to make a fake I.D. at her college, noting that she had not been truthful with him since he saved her life. When Bendix questioned what it was like for Castle to be so angry all of the time, he claimed that he had actually been in an extremely mellow place before she had turned up, noting that their situation coming about might have actually been his fault for being old fashioned, as Castle admitted that he would have stood by if a man was attacked by the mercenaries, but could not stand by and watch a young girl being attacked and had to do something.

Bendix mocks all of Frank Castle's excuses

However, Bendix claimed the situation was what Castle had made it, as she reminded him that they had seen each other at the bar, and Castle had not hesitated for one moment and seemed to be happy for that excuse for violence. Considering what Bendix said, Castle told her that he was going to leave the Tides Motel for a time, as he got the cable ties ready to strap Bendix back to the bed. However, Bendix begged Castle not to, as she promised that he did not need them as she would not try to escape. Although Castle had acted as though he would consider this, he still tied up Bendix and left.[1]

Ambush at the Tides Motel

Bendix being freed again from Frank Castle

"Can we please just leave?"
"What did I just say to you? There's people out there that wanna kill you."
"You're gonna move and let me leave."
"Is that right? I'll tell you what. You wanna shoot me, shoot me."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Eventually, Frank Castle had returned and finally cut down Bendix, as she sarcastically called him her hero and took a sandwich and drink that Castle had given her. However, before Bendix began eating, she then witnessed Castle taking a crowbar to the wardrobe's wall, breaking his way into the room behind, as Bendix questioned what he was doing, although Castle did not answer her and continued smashing his way straight through the wall without saying a word.

Bendix seeing Frank Castle offering his gun

As it got to the evening, Bendix saw Castle looking out of their motel room window, before taking out his gun and offering it up to Bendix, questioning if she knew how to use it, as Bendix claimed that she did not and did not want to use it. Frustrated, Castle then explained that the mercenaries were outside and would come in the room, resulting in Bendix taking the gun from Castle, as he recommended that she just point and shoot and not leave the safety on. Bendix asked Castle if they could just leave, to which he had reminded her that the people outside had wanted to kill her, so they had to deal with them first.

Bendix threatening to shoot at Frank Castle

Seeing her chance to make her escape, Bendix stood up and aimed the gun at Castle, ordering him to move out of the way and allow her to leave, which Castle had just scoffed at. With Bendix not moving, Castle told her to shoot him if she really wanted to, as Bendix tried to build the strength to pull the trigger, until she finally relented and put the gun down, with Castle then noting that it was not so easy to kill somebody. Knowing that those mercenaries would soon be making a move into their room, Castle put Bendix through the hole in their wall, so she could hide in the other room while he fought against them.

Bendix tries hiding until the firefight ends

Remaining in their hiding place, Bendix saw Castle managing to gain the drop on the mercenaries, as he swiftly killed the three who came into their room, before engaging in a shootout with Davy in their car. Once the gunfire had seemingly ended, Bendix nervously made her to the exit, only for Marlena Olin to burst through the door behind her, holding her up at gunpoint and ordering Bendix to lower her weapon. However, before Olin could capture Bendix, Castle had appeared and knocked Olin unconscious, retaking Bendix's gun and ordering her to go, as they passed the corpses of everyone Castle had just killed.

Bendix looks at the dead bodies on the floor

Bendix witnessed Castle picking up the unconscious Olin, as he had ordered her to follow him, as they went back to the van, where Castle placed Olin down. However, before they could drive away, Olin then suddenly regained consciousness, as she grabbed Castle's gun and shot him in the arm, with Castle and Bendix retreating to the front of the van, while the dazed Olin shot wildly at them. Once Olin had run out of bullets, she attempted to get back to her car, only for Castle to leave Bendix behind and then shoot Olin straight through the leg, still intending to question her about why she was targeting Bendix.

Bendix is arrested by the Larkville Police

With Castle now standing above the wounded Olin, Bendix made the decision to make her escape while he was distracted, as she jumped into the van's drivers seat and drove away, flashing her middle finger at Castle and calling him a maniac as she left him with Olin. However, before Bendix could even leave the Tides Motel's car park, her path was blocked by Larkville Police Department officers, who were just called to investigate their reports of gunshots that Debbie had heard from her office. With no other choice, Bendix was then forced to raise her hands as she, Castle and Olin were all arrested by the police.[1]

Held by Larkville Police

Bendix is questioned by Sheriff Roy Hardin

"Look, I'm just a kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, Sheriff."
"That right?"
"Yeah. Yeah, and I'm sixteen, so should we even really be having this conversation right now? I mean, maybe you want to be calling Child Services to come down here and get me?"
―Amy Bendix and Roy Hardin[src]

In the wake of the ambush at the Tides Motel, Bendix was taken into their Larkville County Sheriff Station where she was then asked to explain what had happened. Bendix had then proceeded to tell Sheriff Roy Hardin about how Frank Castle had taken her at gunpoint and tied her onto the bed for hours, as she acted as though she was holding back tears and suggested that Castle might have planned to sexually assault her, as she went on to tell him about how the mercenaries arrived and all the shooting started.

Bendix acts scared in front of Roy Hardin

Bendix told Hardin that once the shooting started, she ran straight to their van to escape, which was when the police showed up. Despite all of Bendix's attempts to act innocent, Hardin was unconvinced, as he had questioned exactly what Bendix knew about why Castle was fighting against Marlena Olin's mercenaries, with Bendix insisting she was just a kid in the wrong place at the wrong time, although Hardin had still appeared unconvinced over how much she knew. Noting her age, Bendix suggested that Hardin should call child services to come and collect her, although Hardin said nothing in response to this.

Bendix getting her mugshot for the police

Following the interrogation by Hardin, Bendix was processed, along with Castle and Olin, as Dobbs and Murphy took down all Bendix's fingerprints and a DNA sample into their records. Bendix, Castle, and Olin then all had their photographs taken by the police, as they then sat and waited to see what would happen to them next.[1] As it got to the next morning, Bendix found herself sat with Ken Ogden, who was discussing a seminar that he had attended about looking his suspect directly in the eyes to throw them off their game, as Bendix had soon found herself becoming increasingly bored by all Ogden's stories.

Bendix listening to Ken Ogden's background

Wanting to get away from Ogden, Bendix asked if he could get her a soft drink, only for Ogden to insist that Bendix pay for it herself as he would not spend his own money on a suspect, although Bendix had insisted that she was a victim, not a suspect, noting that this is what Hardin thought. Seeing that Ogden was still not changing his mind, Bendix instead offered to change Ogden's entire life in exchange for the dollar, as she pointed out the horseshoe over the doorway, noting that where she came from, it would be hung the other way up, as she claimed that the way they had it caused the good luck to run out.

Bendix asks for a soda from Ken Ogden

Since Ogden would only offer her a glass of tap water, Bendix then insisted that she needed some kind of caffeine or sugar as she had been awake all night and had been dealing with being kidnapped as well as a shot at and arrested. With Bendix had noted that once Child Services arrived she should be able to not that their Larkville police treated her well, Ogden finally relented and showed that he only had five dollars, which Bendix immediately snatched away. When Bendix then asked Ogden about why she was being kept in there, she was interrupted by Hardin, who questioned when it would all stop.

Bendix being exposed by Sheriff Roy Hardin

Looking over her records, Hardin had referred to Bendix by the name Rachel, before making it clear that he had heard of her other aliases of Susan, Peggy, and Stephanie, explaining that her prints had come back, and it was unclear who the real Bendix was. Insisting that he was no longer buying her innocence, Hardin demanded that Bendix explain what really happened to her. When Bendix still insisted that she was the victim, Hardin explained that as she was not telling the truth, she would no longer be treated as a minor, as he would instead take the average age of these aliases and call her age as eighteen.

Bendix tells her side of the story in detail

When Hardin began threatening to put her in the cell with Olin, which Bendix desperately begged them not to, fearing that Olin would not hesitate in killing her once they were in the same cell. As Hardin then demanded one reason for not doing this, Bendix finally revealed that Olin was attempting to kill her, explaining that Castle had saved her life, noting that Castle had also tied her down to a bed after he saved her life, but did not offer up any other details. With Hardin and Ogden clearly unsure about her stories, Bendix insisted that Olin and Castle were crazy and she had just happened to get in the way of them.[2]

Attack on the Sheriff Station

Bendix noticing John Pilgrim at the station

"You're running out of time to tell us what the hell's going on."
"Please, just let me go before they come."
"You need to start talking."
Roy Hardin and Amy Bendix[src]

As she was being held in the Larkville County Sheriff Station, Bendix had noticed that Roy Hardin had been called over to their front desk by Dobbs. When Bendix looked over to see what Hardin was doing, she inadvertently made eye contact with John Pilgrim, who arrived with Ferrara to attempt to take Bendix into their own custody. Seeing Pilgrim watching her with his smile, Bendix attempted to hide herself, fearing that Pilgrim was there to kill her, although Pilgrim and Ferrara were sent away.

Bendix is questioned by Sheriff Roy Hardin

Once Pilgrim and Ferrara had left the station, Bendix witnessed all of the power throughout the building suddenly getting shut off, with the backup generator turning on instead. Panicking, Bendix insisted that Hardin needed to do something immediately, with Murphy confirming that the phones and radios had also been cut off. As Hardin collected a gun to defend them, he then insisted that Bendix was running out of time to explain what was happening, although Bendix insisted that they needed to let her go, before Pilgrim came back, while Hardin then attempted to reassure his officers about the current situation.

Bendix reaches inside the vending machine

As they waited for something to happen, Bendix went over to their vending machine and put her arm inside to get herself a soft drink, recruiting a skeptical Ken Ogden to help by holding up a flashlight. Having gotten her drink, Bendix was complimented by Ogden for being brave enough to steal from a police station and, when Ogden demanding his five dollars back, Bendix lied, and claimed that she put the cash inside the machine just before the power was cut out. Bendix then saw that Frank Castle had been taken out of his cell by Hardin in order for Hardin to question him about the situation.

Bendix listens to Frank Castle's questioning

As Bendix and Castle had made eye contact with one another when he was brought in, she watched as he commented on their situation with Pilgrim, as well as explaining how he had actually saved Bendix from Marlena Olin back at Lola's Roadhouse. While he had continued questioning Castle, Hardin had asked Bendix what Olin and Pilgrim wanted from her, while Bendix merely shrugged while Castle scoffed over him asking Bendix for any answers. Bendix also heard Hardin accuse Castle of using her for bait to draw Pilgrim's people in, which he did not deny while he had discussed what Pilgrim would do.

