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"Had Ammit been free, she would have prevented Hitler and the destruction he wrought. Nero, the Armenian genocide, Pol Pot."
Arthur Harrow to Steven Grant[src]

Ammit was a notorious Ennead worshipped by Arthur Harrow. Infamous for judging and punishing people before they could even commit any evil, Ammit was imprisoned by Khonshu and her fellow Ennead. Being liberated by Harrow, Ammit was confronted by Khonshu, Moon Knight and Scarlet Scarab. After they imprisoned Ammit inside Harrow's body, they both were killed by Jake Lockley, under Khonshu's orders.



"I once relied on a servant whose Scales balanced perfectly. In exchange, I was bound to stone for 2,000 years."
―Ammit to Arthur Harrow[src]

Ammit was among the Egyptian gods, worshipped by people of Ancient Egypt, however, she was feared for judging humans based on their past, present, and future to decided whether a person was worthy to live or not.[1] Eventually, Ammit was betrayed by her fellow Ennead and her own Avatar, Alexander the Great, and was imprisoned in the ushabti by the Ennead Council. The Council tasked Senfu with hiding the ushabti in the Tomb of Alexander the Great, without disclosing its location, in fear that any Ennead might have a mercy to bring Ammit back.[3]

Worshipped by Arthur Harrow

"You are the Avatar that I need. Serve me, and you will find peace. Do not let the pain of the past control you."
"As you wish."
―Ammit and Arthur Harrow[src]

Many centuries ago, the legend of Ammit was rediscovered by Arthur Harrow, a former Avatar of Khonshu, who lost faith in his idol. Harrow believed in Ammit's ideals and devoted himself to her cause, so Ammit provided Harrow with a fraction of her power and her staff to bestow her judgement on people on her behalf. Harrow brought together a cult of Ammit's worshippers, and took on a mission to liberate Ammit from imprisonment and make the world a better place.[2] Although Harrow's mission was hindered by Khonshu and his new Avatar Marc Spector, he successfully found Ammit's ushabti in the Tomb of Alexander the Great, and brought it to the Great Pyramid of Giza.[4]

After killing the Avatars of the Ennead Council, Harrow destroyed an ushabti, granting Ammit her long sought freedom, as her worshippers kneeled before their goddess. Ammit asked to whom did she owe the gratitude for liberating her, but Harrow replied that he was but a humble disciple and Ammit owed him nothing. Ammit then noted that Harrow's scales were unbalanced, although he believed that saving Ammit will be his redemption, and accepted her judgement. In response, Ammit remarked that relying on Alexander the Great, who had perfectly balanced scales, resulted in her imprisonment, so she delayed Harrow's judgement and chose him as her new Avatar. Harrow accepted Ammit's wish and she granted him with the full access to her powers and announced her plans on purifying the souls of the world, starting with Cairo.[5]

Battle of Cairo

"Oh, Khonshu, for a God, you are low on faith."
―Ammit to Khonshu[src]

Before she could exit the Chamber the Gods, Ammit was confronted by Khonshu who dismissed her mission to bring balance, pointing at Harrow whom she chose as her Avatar. Ammit only scoffed that Khonshu was jealous of Harrow's loyalty to her, but Khonshu said that living in an empty world with only her disciples does not worth it. As Ammit reflected on how Khonshu was too low on faith for a god, she and Khonshu charged at each other in the battle, in which Ammit got an upper hand. Ammit encouraged him to beg her to spare him, but Khonshu firmly stated that he would rather choose obliteration than Ammit's mercy. Before Ammit could finish him, he suddenly uttered "Marc" and disappeared from the Chamber.

Afterwards, Harrow recited an incantation and call for his disciples in Cairo to start judging people and feeding the souls of the unworthy to Ammit, who was growing in power with each devoured soul. However, Ammit was attacked by the colossal Khonshu, while Harrow had to fight the resurrected Moon Knight and Mr. Knight, with Scarlet Scarab helping them. She claimed that their causes were barely different and asked what is the point in fighting if he is destined to lose, to which Khonshu replied that it was his choice, the very thing she takes away from people.[5]

Trapped Again

"We could've made this our paradise!"
"It's too late, Ammit. You will be destroyed."
―Ammit and Khonshu[src]

Ammit successfully brought Khonshu down and started to dragging him away, however, Arthur Harrow was defeated by Moon Knight. He and Scarlet Scarab then brought Harrow to the Chamber of the Gods and used a spell to trap Ammit inside Harrow's body, where she would become vulnerable. Ammit screamed at Khonshu that they could have build a paradise on Earth together, but Khonshu refused to listen. As the incantation worked, Ammit was trapped inside Harrow's body but she still told Spector and El-Faouly that she will never stop.

