"Please. Just take what you want and leave."
―Amit to Sarge[src]

Amit was an employee of the Bob's Market convenience store that Sarge and his squad robbed for supplies.


Robbed by Sarge's Squad

"People fantasize about doing something dramatic in times like these. You don't look like a hero to me."
Sarge to Amit[src]

Amit worked in Bob's Market not far from Cincinnati, Ohio. While he was working, Sarge's Squad arrived and began robbing the place, with Pax keeping Amit under the threat of his gun while Sarge, Snowflake and Jaco stole various items from the store's shelves. Amit begged the robbers to take whatever they wanted and just leave, and briefly considered using the shotgun kept behind the counter. However, this was noticed by Sarge, who advised him against it and noticed that the technology of Amit's gun seemed rather primitive to him. Amit was then spared by the squad, who left the convenience store after Pax feigned to shoot at Amit to make him flinch one last time.[1]





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