Bendix gives aid to the wounded Roy Hardin

Bendix then witnessed Ogden volunteering to drive one of their cars back into Larkville in order to call for help, despite Castle warnings that this would be a mistake. Despite the warnings, Hardin allowed Ogden to go outside, as Bendix and Castle soon witnessed Ogden being dragged back in by Dobbs and Murphy, as Ogden was shot in the gut by Pilgrim. Seeing Ogden losing blood, Bendix removed her jacket and volunteered to help, as Murphy ordered her to her jacket to the wound to slow down the bleeding, although Bendix used the opportunity to steal Ogden's keys without anybody seeing her.

Bendix signals Frank Castle about the key

Hardin had then supplied Bendix and everyone else with Bulletproof Vests, while also barricading the station. With Ogden's wound being bandaged up by Dobbs, Bendix volunteered to get him some water, while quietly showing Castle that she had the keys for his handcuffs, although Castle quietly told her to hold off, which had greatly Bendix who wanted to escape there quickly. With Castle still offering Hardin a chance to hand him over to Pilgrim's people in order to ensure that nobody else got hurt, Bendix then continued to offer up medical aid to Ogden, waiting for Castle to advise on how they would escape.

Bendix takes cover from the shooting

However, just as Bendix was giving Ogden medical aid, the station was struck by gunfire shot by Pilgrim's people, as Bendix dived for cover. With Hardin and his officers returning fire, Bendix kept herself hidden, as she witnessed Pilgrim people blowing open the back door during all of the chaos to free Olin. Seeing Hardin's officers getting overwhelmed, Bendix then gave Castle those keys to his handcuffs, allowing him to break free and fight against Pilgrim's people as she had then gone back to Ogden to do whatever she could to help him, although Olin had still managed to escape during all the chaos.

Bendix telling Frank Castle they need to go

Once the shooting stopped, Bendix witnessed Bruce Ogden leaving his cell to be with his brother, as the officers discussed whether or not they should give both Bendix and Castle over to Pilgrim, although Ogden refused to allow anyone to die because of him. As the group argued, Castle had gone over to Bendix and asked if she was okay, to which Bendix insisted that they could not just sit there and wait for Pilgrim to come and get them, which would result in everybody else getting killed. As they waited, Bendix had witnessed Castle advising Ogden to sit down so he did not just bleed out from his wound.

Bendix hears shots firing from Frank Castle

Needing to gain any advantage that they could over Pilgrim's people who were still standing guard outside the station, Bendix witnessed Hardin giving Castle permission to go out into those all woods alone, where he proceeded to slaughter all of Pilgrim's men within a matter of minutes. While Bendix remained by Ogden's side, she overheard Dobbs talking with Bruce, comparing Castle to the devil, while Bruce expressed his hopes that at least Castle would still be on their side. Eventually, Castle then killed all of Pilgrim's people, although Pilgrim managed to escape once a Helicopter had arrived at the scene.

Bendix giving Ken Ogden his money back

With Pilgrim's people defeated, Bendix remained inside of the station as Homeland Security gave Ogden medical attention. As Ogden was being taken away, Bendix went over to him as she thanked him for all that he had done for them, noting that although she knew it was just part of his job, she still wanted to express her gratitude, commenting on how amazing it was that Ogden had put his life in risk to protect people he hardly knew. Bendix put the five dollars Ogden gave her in his hand, while Ogden asked if her name was Rachel, which she did not answer. Bendix watched as Ogden was taken away to a hospital, hearing him chuckle upon seeing what she had put in his hand.

Bendix and Frank Castle leave Larkville

Bendix then witnessed Castle and Hardin coming to an arrangement after speaking to Homeland Security, as Castle and Bendix were then allowed to go free in the wake of everything that had happened there, with Hardin giving back all of Bendix's pictures of David Schultz as well. Bendix had then rejoined Castle as they went to the Helicopter, despite Dinah Madani expressing her frustration upon seeing Bendix with him, while Castle insisted that either Bendix came or he did not. Bendix was then informed that they were going to New York City as these three had then boarded Homeland Security's helicopter.[2]

Hiding in New York

Dinah Madani's Protection

Bendix listens to Dinah Madani's home rules

"Are you gonna help her? Is she gonna help us? Why are we here? In New York? In her place? Is she your ex or something? Because this place looks like it belongs to a serial killer."
―Amy Bendix to Frank Castle[src]

Having been flown straight from Larkville into New York City, Bendix and Frank Castle were then put into Dinah Madani's Apartment for their own protection, with Madani explaining that she would be staying in a hotel while they were there and ordering them not to go anywhere within the city without her permission. Having promised to discuss Billy Russo with Castle once she returned, Madani had then left Bendix and Castle alone in her apartment, with Bendix amusing herself by looking over all of Madani's mail.

Bendix asking about Frank Castle's identity

Once they were alone, Bendix questioned Castle about what would be happening with Madani, asking if she was Castle's ex girlfriend, and if she would help them, as Castle sighed out of frustration. While Bendix went on to compare Madani's apartment to one owned by a serial killer due to the tidiness of it all, Castle ignored her until Bendix questioned how he could have Homeland Security coming to his aid so easily. When Bendix questioned who Castle was, noting that she knew his name was Frank not Pete, Castle only replied by discussing their sleeping arrangements, allowing Bendix to take the bedroom.

Bendix sleeps under the bed after a shower

Annoyed that Castle did not give her any answers, Bendix went into Madani's bedroom to be alone, with Bendix locking the door behind her. While she was alone, Bendix began looking over all of Madani's clothes, noticing how these were nearly all identical, before Bendix stepped into the shower to remove her own dirty clothes. Once she was clean, Bendix put on some of Madani's clothes and attempted to sleep on the bed, but soon found that she was struggling to relax. Wanting to feel safe, Bendix crawled under the bed, as she began to weep, finally allowing the emotions of the last few days to hit her.[8]

Dealing with her Trauma

Bendix slaps Frank Castle for locking her in

"You don't get it. He killed everybody that I've ever cared about. How do you think that feels?"
"So, what do you want to do about it?"
"Do about it? What can we do? They're gone. Dead and he wants to kill me, too, now. Us. You know, really, what we should do right now is split up and get the H-E-L-L out of here."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Having slept for several hours, Bendix awoke with a start and put her clothes back on, before she tried to leave Dinah Madani's bedroom, only to find the door was locked. Panicking, Bendix hit at the door and demanding to be let out, before Frank Castle opened it. Furious, Bendix then began hitting and slapping Castle, as she demanded that he never lock her away like that again as she claimed to hate him, while Castle took the abuse without saying a word before allowing Bendix to go and calm herself down.

Bendix and Frank Castle sitting down to talk

Once she had cooled down, Bendix sat down as she described how she woke up every morning and could smell the hot sauce from the tacos she had brought to Fiona's crew before finding them all dead, noting that blood also had a certain smell to it. Castle offered Bendix some coffee to calm herself down, although Bendix noted that this was not how caffeine worked. Although Bendix tried to change their subject by suggesting that Castle should go to the hospital to get his hand looked at, Castle instead suggested that she should try and talk to him about what she was feeling and what she had witnessed.

Bendix talking about Fiona and her old crew

Bendix told Castle about how she had gone to get tacos for Fiona's crew but had found them all dead, so she had hidden under the bed and then witnessed John Pilgrim returning. When Castle asked who Pilgrim was, Bendix began to panic and suggested that they should leave New York City before Pilgrim could find them, noting that this was what Fiona would have done while explaining to Castle who Fiona was. As Castle suggested that if Fiona was doing the kinds of jobs that got people killed, then Fiona would not have really cared about them, Bendix defended Fiona, noting that Castle did not know her.

Bendix talks about her past jobs in Chicago

Dismissing Castle's questions about how she had started working for Fiona, Bendix then continued discussing how she had watched her friends bleeding out in their motel room and she had been unable to run away as Pilgrim had come back into the room. When Castle then asked what had caused this, Bendix explained that Fiona had given them a job in Chicago to work as the catering for a funeral and take pictures of the guests, as they took a picture of David Schultz kissing his male partner in private, while noting that she had felt weird about doing it but dismissed these thoughts as they no longer mattered.

Bendix tells Frank Castle about her despair

Looking at Castle's reaction, Bendix accused him of not understand what she had gone through, noting how Pilgrim had killed everyone she had ever cared about as she asked if Castle knew how this had felt, which he did not answer. When Bendix had suggested that they leave before Pilgrim could kill them, and use Shantel as a resource to get out of the city, Castle claimed that this would be impossible as Pilgrim would not stop until he found her and killed her, noting that Pilgrim clearly had connections. When Bendix then asked what they could do, Castle told her it was time to bring the fight to Pilgrim.[8]

Researching the Punisher

Bendix and Frank Castle eat cereal together

"They killed your whole family right in front of you. Why didn't you tell me that? And you killed them for it."
"Yeah. That's right."
"Did it make you feel better?"
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

While Bendix and Frank Castle were eating cereal together, they were then interrupted by the return of Dinah Madani, who then expressed her surprise that they had stayed inside her apartment, with Castle joking that her health food had almost driven them off. Bendix listened on, as Castle and Madani began discussing where they would locate Billy Russo, with Castle noting that if Russo had really been lying about all of his mental injuries, then he would already be dead.

Bendix listening to Castle and Dinah Madani

Castle then instructed Bendix to finish her food, before telling Madani about how Arthur Walsh had abused Russo while he was a child at the Ray of Hope. As Bendix continued listening, she then overheard Castle offering to take care of Russo for Madani, noting how Madani had been shot because of him, much to Bendix's shock. Hearing all of this, Bendix turned around and questioned who they really were, only for Castle and Madani to tell her to shut up, before Madani had vowed to take down Russo through Homeland Security, while Castle advised her not to hesitate if given a chance to take down Russo.

Bendix and Frank Castle hide in a bedroom

However, they were then interrupted by a knock at the door, as both Castle and Bendix hid inside the bedroom while Madani opened the door to Brett Mahoney, who had come over to ask Madani if she had stolen Russo's Journal from Sacred Saints Hospital, which she had denied any involvement with. Bendix and Castle had then listened on from the bedroom door as Madani continued speaking with Mahoney about the investigation into Russo, with Mahoney taking notice of the two bowls at their dinner table, which indicated that there were more people inside her apartment, which Madani had simply dismissed.

Bendix deciding to just leave the apartment

Once Madani had left and pushed Mahoney out from her apartment in order to avoid more questions that could reveal who was actually staying in her apartment, Bendix and Castle had stepped out of the bedroom, as Castle collected his bag and informed Bendix that he was going to take his shower and sarcastically asked if this would be alright, as Bendix jokingly commented that she would not watch him, which Castle merely scoffed at. Once alone, Bendix considered what she had overheard Castle and Madani discussing, as she decided to go in New York City in order to investigate who Castle really was.

