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"Rule number one of Multiversal travel, you don't know anything."
―America Chavez to Doctor Strange[src]

America Chavez is a girl hailing from the Utopian Parallel with the ability to travel the Multiverse. Chavez was targeted by Scarlet Witch, who sought to acquire her powers, leading to her being relentlessly hunted down by inter-dimensional creatures and monsters. Believing that the Book of Vishanti was the key to eliminate the threat, Chavez came in contact with Doctor Strange and the Masters of the Mystic Arts. In their confrontation with Scarlet Witch, Chavez and Strange sought for the book, but after the altercation with the Illuminati, Chavez was captured by Scarlet Witch. Before she could extract Chavez's powers, she was rescued by Strange and confronted Scarlet Witch, getting her to admit her faults and destroy all copies of the Darkhold. With Scarlet Witch being no longer a threat, Chavez stayed in Strange's universe to study the mystic arts in Kamar-Taj.


Early Life[]

Living in the Utopian Parallel[]

"You lost your parents."
"I didn't lose them. I killed them."
Doctor Strange and America Chavez[src]
Utopian Parallel

Chavez in the Utopian Parallel moments before she and her parents were separated

America Chavez was born in the Utopian Parallel, a dimension outside the Multiverse[1] and lived with her mothers, Elena and Amalia Chavez. Chavez had unknowingly developed a special ability to be able to conjure portals to other universes. One day, Chavez was playing in the flowers when a bee suddenly landed on her. Freaking out, Chavez accidentally conjured a portal,[2] causing Chavez and her mothers to be tossed out into the Multiverse.[3] This event would also cause Chavez to be separated from her parents with Chavez believing that she killed them.[2]

Traveling the Multiverse[]

"This universe doesn't have a me."
"None of them do."
"But how do you know that?"
"Because I've looked. And... because I never dream."
―America Chavez and Doctor Strange[src]

Chavez spent the next several years traveling through the Multiverse, accidentally opening new portals whenever she was afraid. She became very knowledgeable of traveling the Multiverse in time and became familiar with how universes worked. Although she looked for variants of herself in other universes, she never found any and believed that she was a unique being in the Multiverse, considering that she never dreamed. By the time she was fourteen, she claimed to have visited seventy-two different universes. Due to her unique nature, Chavez had her existence registered in the Darkhold as a multiversal traveller and a supernatural being.[2]

Chased by Scarlet Witch[]

Pursued by Inter-Dimensional Beings[]

Defender Strange and America Chavez

Chavez and Strange chased by a creature

"We can't let that thing take your power. You can't control it. But I can."
"But we're friends! You're killing me."
"I know. But in the grand calculus of the Multiverse, your sacrifice is worth more than your life—"
Doctor Strange and America Chavez[src]

Unbeknownst to Chavez, Scarlet Witch learned about her in the Darkhold and started a crusade to find and steal Chavez's powers. Chavez soon found herself being chased by inter-dimensional beings, believing they wanted her powers. During this time, she met and befriended Doctor Strange in one of these universes. He protected her from these beings and attempted to take her to the Book of Vishanti in the Gap Junction to find a way to stop whatever was after her.

Defender Strange stabbed

Chavez is betrayed by Defender Strange

When they arrived in the Gap Junction, they found it destroyed with various sections floating freely about, unaware of what may have caused it. They were then promptly chased by a Ribboned Creature. Strange desperately tried to hold off the Creature, but was unable to contain it, and decided to take Chavez's powers for himself to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, despite knowing that it would kill her. She asked him what he was doing, stating they were friends, and he responded by telling her that her sacrifice would be worth more than she'd know.

DSIMoM America Chavez's Star Portals

Chavez opens up a portal to save herself

Chavez was inadvertently saved when Strange was cut off abruptly by being stabbed by the Creature straight through the torso. Chaves then ran underneath the Creature for the Book, only to be captured by the Creature, bounding all of her limbs. Frightened, she opened a portal behind her. The portal started sucking her and the Creature in, before Strange released her from the Creature and she fell into the portal instead. Chavez and Strange's corpse then entered another universe.[2]

Meeting a New Strange[]


Chavez entering another universe

"Who are you? And why were you in my dream?”
“That wasn’t a dream."
Doctor Strange and America Chavez[src]

Due to the fracturing of the Multiverse[4], Chavez was able to access Earth-616, and arrived in that universe's New York City. She placed Defender Strange's body on top of a rooftop. She then wandered into the city streets, only to be targeted by another inter-dimensional being, Gargantos, who was invisible at first. Chavez ran inside a bus, but Gargantos used its tentacles to grab the bus and turn it upside down, causing Chavez to fall.