Khonshu then ordered Spector to kill Harrow, so both he and Ammit would no longer be a threat, but Spector refused and demanded Khonshu to set him free. With Ammit inside his body, Harrow then was administrated into Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital, where he was taken away by Jake Lockley, Spector's third alter. Khonshu briefly spoke with Harrow about his true intentions, before Lockley shot Harrow, putting an end to both him and Ammit once and for all.[6]


"She grew weary of having to wait for sinners to commit their crime before punishing them."
Arthur Harrow to Steven Grant[src]

Ammit is dedicated to exterminating evil in the world, however she takes this to extremes, willing to kill anyone whom she believes is destined to commit evil. This brings her into conflict with Khoshu, despite the moon god's own brutal ideas of justice, as Khonshu (though manipulative) believes in free will. Ironically, despite her near-omniscient ability to view into the hearts and souls of mortals and her proclaimed ability to see the past, present, and future, Ammit seems to have a limited view of the world around her. She could not comprehend why Khonshu would fight her, both because of their similarities and because she thought him "destined to lose." Additionally, her comments on denying evildoers "the satisfaction" of committing their crimes, suggests she sees her victims in a simplistic light, unwilling to admit to how complex humans are. She does not seem interested in any remorse criminals may feel, only choosing to spare Arthur Harrow because he was useful rather than because of his regret.

While she seems inflexible, Ammit is willing to change her approach if it serves her purpose. Despite her expressed desire to kill evildoers before they actually commit their crimes, she decided to make the actually guilty Arthur Harrow her avatar as she viewed him as a more loyal than Alexander the Great. Likewise, she went from condescending towards Khonshu to begging when Marc and Layla began the ritual to seal her away.

Ammit is arrogant, self-assured of her strength and her vision. She is unwilling to listen to any arguments that contradict her worldview. However, she may not be totally without mercy, as she repeatedly offered her old enemy Khonshu the chance to join forces with her, though this may have been a ploy.

Powers and Abilities


"The justice of Ammit surveys the whole of our lives. Past, present, future. She knows what we've done, and what we will do."
Arthur Harrow[src]
  • Ennead Physiology: Ammit is one of the Ennead, the gods of ancient Egypt. She is shown to be more powerful (at least in direct combat), than Khonshu. Unlike mundane crocodiles, her tail appears to be prehensile, as she was able to wrap it around Khonshu's hand.
    • Superhuman Strength: Ammit was able to easily throw Khonshu, a fellow Ennead, around her tomb.
    • Superhuman Durability: To be added
    • Superhuman Speed: To be added
    • Superhuman Agility: To be added
    • Superhuman Stamina: To be added
    • Superhuman Reflexes: To be added
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: To be added
    • Immortality: Ammit is thousands of years old and cannot die of old age. She was only able to be killed because she was sealed within the mortal Arthur Harrow.
    • Nigh-Omniscience: Ammit can see into the hearts of others, to judge if they are "balanced" or "unbalanced." She is also supposedly able to see into the past, present, or future of a person. However, she did not foresee Alexander the Great's betrayal, nor could she understand why Khonshu would choose to fight against her, implying her vision is much more limited than it appears.
    • Life-Force Absorption: Ammit has the ability to take away the life force of people who have, or will, commit evil acts and absorb them.
      • Power Augmentation: To be added
    • Power Bestowal: Ammit granted Arthur Harrow a fraction of her power: the ability to absorb the life force of those that she deems evil and the ability to summon and command Jackals. After being freed, Ammit granted even more power to Harrow.
    • Conjuration: Ammit's power granted Arthur Harrow the ability to summon and command Jackals. Presumably, she has this ability herself.
    • Size Manipulation: Ammit was able to grow to gigantic size as she devoured unbalanced souls.


  • Master Combatant:

    Ammit fighting against Khonshu

    Ammit is a skilled fighter, able to use her unique abilities, such as her strength, jaws, and tail to her advantage in battle.






Behind the Scenes

  • A flashback of Ammit being locked away was intended in Moon Knight, but it was cut for budgetary reasons. This scene would have also featured some of the Eternals.[7]


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