Bendix researching on Frank Castle's past

Bendix then went out to the electronics store in New York in order to research Castle, as she logged onto one of their display computers while Mark had then attempted to assist her, with Bendix making up confusing questions to try and keep Mark away from her. While she continued her search, Bendix found New York Bulletin articles about Castle's time as the Punisher, which included his trial for the murders of over thirty-eight people, as well as his time serving with the United States Marine Corps and the fact that he had been presumed dead in an explosion on a boat, before he was discovered to still be alive.

Bendix listening to Mark about the Punisher

Amazed by what she was reading, Bendix failed to notice that Mark had come back, as Mark had commented on seeing pictures of the Punisher, noting how he had escaped from Ryker's Island after being convicted of his murders, calling him a total badass and noting that it seemed that Castle was really dead now. Deciding to leave, Bendix had thanked Mark for all of his assistance as he explained the price of the computer, only for Bendix to attempt to renegotiate the price. When Mark tried to insist that they were not a Arabian bazaar, Bendix accused him of racism and had then stormed out from the store.

Bendix comes back to talk with Frank Castle

Bendix then returned back to Madani's Apartment as Castle opened the door for her. Bendix then immediately explained that she knew about how Castle's wife and two children had been murdered right in front of him while they were out in Central Park together, as she had questioned why Castle had not told her about this, which Castle did not answer. Castle then confirmed that he had slaughtered everyone involved with this, as Bendix questioned if doing this had made him feel better, only for Castle to answer that it only did sometimes, with Bendix then questioning what exactly Castle had meant by that.

Bendix gives her real name to Frank Castle

Although Castle did not go into any further detail about his feelings about avenging the murder of his wife and two children, he instead noted how Bendix had come back in there when she did not have to, which she confirmed. Changing the subject, Bendix told Castle that her name was not actually Rachel, telling him that her real name was Amy, noting that she believed that Castle should know this. Feeling a stronger sense of trust between them, Bendix and Castle had then agreed that they would not keep running away from John Pilgrim any longer, and would now take action themselves working as a team.[8]

Chasing the Russians

Bendix shows Frank Castle one of her cons

"Seriously, what are you planning to do about our situation here?"
"I don't know. What is our situation? How did we get here?"
"It all goes back to Konchevsky? The guy who hired us. I call him for help and suddenly there's goons everywhere. I don't know, maybe he didn't want to pay for the job or he didn't want any witnesses."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

While they had still stayed in Dinah Madani's Apartment, Bendix had kept herself entertained by playing card tricks on Frank Castle, with her showing Castle the game of keeping track on her hidden Queen which she would carefully shuffle, as Castle became annoyed that she was beating him at the game. As she shuffled the cards, Bendix asked if Castle was a hitman for Homeland Security, noting his name of the Punisher, although Castle insisted this was not his name.

Bendix and Frank Castle play a card game

With Bendix winning at their game once again, she asked what their plan was if they were no longer running from John Pilgrim, although Castle insisted that they just play the game, with Bendix shuffling the cards much slower this time. However, as Castle confidently chose the card, he found that he was wrong again, with Bendix telling him that he was simply not seeing her move, while Castle accused her of cheating. Bendix and Castle discussed how the game was known to be a scam, but people played for different reasons, as she noted that Castle's reason was confident that he could beat anyone else.

Bendix questions Frank Castle's next move

Bendix noted that Castle was also bored, drank too much coffee and the frustration of losing kept him playing, advising him to instead be smart and not play in the first place. When Bendix once again asked what Castle planned to do about their situation, Castle had asked her what the situation was and how they got there. As she reshuffled the deck of cards, Bendix had noted that everything came back to Sergei Konchevsky, as she called him back at Lola's Roadhouse which had resulted in Marlena Olin's crew attacking them, as she theorized that Konchevsky ordered the hit in order to avoid paying for the pictures.

Bendix tells Frank Castle about her old job

Once Castle lost the game again, he accused Bendix of holding the Queen in her hand and swapping all the cards for Jacks, which she denied, as Castle turned over those cards and realized that he was wrong. Bendix then explained the sleight of hand that she used to trick Castle, showing that it was technically not cheating, but caused Castle to look for their Queen in the wrong place, much to Castle's annoyance. Castle then asked Bendix about Konchevsky, and how they could find him, as she then explained that he was worked with the Russian Mafia in New York City, much to Castle's surprise.

Bendix tells Frank Castle that he cannot win

As Castle questioned why she had not mentioned this before, Bendix expressed her annoyance at being brought into New York, although Castle claimed that this only made things easier for them, promising that he would go after Konchevsky. Bendix and Castle then played a card game once again, as Castle still lost despite Bendix explaining how the game worked. Bendix had told Castle that he could not win, explaining that knowing the game would not help as she would then simply change how this was played if she knew that he knew, noting that the only way for him to win would be for him to never play.[5]

Spending Madani's Money

Bendix wakes up from Dinah Madani's room

"So this lady, she puts you up at her house, and you steal from her. That's what you do? You're something else."
"Not like she can't afford it. Have you seen her shoe closet?"
"What's that gotta do with anything?"
Frank Castle and Amy Bendix[src]

The next morning, Bendix had stepped out from her shower in Dinah Madani's dressing gown, to greet Madani who had just returned, as Madani had then commented on how Bendix was making herself at home, while Bendix complimented her Apartment. Bendix then listened while Madani informed Frank Castle that they had discovered that Billy Russo had murdered Arthur Walsh and vanished before they could find and arrest him, as Madani then insisted that this confirmed her theory that Russo had been lying about his memory loss.

Bendix mentions her ideas to Dinah Madani

While Bendix went to finish the coffee, she had continued listening as Madani and Castle discussed how they would find Russo, before she spoke up and then suggested that because the situation with Russo would not be concluded any time soon and Madani was a Homeland Security agent, she could help them with their situation, suggesting that Madani could get all the Russians deported. However, this only resulted with aggravating Madani since she had realized that Castle was in New York City to fight another war and would likely be no help with their current Russo situation, which Castle still did not deny.

Bendix stealing Dinah Madani's credit card

As Madani confronted Castle over this, Bendix used the distraction to quietly sneak her hand inside Madani's purse and steal her credit cards. While Madani demanded any answers, Bendix and Castle had shared an awkward look, before Castle then simply suggested that Madani should try and get some sleep. Annoyed by this, Madani had informed Bendix and Castle that they had just twenty-four hours to get out of New York, demanding that they clean her apartment before they leave. Once Madani left, Bendix then noted that she was really messed up, while Castle had noted that Bendix had a big mouth.

Bendix wearing Dinah Madani's wardrobe

While Castle attempted to track down Sergei Konchevsky's location, Bendix had begun using Madani's credit card to order some food to the apartment, while she put some of Madani's makeup and clothes to keep herself entertained. Wearing Madani's clothes, Bendix made a finger gun and pretended to be Madani in the mirror. As she waited for Castle to come back, Bendix had ordered more food, while she lay down on Madani's sofa, eating, reading magazines and watching television, before ordering herself a new laptop with Madani's money, although she made sure to keep her drinks resting on a coaster.

Bendix tells Frank Castle what she bought

Eventually, Bendix was rejoined by Castle, who was shocked by the state of the Apartment, as Bendix revealed that she had gotten all of the stuff delivered there and handed Castle his bag of black clothes, noting that she had just assumed that Castle would not be willing to experiment with color in his wardrobe. When Castle questioned who had paid for all this stuff, Bendix showed that she had used Madani's credit card, much to Castle's annoyance since he noted that Madani had put them up in her home and Bendix responded by stealing from her, while Bendix had then defended her actions without remorse.

Bendix listens to Turk Barrett on the phone

While Castle became distracted by the pizza that Bendix had bought, she asked how things had gone, but before Castle could answer, his phone began ringing in his back pocket. With a broken hand and his other hand holding pizza, Castle told Bendix to take the phone out of his pocket for him, as she answered the call from Turk Barrett, who claimed that he had a successful meeting with Kazan who was now willing to help him meet with Konchevsky. When Castle then agreed to meet with Barrett and Kazan, he was told to go to Barrett's Shop, which Castle had agreed to before he then hung up the phone call.

Bendix commenting on Sergei Konchevsky

As Bendix noted that Barrett's suggestion seemed risky, Castle had then noted that he was lying through his teeth. Sitting on Madani's countertop, Bendix claimed that none of the angles seemed to match up in this situation, noting how Marlena Olin's crew had turned up in Lola's Roadhouse straight after she spoke with Konchevsky, as she questioned why Konhevsky had not gone there to kill her himself, as he could have done it quietly without drawing any additional attention to this, as she also had then noted that none of Olin's crew who had attacked her, or John Pilgrim, were Russian which made no sense.

Bendix sees Frank Castle remove his cast

They had agreed that Konchevsky was likely already dead and Castle was walking into a trap by going to meet with Barrett and Kazan, but Castle insisted that he would go in regardless to get answers, noting that he could turn their situation into his own trap that the Russians would not see coming. Before he went out onto the mission, Bendix had helped Castle remove the plaster cast from his broken wrist, as she noted that it still did not look good, although Castle insisted that it would be found and left the Apartment to go to Kazan's Gym and get answers on what exactly had really happened with Konchevsky.[5]

Finding Another Lead

Bendix sees Frank Castle after a brutal fight

"Madani's gonna be pissed we didn't leave town."
"Yeah. She won't know the difference."
"I put her credit card back, so that should make her happy."
"When is that woman ever happy?"
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Waiting for several hours, Bendix had kept herself busy by cleaning up some of their dishes before she greeted Frank Castle as he had returned to Dinah Madani's Apartment, as Bendix had immediately noticed that Castle was now covered in blood following a brutal fight at Kazan's Gym. Questioning if his mission had gone really well or really badly, Castle did not say a word and simply replied by putting his two thumbs up to show that it was successful, as Bendix had questioned what he would look like if the mission had gone badly.

Bendix quickly researches Nikolai Poloznev

While Castle got some ice to cover up his latest injuries, he explained that Sergei Konchevsky's people were not after them, as somebody had actually targeted them, telling Bendix that Nikolai Poloznev had targeted the Russian Mafia. As Castle then sat down to rest, Bendix went online to look up Poloznev, and was shocked to discover that he was a former member of the Police of Russia turned wealthy and powerful industrialist, who was a personal friend of Vladimir Putin and currently lived within New York City. Bendix questioned what to do now and how they would go after Poloznev to get answers.

Bendix and Castle leaving the apartment

Intending to go after Poloznev, Bendix and Castle had then packed up their belongings and departed Madani's Apartment, with Bendix leaving Madani's credit card behind. As they walked down the streets of New York, Bendix questioned where they would go, as Castle told her that Curtis Hoyle had a place where they could stay in. Bendix had then also noted that Madani would be annoyed that they did not bother leaving town as she instructed, although Castle claimed that Madani would never even notice, also noting that Madani was never happy, which was a comment Bendix had also previously made.[5]

Destruction of Clive's Studio

Bendix arriving outside Clive's Photo Studio

"Hey, listen. He's, like, a total creep, but it still seems a bit borderline, even for you."
"It's your lucky day, asshole."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Intending to learn exactly why she was hired to take pictures of David Schultz, Bendix convinced Frank Castle to help her get the pictures printed out. However, as they had to ensure that nobody else saw the images, Bendix convinced Castle to bring them into the Photo Studio that specialized in taking sexual pictures of underage girls, as Bendix dressed in provocative clothes to create the impression that this was their intention so they could both get inside where she could develop the pictures.

Bendix enticing Clive's attention to herself

Once they knocked on the door, the pair were greeted by Clive, as he refused to let them in upon seeing Castle, only for Castle to knock on the door again and claim that Uncle Teddy had sent them. Once they showed Clive the money required, they waited for a moment as Clive gave them access to his studio, believing that they would take sexual images of Bendix. As they were brought inside, Bendix commented on the size of the door, while Clive had then explained how much he would charge and gave them the options of given Bendix some other more revealing clothing to wear for the images that he would take.

Bendix developes the photos in a dark room

However, this only enraged Castle, who proceeded to punch Clive in the face and kick him in the side, while telling Bendix to get to work. Bendix then left Castle to continue beating Clive, while she went into the other room to begin developing the images that she had, wearing headphones so she could not hear Clive's screams while Castle had proceeded to break his bones. Eventually, the images were revealed, showing Schultz kissing another man while attending the funeral, as Bendix then returned to the room where she found Castle pressing a shotgun to the terrified Clive's chest while he begged for mercy.

Bendix and Frank Castle destroy the studio

Witnessing this, Bendix questioned if Castle was actually intending to execute the broken and terrified man, as Castle simply ordered her to wait outside. Gently touching his arm, Bendix then told Castle that, although Clive was a creep, this form of execution seemed extreme, even for Castle, as he finally lowered the shotgun. As they left Clive behind, Bendix commented on how Castle was clearly disappointed that he did not get to kill him, before suggesting that they could burn the studio down to make him feel better. Bendix and Castle then did this, while Clive had barely made it out from the burning studio.[3]

Confessions with Frank Castle

Bendix making a phone call as an assistant

"You should think about who she'd be now. Let her live in your head. Happy. Doing stuff. How old would she be by now?"
"Next month's her birthday. She'd be fifteen."
"She'd be doing stuff, all right. But you'd be in so much trouble by now. Trust me. She'd be scaring the life out of you."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Using all her skills with fraud, Bendix had managed to learn of Nikolai Poloznev's schedule while she had posed as his second assistant in order to confirm that Poloznev would have breakfast with his daughter at the New York Academy of Medicine, as he did every morning. Using the alias of Ashley, Bendix had thanked the person on the phone who gave her this information before hanging up, with Frank Castle impressed and amused by Bendix's skill to get the information.

Bendix eyeing the students in the Academy

Standing across the street from the Academy of Medicine, Bendix told Castle about how Poloznev was a creature of habit who had breakfast with his daughter every morning, as she then commented that Poloznev would likely pat himself on the back every morning for being such a excellent parent. While they were talking, Bendix and Castle watched Poloznev and his daughter entering the building, in order to confirm that this was really what he did. When Bendix had commented that children were his weakness, she remembered that Castle had lost his own children and had suddenly gone quiet.

Bendix is told about Frank Castle's daughter

As they sat across the street, Bendix then noted how much it cost to be educated at the Academy and how likely it was that the students came out as decent human beings, while Castle then joked that they should try to get Bendix enrolled there, so they could sign her up for a Glee Club, with Bendix asking Castle to shoot her first. Bendix then asked Castle if he ever wanted that education for Lisa Castle, as he then went quiet and commented that he had not really thought about that. As Bendix asked whether he meant that he never thought about her, Castle had insisted that he always thought about his daughter.

Bendix listening to Frank Castle's feelings

Bendix listened as Castle commented that his daughter was dead, as she noted that he should think about her and who she would be so that she could live on inside his head and be happy. Bendix asked how old Lisa would have been, while Castle explained that the next month was her birthday and so she would have turned fifteen years old. Bendix smiled at this, commenting that Lisa would have been misbehaving by this age and would be scaring the life out of Castle on a daily basis. Once Castle went quiet again, Bendix questioned if Poloznev's daughter actually knew her father had people killed.[3]

Trained by the Punisher

Bendix asks Frank Castle about wanting a gun

"I should have a gun."
"A gun by itself is worthless if you don't know how to use it. Last time I gave you one, you didn't do shit."
"You could teach me."
"All right, kid. Tell you what. Empty gun, empty clip. You can have mine. If you can take it from me."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Bendix and Frank Castle had then relocated back to their Campervan Hideout, which had been supplied by Curtis Hoyle to keep them out of sight for the time being, while Bendix had made her comments about the Campervan while Castle argued that they had four walls and heating, so they did not need more than that, as Bendix had commented on Castle's lack of curiosity. Noting that Castle was loading a handgun, Bendix asked where he had gotten it from, with Castle explaining that Hoyle had just lent it to him.

Bendix attempting to steal the gun away

Bendix insisted that she should also be given a gun, which Castle scoffed at as he noted that any gun would be useless if the person holding it did not know what to do, noting that she had failed to do anything when he last gave her a gun. Bendix had suggested that Castle could teach her how to use a gun, as Castle emptied the gun and stood up and offered Bendix the gun if she could take it away from him. Accepting the challenge, Bendix rushed at Castle, only for him to easily throw her onto the floor. Getting back up, Bendix tried again, as Castle put her into a headlock and mocked her efforts.

Bendix disarms Frank Castle's gun away

Frustrated, Bendix had asked Castle to just show her the correct way to take the gun, as Castle told her to get back onto her feet, showing her that the first step way to push the gun away from pointing at her. Bendix paid close attention as Castle then showed her how to attack the shooter's wrist as this was their weakest target, however, when Bendix made a joke, Castle became annoyed and demonstrated how easily she could be killed if she did not take this seriously. Finishing the demonstration, Bendix had managed to grab the gun away from Castle by following his instructions, as he applauded her efforts.

Bendix compliments Frank Castle's teachings

However, Castle then turned serious as he reminded Bendix that now she had a gun, she would have to use it against the person she took it from, insisting that he did not care who this was and that she could not hesitate before pulling that trigger and killing them. Once Bendix had demonstrated that she could pull a trigger, Castle complimented her before taking the gun back. Bendix noted that Castle must have been a good father and questioned if he taught Lisa Castle how to do this, only for Castle to not answer as he instead gave her instructions to fire the shotgun at the door if the secret signal was not given.[3]

Taking Action

Kidnapping of Nikolai Poloznev

Bendix gives Nikolai Poloznev the photograph

"Our specials are on the first page."
"I didn't realize they were still in season."
"If you know where to look."
―Amy Bendix and Nikolai Poloznev[src]

The following morning, Bendix and Frank Castle enacted their plan to kidnap Nikolai Poloznev, so he could be questioned, as Bendix then managed to quietly infiltrate their New York Academy of Medicine by disguising herself as their waitress. Handing Poloznev and his family their menus, Bendix advised Poloznev that their specials were on the front page, where she had secretly placed one photograph of David Schultz kissing the other man at the funeral, much to the great surprise of Poloznev.

Bendix hides from the guards with a disguise

Having shocked Poloznev, Bendix then took that photograph away and swiftly left the building, knowing that Poloznev was ordering his men to go follow her and bring her back. While Bendix was walking away from the guards, Poloznev had attempted to escape in his car, where Castle had already taken out the driver, allowing him to drive away with Poloznev. With those guards getting closer to her, Bendix quietly managed to change her appearance by turning her skirt inside out while changing her hairstyle in order to blend in with some other schoolgirls who were just passing by, allowing her to get away.

Bendix telling Frank Castle what she learned

Following her escape from the guards, Bendix regrouped with Castle inside the Campervan Hideout where she learned that Poloznev had informed Castle that he had ordered those embarrassing pictures be taken of Schultz in order for the Russians to blackmail Anderson and Eliza Schultz, who wanted their son to run for President, giving the Russians secret leverage over the Schultzes, only for them to go send John Pilgrim to ensure this did not happen. Bendix told Castle that Poloznev was correct about the Schultzes buying out the United States Congress by creating scandals by using alt-right websites.

Bendix talks to Frank Castle about outcomes

Frustrated by this, Bendix had commented on how there was nothing illegal about what the Schultzes had done with creating scandals, but had proceeded to assassinate all of Fiona's crew because their son turned out to be gay. Castle had commented that all Bendix's friends had been killed because they had become involved with a blackmail scheme, as he questioned what they thought would happen if they played dangerous games like this. While Bendix insisted that she did not ever want people to get hurt or killed, only for Castle to insist that she would now have to live with the consequences of her actions.

Bendix threatens to finally leave Frank Castle

Bendix then questioned if the consequences that Castle was talking about would be that he would kill the Schultzes, which he confirmed as Bendix noted that this would make him exactly like them. When Castle noted that Bendix was the one who wanted to play with guns, she reminded him that she told her to fight and she was now only trying to make herself useful to that fight. Bendix had then became frustrated by Castle's actions as she noted that he knew everything now and had prepared to leave the hideout since she believed that she was no longer needed, only for Castle to instead block her way.

Bendix tells Frank Castle what she wishes

Castle then asked Bendix never to talk that way and invited her to sit down. Doing as instructed, Bendix had then noted that she knew that she would already have been killed if Castle had never rescued her from Marlena Olin's crew, noting that although she did know he had killed people to save her, she still really hated everything about their situation, expressing a desire to go back and change everything so that nobody had hurt because of her actions and mistakes. Bendix then asked Castle if he would go back and change things if he could, while Castle did not answer the question, and sat in silence.[3]

Enraging the Punisher

Bendix practices with a shotgun in the hideout

"I was just..."
"You were what?"
"I was practicing the move you showed me."
"Nah! Bullshit! Bullshit! I'm trying to keep you safe. You're gonna get yourself killed! You quit your goddamn crying. God damn it!"
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Bendix had remained in their Campervan Hideout alone, while Frank Castle had gone onto his mission to kill Billy Russo. While she waited for Castle to return, Bendix had kept herself entertained by practicing how to quickly load and fire a shotgun that both she and Castle stole from Clive, in case their Hideout was suddenly attacked, while she was in there alone. Becoming bored, Bendix had also read The Fatal Shore and played catch with a tennis ball that she had found.

Bendix prepares to hide from Frank Castle

Eventually, Bendix heard a car pull up outside, as she looked out the window and saw Castle getting out of a car with Curtis Hoyle. Bendix had then decided to show off her newfound skills with self-defense, as she hid out of sight and ignored Castle while he called out to her. Once Castle stepped inside, Bendix threw her tennis ball to distract him, before making a move to steal his gun, using the technique that Castle had taught her. However, this plan then immediately backfired as Castle was able to easily stop her and threw Bendix onto the floor, pinning her down and demanding to know what she was thinking.

Bendix being taken down by Frank Castle

While Hoyle tried to intervene, Bendix cried out of fear as the furious Castle then held his gun up to the side of Bendix's head, before firing two shots, insisting that this was how easily he could have killed her. When the terrified Bendix tried to insist that she was only attempting to practice the move he had shown her, Castle called this bullshit, as he allowed her to get back up while demanding that she stop crying. With Castle furiously kicking over the table, Hoyle told him to take it easy, noting that Bendix was just a child and he did not need to talk to her like that, insisting that that was an understandable action.

Bendix being raised up by Curtis Hoyle's help

Hoyle went on to comment on how Castle had dragged Bendix into their situation and now wanted her to act normal, but claimed there was no normality around him. However, while Bendix sat on the floor in fear, Castle then argued that people would die if they dropped the ball, before claiming that Bendix needed to know this before she was killed. While Castle reloaded his gun, Hoyle offered Bendix his hands and helped her to her feet, before Castle stormed out of the hideout to find Russo. As Hoyle went with Castle, Bendix asked to join them, but they had refused and left her behind where she began to cry.[9]

Curtis Hoyle's Support

Bendix prepares to shoot someone outside

"He nearly shot me 'cause he cares about me? Yeah, that's the Frank I know. Very touchy-feely."
"I've known Frank for a long time, and there's one thing for sure, he doesn't want to feel for you, he's scared of getting hurt."
―Amy Bendix and Curtis Hoyle[src]

Having been left alone for several hours, Bendix eventually heard the sound of a car pulling up outside of the Campervan Hideout. Having become nervous after the last encounter, Bendix immediately got the shotgun and, since she failed to hear a voice that she recognized, fired a shot at the door. However, she failed to hit the target as Bendix then heard Curtis Hoyle furiously yelling out that she had almost shot him by mistake.

Bendix introduces her name to Curtis Hoyle

As she opened the door, Hoyle demanded to know what Bendix was thinking, as she noted that Frank Castle had told her to wait for the signal before opening the door to anyone, which only annoyed Hoyle even more. Bendix then questioned where Castle was, with Hoyle only shrugging his shoulders and claiming that nobody knew what Castle was doing expect Castle. Bendix and Hoyle introduced themselves, while Hoyle remained annoyed that he was not warned about her being armed with a shotgun before Bendix had invited him in to have some food while warning that she was not a good cook.

Bendix eating the spaghetti with Curtis Hoyle

Bendix served Hoyle a plate of spaghetti, which he complimented as he noted he had not eaten all day. Hoyle asked if Bendix was alright, as she noted that Castle was a bad person, which Hoyle agreed to before insisting that Castle did not mean all of the things that he said to her. Hoyle noted that Bendix had just scared Castle, as he thought that he had hurt her, although Bendix questioned if Castle had nearly shot her because he cared about her. Despite Bendix being unconvinced, Hoyle had told her that he was sure that he cared for her, noting how he did not want to feel for her since he was scared of getting hurt.

Bendix asks Curtis Hoyle about Frank Castle

Bendix asked how they had met, to which Hoyle then explained that it was when Castle was a Marine and he was a Corpsman, as Bendix noted that Castle clearly care a lot about Hoyle as well, as Hoyle was the only other person who had stood up to him without getting killed, which Hoyle laughed at. Bendix asked about Billy Russo, questioning if Russo was one of those who had murdered Castle's wife and two children, which Hoyle confirmed, noting that Russo was the worst as Russo had been as close to family to Castle. The pair had then been interrupted by a knock at the door, as Bendix grabbed the shotgun.

Bendix talking with Dinah Madani at the door

However, it turned out to be Dinah Madani at the door, as Hoyle then let her in, with Madani being shocked at seeing Bendix armed with a shotgun and questioned if she was for real, which Hoyle confirmed. Hoyle watched as Madani warned Bendix about using the dangerous weapon, although Bendix had noted that she had forgotten to reload before Madani had noted that she encountered John Pilgrim recently, although she had been unable to arrest him, as she could not prove that Pilgrim had committed any crime yet. Madani questioned where Castle was, before Hoyle instead asked how she had found them.

Bendix quickly burns Curtis Hoyle's SIM card

Madani then revealed that Hoyle had still left his phone on, allowing Madani to track it, much to Bendix's frustration as she took Hoyle's phone away and pulled out the sim card. Madani then told Hoyle that she had a conversation with Brett Mahoney, who had questioned her about who Castle's friend was, noting that it would not take Mahoney long until they figured out who Hoyle was. Madani once again asked where Castle was, noting that if they handed Castle over to the New York City Police Department, then she may be able to protect Hoyle, noting that Castle had not done any favors for either of them.

Bendix sitting and drinking with her new allies

Hoyle insisted that he did not know where Castle was, noting how he had gone crazy after failing to shoot Russo, as Madani accepted this answer and asked for a drink. As she poured them all a drink, Bendix complained that she would have been fine on her own, before Castle insisted that needed to finish their fight, before leaving her to target Russo. Hoyle noted that the day before, he was selling insurance, as Bendix insisted that she just wanted her old life back, as they raised their glasses to Castle. Hoyle questioned if Madani would give Castle up, as Madani made it clear she was still deciding about that.[9]

Frank Castle's Return

Bendix informs Frank Castle about her actions

"Frank, she wants to arrest you."
"Just give me the gun, kid."
"She's gonna sell you out."
"Hey, give me the gun. It's okay, kid."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

The group stayed in the Campervan Hideout all night, until they were awoken when Frank Castle returned there, while Bendix immediately then informed him that Dinah Madani was considering having Castle arrested. Once Castle took the shotgun away from Bendix and got himself a drink, he removed his Skull Vest as Hoyle questioned where he had been, while Castle had then simply claimed that he had gone to get some more advice from his wife, as Hoyle asked if she had told him how out of line Castle was during their last encounter.

Bendix listens inside the Campervan Hideout

As Castle had questioned if Madani was really planning on handing him over to the New York City Police Department or simply needed somewhere to go, Bendix noted that none of them had anywhere to go due to his actions. Hoyle then listened as Castle noted that, some time ago all he had really cared about was making his family safe and happy, before everything changed the day he lost them. Castle told them that he changed on that day, and having had a sit down by his wife's grave, he had then realized that this was always who he was, claiming that his wife had always known who he really was.

Bendix listens to Frank Castle's demands

Castle told Bendix Hoyle and Madani that he was not like them, and could do things that they could not, noting that all these events had made him the Punisher, as he touched his Skull Vest. Madani insisted that they had to end this fight, to which Castle questioned who would end it, asking if either she or Brett Mahoney would be able end it by sending Billy Russo to jail, while also noting that Anderson and Eliza Schultz were still coming after Bendix, and they would not stop until she was dead. When Madani questioned what he was asking, Castle had simply told the group to let him be who he was meant to be.[6]

Talking to Curtis Hoyle

Bendix and Curtis Hoyle finding the locations

"I love mobile living. My fold-out life."
"It seems like your chosen line of work was pretty damn sketchy before Frank turned up. Shouldn't you be somewhere? Home? Freaking your old man out about boys? Learning to drive?"
―Amy Bendix and Curtis Hoyle[src]

Staying in their Campervan Hideout, Bendix and Curtis Hoyle worked on attempting to figure out where Billy Russo and his crew would be, as they worked out that their crews were still committing their crimes within a certain area of New York City. As they had listened into their radio, Hoyle had explained to Bendix what some of the codewords being used meant, as Hoyle was able to contact Frank Castle and give him directions to where Moke and several crew members would be at, while Bendix watched on so that she could learn more.

Bendix talks to Curtis Hoyle about the Marines

While they waited for an update, Bendix and Hoyle sat together and drank coffee, as Bendix asked Hoyle if he would still be in the Navy if he had not lost his leg, to which Hoyle noted that he would be getting too old by this point. Hoyle explained to Bendix that when he signed up, he had not considered that it would not last forever, as he just wanted to travel and have adventures. Hoyle then questioned if Bendix saw herself living this life, as she sarcastically claimed that she loved her mobile living, as Hoyle had also noted how sketchy her work already seemed to be, even before she encountered Castle.

Bendix talks to Curtis Hoyle about her dreams

Hoyle questioned Bendix about why she was not at home, freaking her father out about boys and learning how to drive, to which Bendix had then simply told Hoyle that she had always wanted to have her career in marine salvage, having seen a documentary on it. Although he initially thought she was being sarcastic, Hoyle listened as Bendix explained her passion for the field, to which Hoyle noted that if they ever got out from the situation, there would be nothing stopping her from living her dream of this career path, although Bendix confessed that she could not even swim, and had never even seen the sea.

Bendix ranting about Frank Castle's activities

Hoyle then complained about Castle never calling them to give them an update, as Bendix scoffed at this and insisted that Castle was just selfish. Bendix went on to insist that while Castle claimed that all of the murders were to protect them all, it was because Castle needed to commit acts of violence, as Hoyle noted that she was right. Recalling his commitments to the veterans who came to St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hoyle then told Bendix that he would be leaving, as Bendix had then complained about being left alone there once again, fearing that John Pilgrim could return and attempt to kill her again.

Bendix asking Curtis Hoyle about joining him

Despite all of Bendix's fears, Hoyle had then insisted that she would be safe if she remained in the Campervan Hideout, refusing to take her with him into the church as he walked out and left Bendix behind. However, as soon as Hoyle departed from their Campervan, Bendix had decided that she was done with their way of doing things, as she instead went to the back of their Campervan and collected her bag, along with the photographs of David Schultz and some money, while she then decided that she would get into contact with Shantel, who she believed would be able to offer her some more protection.[6]

Reunion with Shantel

Bendix reunites with Shantel in her apartment

"Look, I just... I gotta disappear. You told me you were connected up here, yeah? You think you could hook me up?"
"Sure. Yeah, I got a guy. But it's not free. And if you want it fast, it'll be more. That all you got?"
"Don't hustle me, Shan."
―Amy Bendix and Shantel[src]

As she walked through New York City, Bendix had eventually arrived at Shantel's apartment building, as she rang on the doorbell and was granted entrance once she explained it was her. Going upstairs, Bendix and Shantel immediately shared a hug, with Shantel explaining this was her friend's apartment which she was staying in as work on her own apartment was being done, with Bendix comparing it to the Campervan Hideout, as she much preferred the apartment.

Bendix asks Shantel for help with her situation

Bendix and Shantel then reminisced about one place that Fiona had once had them stay in which was infested with mice, as they shared a laugh while Shantel gave Bendix her drink. Shantel asked if Bendix was no longer with Fiona's crew, expressing her surprise that Bendix would have left, only for Bendix to explain that Fiona and the rest of their old crew were dead. When Shantel had questioned exactly what had happened to Fiona, Bendix claimed that it would likely be better if she just did not tell her to be safer. Bendix then explained that she needed to disappear, asking if Shantel knew how to get her out.

Bendix gives money to Shantel for her help

Shantel told Bendix that she knew somebody who could help, but it was not free, as Bendix took out the money she had taken from the Campervan before leaving, although Shantel had questioned if she had more, only for Bendix to insist that Shantel not attempt to hustle her, which they shared a laugh about. When Bendix then got a phone call from Frank Castle she decided not to answer him, claiming that it was nobody who was important. Shantel told Bendix to make herself comfortable while she made some calls to help get Bendix out of the city, as Bendix explored the apartment and sat down on the sofa.

Bendix talking with Frank Castle on the phone

Eventually, Bendix got another phone call from Castle, as she finally picked up and advised him to get a hint and stop calling. Castle had then questioned where she was, as Bendix would only explain that she was with a real friend, before Castle then demanded that Bendix come back to the Campervan, explaining that John Pilgrim had put out a contract out for their heads. Although Castle warned that every criminal in New York was coming for her, Bendix remained firm that she would be able to leave before she was found. Castle warned that Bendix might not still be able to trust Shantel not to betray her.[6]

Saved by the Punisher

Bendix realizes that Shantel could betray her

"I killed him."
"Give me the gun."
"I killed him."
"You didn't, no, you just shot him, okay? See that, I killed him."
―Amy Bendix and Punisher[src]

While Bendix had remained in Shantel's apartment, she then quietly walked around the space, finding that Shantel was gone, as she had checked to see if the pictures of David Schultz were still inside of her bag. Eventually, Bendix had become nervous that Shantel could betray her, before she text Frank Castle with the address. Having text Castle, Bendix left the apartment without telling Shantel, who returned with Martin and his team of mercenaries who were now planning to capture Bendix in order to collect the five million dollar bounty.

Bendix hiding from Martin inside of the closet

Hearing Martin and his team were coming looking for her, Bendix ran up the stairs of the building, as she began desperately trying to find an open room that she could hide in, hearing that Davis was blocking the way down while Martin and his team were coming up to find her. Running out of time, Bendix was forced to hide inside a utility closet, before she overheard the Punisher arriving, as he had gunned down Davis, forcing the rest of Martin's team to split up. However, Martin managed to figure out that this where Bendix was hiding, as he then demanded she surrender or he would shoot through the door.

Bendix tells Martin not to shoot and kill her

With no other choice, Bendix had stepped out with her hands raised, telling Martin to let her go free, while Martin held his gun to Bendix's head. The pair then overheard the Punisher gunning down two more of Martin's mercenaries, as she insisted that the Punisher would not kill Martin if he let her go, while Martin yelled out to the Punisher that if he dared come up to try and save her, he would just kill Bendix. As Martin and the Punisher furiously yelled threats at each other, Bendix noticed that Martin was turning his attention away from her, in order to look back at the Punisher, which was leaving his gun exposed.

Bendix watches the Punisher execute Martin

Using a technique that she had been taught by the Punisher, Bendix then managed to grapple the gun out from Martin's grip, as she then proceeded to shoot Martin in the chest, causing him to drop onto the floor in agony. While Bendix kept hold of the gun, the Punisher then rejoined her and took the gun. Bendix continued looking at Martin, who was spitting blood out of his mouth, as Bendix noted that she had killed him. Seeing the fear and trauma in her eyes, the Punisher promised that she had not, as he proceeded to shoot Martin again, killing him, as the Punisher insisted he had actually killed Martin.

Bendix leaves Shantel behind in her apartment

Although Bendix struggled to deal with what she had witnessed and done herself, the Punisher was able to help her calm down and then ordered her to collect her bag so they could leave. Bendix was taken back into Shantel's apartment by the Punisher, as her former friend desperately tried to explain what happened, insisting that Martin had forced her into betraying her. However, Bendix simply ignored all of Shantel's pleas, as she instead collected her bags and walked out, but not before kicking Shantel in the crotch first, as the Punisher had escorted her out from the building while Shantel fell down in pain.

Bendix and Frank Castle walk back to the Van

Bendix was then taken back to the Campervan Hideout by Castle, as she had questioned how Castle could keep doing what he did, noting that after shooting Martin she felt like she could never do it again, as she had noted the fear in Martin's eyes while he was dying. However, Castle just claimed that Martin had gotten what he deserved, which shocked Bendix who then noted that Castle was different. Stopping outside of the Campervan, Castle noted that he knew Bendix hated pulling the trigger and shooting Martin, but he noted that doing it had kept her alive, as Bendix questioned if this was their lives now.

Bendix talking to Frank Castle before resting

Castle then promised that he would do whatever he could to ensure that Bendix did not live a life like this anymore, insisting that once he had dealt with Billy Russo, he would then be able to track down and kill Anderson and Eliza Schultz so that Bendix could then live her life however she wanted. Bendix then questioned what would happen if Russo was able to kill him, to which Castle just smiled and claimed he was not the one who died, but the one who did their killing. With that, Bendix then called the situation a flustercluck and went into the Campervan to get some rest, as Castle laughed at the comment.[6]

Curtis Hoyle's Return

Bendix prepares to for any incoming danger

"Look, if he's at the hospital it means he's hurt. Forget those cops, every hitman in town is gonna go after that five million. We have to help him."
"Helping him is what put us here and what are we gonna do? Run down to the hospital with guns blazing to bust him out?"
―Amy Bendix and Curtis Hoyle[src]

While Frank Castle and Curtis Hoyle had gone to a mission to try and find and assassinate Billy Russo, Bendix remained in the Campervan Hideout. Hearing a car, Bendix aimed the shotgun at the door, before hearing Hoyle's voice. Once he stepped in, Bendix lowered her gun, before asking where Castle was, as Hoyle remained silent as he sat down while Bendix continued asking where Castle was, questioning if Hoyle was hurt or if Castle was dead, which Hoyle denied.

Bendix questions Curtis Hoyle what happened

Hoyle then confessed to not knowing exactly what happened, but he knew that something had gone wrong during the ambush, as Bendix questioned why he would just leave him behind. However, Hoyle then told Bendix that the New York City Police Department arrested Castle and taken him to Sacred Saints Hospital, much to Bendix's horror as she questioned what state Castle was in when the police had taken him into custody. Hoyle had then admitted that he did not know how badly hurt Castle was or if it had been Russo who had hurt him, while Hoyle continued to struggle to deal with everything that happened.

Bendix listens to Curtis Hoyle's perspective

As Bendix continued to push him for answers, Hoyle told her that he had killed Phillip during the ambush and shot other men. Hoyle went on to tell Bendix that while he had held other men in his arms while they died during his time in the Navy, this was the first time he had been responsible for a man's death, as he confessed that he had not expected it to feel as different for him. While Hoyle remained seated, he then witnessed Bendix grab the radio as she tried to learn more about what happened to Castle, as she heard the news report explaining how Castle had been arrested after killing several men.

Bendix declaring to save Frank Castle

Having confirmed where Castle was, Bendix insisted that they had to rescue him, as Hoyle told her to not consider something that foolish, although she warned that every hitman in New York City would target him in order to get John Pilgrim's five million dollar bounty. Becoming frustrated, Hoyle stood up and insisted that helping Castle was what had put them in this situation in the first place, questioning what their plan would be even if they went to save him as they could not go into the hospital with their guns blazing to rescue him. Hoyle told Bendix that Castle was done, noting that he was also done helping him.[7]

Ending the Fight

The Punisher Surrenders

Bendix talking to Officer Smith about an exam

"I'm not leaving without you. Can't you just wave your stupid badge around or something? Get him out?"
"No, I can't."
"He's gonna get killed either here or in jail. Either one, he doesn't deserve. Will you please help me get him out?"
―Amy Bendix and Dinah Madani[src]

Determined not to abandon Frank Castle, Bendix left the Campervan Hideout and traveled into Sacred Saints Hospital, where Castle was being treated for all his injuries. There, Bendix managed to steal Mary Morrison's uniform and had then located Castle's hospital room, where she found Officer Smith was still guarding the door. Bendix had then claimed that Doctor Mason had sent her to perform an exam on Castle, although Smith had questioned if Bendix was not too young to be a nurse, before assuring Bendix that Castle was too beaten up and handcuffed to be any danger.

Bendix entering in the room with Karen Page

Bendix then stepped into the room, claiming that she had to be alone with Castle as he would have to get naked for the exam, only to find Castle speaking to Karen Page, while Castle had then expressed his considerable exasperation that Bendix had come there. As Page had questioned who Bendix was, Castle claimed that she was a nobody, although Bendix insisted that she was the nobody who had come to get him out from the hospital. While Bendix had attempted to remove the handcuffs, Castle pull his arm away and demanded that she stop, although Bendix had insisted that she had to get him out of there.

Bendix tells Frank Castle that he will be killed

Bendix explained to Castle and Page that every single hitman in New York City would be coming to kill Castle to claim the five million dollar bounty that was still on their head. They were then interrupted by the arrival of Dinah Madani, who commented on their entire gang being together, while Castle insisted that Madani needed to get Bendix out of there as she was in danger. Madani questioned if John Pilgrim was coming for them, while Page explained their situation as Bendix still continued trying to remove Castle's cuffs. Madani had called Bendix Castle's helper, while Page asked why hitmen were targeting them.

Bendix asking Dinah Madani for some help

Neither Bendix nor Castle would explain the true situation to Page, as Castle had continued to demand that they get out of the hospital as it was not safe. Bendix then questioned if Madani could just use her Homeland Security badge to get Castle away from the hospital, although Madani insisted that she could not, as Bendix had insisted that Castle would either be killed inside the hospital or in jail, so they needed to get him out. Bendix had then continued trying to remove the handcuffs while Castle had then noted that he had instructed her to stay with Curtis Hoyle in the Campervan, which Bendix ignored.

Bendix listening to Billy Russo on a phone call

However, the group was then interrupted when Madani got a phone call, before she revealed that it was Billy Russo, who was mockingly claiming that he could see them all, and insisted that no matter how many New York City Police Department officers had guarded him, he would still be able to get to Castle. Bendix watched on while Madani invited Russo to come rejoin them in the hospital, before Russo had addressed Castle directly and asked what it was like to be caged up like an animal. While Castle had offered little reaction, Bendix heard Russo confidently insisting that he had finally defeated Castle.[7]

Rescue of Frank Castle

Bendix notices O'Rourke guarding the room

"This is all great, but this helps absolutely nothing right now. That was a cop that just tried to kill him. And then me. I mean, what's next, a nurse?"
"Why don't you get those keys and get these cuffs off? I'm gonna go take care of him."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Following Billy Russo's mocking phone calls to Frank Castle, Bendix had left Castle's room, passing by Officer Lawrence who questioned how Castle was doing, as Bendix claimed he was a sick man, with Lawrence agreeing. Bendix then claimed that she had to go and perform her examination on another patient. However, Bendix then went in the room opposite so that she could keep an eye on the door, as she had observed O'Rourke arriving to take over the guard shift.

Bendix being violently attacked by O'Rourke

Having witnessed O'Rourke stepping inside Castle's room, where he had revealed himself to be a former member of the Kitchen Irish, who wanted to kill Castle to get the five million dollar bounty, as well as to avenge his cousin, who Castle had previously killed. As she realized that O'Rourke was now preparing to kill Castle with a lethal injection, which Castle invited him to do, Bendix had rushed into the room and tackled O'Rourke, only for her to be quickly overpowered and thrown onto the ground by O'Rourke, while Castle furiously had yelled at him to let her go, before O'Rourke had then begun to strangle Bendix.

Bendix kicks at O'Rourke for assaulting her

However, before O'Rourke could kill Bendix, she was saved as Dinah Madani had returned and had knocked O'Rourke out, by striking him across the head with her gun. Bendix was then helped back onto her feet by Madani and Karen Page, as Castle furiously insisted she stay away. While Bendix kicked the unconscious O'Rourke, she had then confronted Castle, questioning why he was going to allow O'Rourke to kill him with a lethal injection. However, Madani and Page had then revealed that Castle did not really shoot down those innocent women by accident, as they had been killed by Russo who had set him up.

Bendix asks Frank Castle why he chose to die

While Madani and Page had reassure Castle, Bendix then reminded them that O'Rourke was also a member of the New York City Police Department who had just tried to assassinate Castle and her, as she questioned who else would try and kill him. Deciding to take action, Castle ordered Bendix to get the kills from O'Rourke so that he could kill him, although Madani and Page insisted that this was stupid and demanded that they first make up a plan. However, Castle requested that Bendix and Madani leave the room, so that he could talk to Page in private, which Bendix and Madani then reluctantly agreed to do.

Bendix escaping from Sacred Saints Hospital

Having given them some time to talk, Bendix returned to the room to find Castle out of bed and standing close to Page, as Bendix called them cute, but suggested they continue their heart to heart once they were out of Sacred Saints Hospital and away from danger. The group came up with the plan, where they would put O'Rourke onto Castle's hospital bed, before Page pulled the fire alarms. Bendix then walked the bed past Smith, who assumed this was Castle. As Madani helped Castle out of the hospital, Bendix walked past Brett Mahoney, just as he had discovered O'Rourke was the one in Castle's hospital bed.[7]

Ambushed by John Pilgrim

Bendix is shocked to see John Pilgrim again

"The preacher-looking guy–"
"He was here, Curtis? Did he take her?"
"And then she–"
"Did he take her?"
"She showed up, and I grabbed him, and she ran."
Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

Having just successfully managed to get Frank Castle out of Sacred Saints Hospital before he could be killed, Bendix had then excitedly returned into their Campervan Hideout to update Curtis Hoyle on the situation. However, once Bendix had then rushed into the Campervan and told Hoyle that Castle was now free, she then realized that Hoyle was sat down with John Pilgrim, who was threatening Hoyle with a gun and demanded to know where Bendix currently was.

Bendix shooting at John Pilgrim into the leg

Shocked by seeing one another, Bendix and Pilgrim both froze before Bendix attempted to grab the shotgun to kill Pilgrim. As Bendix then grabbed the gun, Hoyle tackled Pilgrim to keep him away from her, although Bendix was still knocked over during the fight, knocking the shotgun out from her hands. While Hoyle was able to knock Pilgrim's gun out from his hands, he was still knocked off his feet while Bendix grabbed the gun. With Hoyle out of the firing line, Bendix had shot at Pilgrim, who was able to get behind cover in time, but still was badly hurt in the leg by the blast, as Bendix had attempted to escape.

Bendix escapes from the Campervan Hideout

As Bendix attempted to crawl away, Pilgrim had dived after her as he grabbed ahold of her leg, but before he could capture her, Hoyle then grabbed Pilgrim and dragged him away from Bendix, while ordering her to escape while she still could, as he then locked his arms tightly around Pilgrim and threw him across the Campervan. Taking Hoyle's advice, Bendix had found the trapdoor at the back of the Campervan and managed to squeeze through it, while Hoyle and Pilgrim fought. However, instead of running, Bendix had instead snuck into Pilgrim's car, hoping to get the drop on Pilgrim when he least expected it.[10]

Ambush on John Pilgrim

Bendix following John Pilgrim while in hiding

"I'm sick of running from him. I just wanted to see where he lived. I'm sorry. It's room 630, down the hall."
"At least, tell me that this is the closest you got to him."
"Yeah. I found him and then I called you."
"All right. Whatever happens here, you just stay out of the way."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Bendix remained hidden in John Pilgrim's trunk of his car, as he left the Campervan Hideout, having knocked Curtis Hoyle unconscious, as he assumed he had missed his only remaining chance to be able to capture Bendix. As the car, which Pilgrim had also stolen from Dinah Madani, pulled up into a hotel car park, Bendix had quietly opened the trunk and saw the injured Pilgrim limp towards the building's elevator, as she managed to confirm what floor he stopped on.

Bendix hides from John Pilgrim's detection

Taking a shotgun that she found in the car, Bendix had then followed Pilgrim up to his floor, as she considered shooting Pilgrim herself. As she carefully walked down their hallway, Bendix overheard Pilgrim's voice, as he was praying while removing the shotgun pellets from his leg.[10] Considering killing Pilgrim, Bendix knocked on his hotel room door, only to panic as she instead quietly walked to the other end of the corridor, and hide herself, with Pilgrim opening the door with his gun raised. However, before Pilgrim could then look for Bendix, Eliza Schultz had then called his hotel room phone, distracting Pilgrim.

Bendix asks Frank Castle to face John Pilgrim

Knowing that she needed some backup to take down Pilgrim, Bendix then called up Frank Castle, who had then immediately rushed to the hotel to help her. Castle noted that he had assumed that Pilgrim had captured her, noting that she was out of her mind by coming there to confront Pilgrim alone. When Castle questioned what she had been thinking, Bendix claimed that she had simply become sick of running from Pilgrim and just wanted to see where he had lived, before telling Castle which room Pilgrim was in, and promising that she would stay out of the way while Castle then went to confront and kill Pilgrim.

Bendix fearfully takes cover from the shooting

Bendix had remained down the back of the hallway as Castle kicked down the door to Pilgrim's room, only to discover that he had moved into the next room without them realizing, as Pilgrim realized that he had been discovered and both he and Castle began shooting at each other through the walls. Bendix remained hidden as these gunshots continued, resulting in the other guests running in terror. Bendix had then witnessed Castle attempt to get into Pilgrim's actual room, only for Pilgrim to also change rooms, resulting in more gunfire through the walls as Pilgrim collected more weaponry to shoot at Castle.

Bendix being taken hostage by John Pilgrim

Eventually, Bendix had then built up the courage to assist Castle with his fight against Pilgrim, as she made her way down the hallway with her shotgun ready. However, just as Bendix had reached their room, Pilgrim had rushed out and was able to swiftly disarm Bendix, before spinning her around and holding his gun to the back of her head. As Castle had also charged out of the room, the pair got into a standoff, as Pilgrim then threatened to shoot Bendix if Castle did not allow him to leave. As Bendix cried, Pilgrim demanded Castle exchange David Schultz for Bendix's life, as they escaped into the hotel's elevator.

Bendix is trapped inside of John Pilgrim's car

Bendix and Pilgrim then headed down towards the hotel's basement, leaving Castle to fight the New York City Police Department who had just arrived onto the scene. However, once Bendix was forced inside Madani's car by Pilgrim, they witnessed Castle arriving there, having beaten down the police and caught up with them. While Pilgrim then attempted to drive away as quickly as possible, Castle leaped onto the front of the car, desperately attempting to save Bendix from him, only for Pilgrim to slam on the breaks, which had then thrown Castle off the car before driving off, with Castle unable to save Bendix.[11]

Exchange with Frank Castle

Bendix telling John Pilgrim that he will lose

"You're really planning on going after him in this state? You're crazy. He's gonna kill you."
"Maybe. Or I'll kill him. God will decide which of us is righteous."
"You honestly believe that? He's the Punisher. He is gonna, like, righteously pull your spine out of your throat."
―Amy Bendix and John Pilgrim[src]

Having managed to get away, Bendix and John Pilgrim then pulled up their car in a dark corner of New York City. Once they were both safe, Pilgrim called up Frank Castle and had questioned how they wanted to exchange David Schultz for Bendix, as Castle informed Pilgrim that Schultz was in their Campervan Hideout, and so if Pilgrim wanted him he should come back to the Campervan where he had been earlier and collect him personally before Castle had hung up.

Bendix questions all of John Pilgrim's actions

While Pilgrim took a breather, Bendix had questioned if he was really planning on going after Castle while he was in such a poor physical state, telling him that he was crazy as Castle would undoubtedly kill him. However, Pilgrim was unfazed by this, noting that he believed that God would decide which of them was righteous and then grant victory to him. Hearing this, Bendix questioned if he really believed this, insisting that the Punisher would still manage to brutally murder him if they came to a fight, which Pilgrim still did not disagree with as he had then looked the clearly terrified Bendix directly in the eye.

Bendix offers John Pilgrim to change his life

Bendix then asked Pilgrim what was righteous about everything he had done up to this point, including the murders of Fiona and Sergei Konchevsky, noting that the Bible forbids the killing of all others, and Pilgrim had murdered multiple people who had never done harm to anybody, as Bendix claim that Anderson and Eliza Schultz had been using him to do their dirty work, turning his faith against him. Pilgrim sat in silence as Bendix offered him a chance to change his direction by turning against the Schultzes and setting her free, but Pilgrim still refused, claiming that it was too late, despite him wanting to.

Bendix being taken to see Frank Castle again

Following Castle's instructions, Bendix and Pilgrim drove back to the Campervan where they were met by Castle. Bendix was then taken out of the car by Pilgrim, who kept his gun aimed at the back of her head and ordered her to get down onto her knees while he spoke to Castle. Bendix then watched as Castle had explained that David was inside the Campervan with explosives strapped to his chest, while he questioned why Pilgrim worked for the Schultzes, as Pilgrim had then explained they had his two sons as their hostages, noting that he had known Castle failed to save his two children before they were killed.

Bendix is told to drive away from the conflict

Bendix then watched on while Castle had told Pilgrim that he would do anything to protect Bendix, as he told him to take the gun away from Bendix's head and instead point it at him, questioning if Pilgrim was willing to kill another child. Bendix was then helped onto her feet by Pilgrim, who allowed her to go over to Castle as she hugged him. However, Castle then pulled Bendix off him and had instead told her to walk away so that he could deal with Pilgrim, although Bendix had begged him not to. Eventually, Bendix got into the car and then drove away, before she signaled to Castle that she was safe from harm.[11]

Death of the Schultzes

Bendix breaks into the Schultz Mansion

"No one's coming. I gave them the night off. Maybe I should have just killed them like you would've."
"What do you want? Money? We can do that."
"How does it feel? You killed all of my friends."
―Amy Bendix and Eliza Schultz[src]

Eventually, Bendix regrouped with Frank Castle once he managed to defeat John Pilgrim during their fight. In exchange for sparing his life, Pilgrim helped Bendix and Castle find the Schultz Mansion, so they could confront the people behind the conspiracy, and who ordered the deaths of dozens of people to protect all their secrets. Bendix went into the mansion first, armed with her handgun as she found the Schultzes discussing how to assassinate Pilgrim, as she noted that they were making Pilgrim another life they use and toss aside.

Bendix questions Eliza Schultz on her murders

As Bendix stepped into the room, Anderson Schultz tried to stop her, only for Bendix to hold up her gun as she promised to shoot him if he moved again. Bendix then noted that there were no security coming, as she had managed to give them all the night off, questioning if she should have just murdered them like the Schultzes would have. Eliza Schultz then questioned if Bendix simply wanted money in exchange for their lives, while Anderson had demanded that she move the gun away from his wife. Keeping her weapon aimed at Eliza, Bendix then questioned how she felt, noting that they killed all of her friends.

Bendix watches Anderson Schultz' guilt

When Anderson yet again demanded that Bendix move the gun away from his wife, Bendix turned her gun towards him and ordered him to sit down, giving Eliza a chance to grab her knife as she attempted to stab Bendix. However, the Punisher then shot Eliza through the back of the head, killing her instantly while Anderson screamed before the Punisher stepped in the room and ensured Bendix was okay. Bendix then watched on as the Punisher confronted Anderson, who was too scared to move from his seat, as the Punisher explained that he was going to give them both a choice, but Eliza had made hers already.

Bendix watches the Punisher's making threats

Bendix watched as the Punisher presented Anderson with a video of him confessing to his crimes while noting that they had done it all for money and power, commenting on how David Schultz had become a good man despite the influence of his parents. Bendix then promised Anderson that if he did not allow David to do the right thing, then she would walk into the New York Bulletin Building with that tape and the photographs to expose all their crimes. The Punisher gave Anderson a gun and a single bullet, ordering him to either shoot himself or live with his crimes, as he and Bendix then walked out the mansion.

Bendix and Frank Castle leave the mansion

With Anderson weeping out of regret and terror at the situation while his dead wife's blood had completely covered himself and the table, Bendix and the Punisher then walked out of the mansion, where they saw Pilgrim standing with his two sons who he had rescued from the Schultzes while Bendix and the Punisher had confronted them in the mansion. As they looked at each other, the group then overheard the sound of Anderson committing suicide, finally ending their conflicts. With the Schultzes dead, Bendix and the Punisher had then allowed Pilgrim to leave with his two sons, as he was no longer a threat.[11]

Relocating to Florida

Bendix and Frank Castle prepare to part ways

"I care about you, too. I mean, I owe you pretty much everything. You know, all this time, though, I did wonder why did you come after me in the bar that night?"
"Rough Road. It's what you called me, remember? Rough Road. I don't know, I thought it was funny. It was like the tougher you acted, the more scared you looked."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Having ended their Schultz Conspiracy for good, Bendix and Frank Castle accepted that it was time to go their separate ways. Taken to the bus station, Bendix and Castle sat and spoke about her traveling to Florida, with Bendix giving Castle one more chance to come with her, noting how good they worked together, although Castle noted that she was still just a kid, and deserved to act like one for once. As Castle noted that he could not have her on his conscience, Bendix teased him by questioning if he was admitting that he actually cared for her, which Castle laughed at.

Bendix tightly hugs Frank Castle as a goodbye

Castle jokingly compared Bendix to a boil on his ass that would not go away, while Bendix reminded him of how she had stitched up his ass back at the Tides Motel. Bendix had then confessed to caring a lot about Castle, while also noting that she owed him everything, as she questioned why Castle really saved her from Marlena Olin back at Lola's Roadhouse, to which Castle reminded her of how she had called him rough road at the bar, which had amused him. Castle then asked Bendix to move past her life as a con artist, which Bendix had promised that she would do, before Castle gave her some cash.

Bendix takes a final look back at Frank Castle

Castle then gave Bendix a number for somebody who he and Curtis Hoyle were friends with, who ran a dive school in Florida and would take care of her, as Bendix had commented on how Hoyle told Castle about her dreams of her career in marine salvage. As the bus arrived, Castle told Bendix that sometimes people find something that could change their entire life, as he struggled to get those words out before Bendix wrapped her arms around Castle, and hugged him tightly. As they held back their tears, Bendix grabbed her bag and stepped onto the bus and as she looked back, she saw that Castle was gone.[11]


"I know I'd be dead if it weren't for you killing people. I get that. I just, I really hate this. You know? I wish I could go back and change it. I mean, don't you? If you could go back and change it, wouldn't you?"
―Amy Bendix to Frank Castle[src]
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  • Expert Thief: Bendix has demonstrated clever abilities in stealing items, specifically Dinah Madani's credit card from her purse while Madani was only a few feet away from her with her back turned. Which she then used to purchase a variety of items including food, clothing, and a laptop computer. She was also able to pick the locks of a motel door and the handcuff restraining the Punisher.
"You just took a gun off somebody who wanted to use it on you. What do you do? You use it on them. I don't care who they are. You do not hesitate. You pull that trigger."
Frank Castle to Amy Bendix[src]
  • Marksman: Castle taught Bendix to properly disarm, wield, and fire a handgun. She demonstrated her new skill against a hitman, successfully shooting him, which would have killed him if Castle had not done it first. She also managed to shoot John Pilgrim in the leg with a shotgun which Castle confiscated from a pedophile.



  • Glock 19: Frank Castle handed this handgun to Bendix in preparation for the arrival of the mercenaries that were coming for them. Bendix then threatened to shoot Castle to let her go, but as Castle told her to shoot if she was going to do it, she lowered the handgun. She kept it during the firefight between Castle and the mercenaries, and returned it to Castle after he knocked Marlena Olin out.

Bendix shoots and mortally wounds Martin

  • Desert Eagle Mark XIX: Bendix was held at gunpoint by Martin, one of the mercenaries set to capture her at Shantel's apartment building. As Martin was aware that Frank Castle had arrived to the building and killed the other mercenaries, he told Castle to stay away while threatening Bendix. Bendix seized the opportunity to disarm Martin the way Castle taught her, and took the gun from him, shooting him in the chest. Bendix started to panic realizing she had just killed a man, but Castle, who rushed to her side, took the gun from her and shot Martin again to be the one who actually killed him and calm Bendix down.
  • SIG-Sauer P250 Compact: Bendix took this handgun to the Schultz Mansion in order to threaten Anderson and Eliza Schultz, pointing at Eliza until Anderson stood up, pointing at him, until Frank Castle entered and killed Eliza as she was about to attack Bendix.
"That's a dangerous weapon, you know? You could have shot me."
"Nope. Couldn't. Forgot to reload it."
Dinah Madani and Amy Bendix[src]
  • Remington Spartan 210: Bendix practiced with the shotgun when she was left alone in the trailer. Hearing footsteps, she shot at the door, not knowing that it was Curtis Hoyle who approached to the door without warning, missing the shot because Hoyle had bended by chance. Bendix later waited by the door of the trailer with the shotgun ready, expecting Castle and Hoyle to return from their mission to take Billy Russo down. She lowered the weapon when Hoyle identified himself, and Bendix began to ask about Castle's whereabouts. Bendix also reached for the weapon when she returned to the trailer and found John Pilgrim keeping Hoyle at gunpoint. As Hoyle fought Pilgrim, Bendix took the shotgun and shot, heavily wounding Pilgrim's leg before escaping.
  • Mossberg 500 Persuader: Bendix carried this shotgun around at the motel where John Pilgrim was staying while Frank Castle engaged Pilgrim in a gunfight. Bendix planned to silently approach Pilgrim and shot him, but she came across him unexpectedly, and lost the weapon in a brief fight that ended with her as Pilgrim's hostage.

Other Equipment



  • Good Rest Motel: While on the run, Bendix broke into the Good Rest Motel and spent the night in a room. Bendix left the next morning as a maid chased after her, realizing she had stolen the room.
"You're making yourself at home?"
"Yes. I mean, it's a really nice place you have here."
"I'm so glad you like it."
Dinah Madani and Amy Bendix[src]
  • Dinah Madani's Apartment: While in New York City, Bendix and Frank Castle lived in Dinah Madani's apartment for their protection. Castle attempted to lock Bendix in Madani's bedroom, but Bendix scolded him for it. Despite being asked to stay, she went out to investigate Castle. Bendix stole Madani's credit card while in the apartment, upsetting Castle. When Castle was being hunted by Nikolai Poloznev, he and Bendix moved into a Campervan Hideout for their own safety.
"This place is really something."
"You got four walls and heat. What do you need?"
"Loss of curiosity is a loss of humanity, Frank."
"Yeah, well, I know where the exits are. Curiosity satisfied."
―Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]
  • Campervan Hideout: Frank Castle kept Amy Bendix in a hideout owned by Curtis Hoyle to protect her while they were being hunted, where Castle taught Bendix to use a gun. Bendix taught herself more than Castle wanted her to in order to keep herself busy, causing Castle to lash out at her, but Boyle defended her and comforted her. Bendix left the campervan to reunited with Shantel, but was betrayed, causing Castle to rescue her and brought her back to the hideout. Bendix was kidnapped from the campervan by John Pilgrim, but was returned when Castle held David Schultz hostage. They then left the campervan hideout to kill Schultz's parents and allow Bendix to have a normal life.




  • Father
  • Mother




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  • In the comics, Amy Bendix helped Frank Castle by nursing him back to health while on the run. However, her father, Harry Bendix, a county sheriff, found out about Castle and imprisoned him, only for assassins to then take Amy hostage in order to get to the Punisher.
  • Bendix is 5'7.

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