America Chavez Look Out

Chavez meets Doctor Strange

She was saved by the Cloak of Levitation who flew her towards this universe's Doctor Strange. She ran behind Strange as Gargantos threw the bus at them, but he used magic to slice it in half. Strange looked at her and asked who she was, but was then knocked aside by Gargantos who continued to chase Chavez.

America Chavez and Gargantos

Chavez continues being chased by Gargantos

Chavez ran through the streets as Gargantos caused panic with people running in fear. Eventually, she was caught by Gargantos' tentacle, but was saved by Wong, who arrived from an Inter-Dimensional Portal. When Wong tried to fight Gargantos, it got the upper hand and grabbed him with its tentacle. Chavez hid underneath Gargantos, as Strange returned to assist Wong. Chavez hopped onto a building and tried to avoid Gargantos by getting higher off the ground. Strange and Wong used their magic to grab onto Gargantos, as it scaled the building to get her. Across from them, Christine Palmer and her wedding guests watched from their reception as Strange and Wong worked to get Gargantos away from Chavez. When Gargantos grabbed Strange, he used a spell to grab onto a light pole and stabbed it into Gargantos's eye.

America Chavez - Wong - Stephen Strange

Chavez with Wong and Doctor Strange

He then pulled the eye out of its socket and Gargantos fell to the street below, dead. Once on the ground, Strange and Wong demanded to know who Chavez was. However, she stole Strange's Sling Ring and fled without them noticing. She was then found by them again, with Wong noting he still had possession of his own Sling Ring. She returned the Sling Ring back to Strange, who assured her he meant her no harm after risking his life to save her's before asking why she appeared in his dream. Chavez insisted what he dreamed actually happened in another universe. Afterwards, Strange and Wong took her to a nearby pizza restaurant and asked her to explain who she was.

America Chavez (MoM)

Chavez, Wong and Doctor Strange discuss Spider-Man

She asked them if they knew anything about the Multiverse, in which Strange stated that they had recent experience with it, along with Spider-Man. Chavez asked more about Spider-Man and they told her he used webs to fight. Chavez thought that was gross. Subsequently, as Strange criticized her for eating too fast while remaining skeptical of her claims, Chavez remarked in Spanish that he wasn't her favorite Doctor Strange out of the two she had already met, only to realize he didn't understand her; she quickly became endeared to Wong when he made a quip about his friend in Spanish.

America Chavez eating

Chavez talking to Doctor Strange and Wong

Strange then brought them back to the subject at hand, stating he had left Christine Palmer's wedding to save her, leading Chavez to assume he was the groom before being corrected. Chavez then explained who she was, why monsters were targeting her and her quest for the Book of Vishanti; to her surprise, she learned that Strange wasn't the Sorcerer Supreme. When Strange asked for proof, she brought them to the rooftop and showed them the body of Defender Strange. Wong asked what they should do with the body and Strange buried it using his magic. Strange then stated that the symbols on Strange and Gargantos weren't sorcery but witchcraft. Wong soon realized they had not made proper introductions with Chavez and offered her sanctuary in Kamar-Taj. Chavez cautiously asked Strange if he wouldn't betray her like Defender Strange did, to which he asked her to trust him.[2]

Siege of Kamar-Taj[]


Chavez being protected at Kamar-Taj

"We gotta get you out of here. Now."
"Why? What happened?"
"Kamar-Taj has fallen."
Doctor Strange, America Chavez and Wong[src]

Afterwards, Scarlet Witch came to Kamar-Taj, Chavez watched in fear as the Scarlet Witch destroyed and killed everyone in her path. Doctor Strange then traps Scarlet Witch in the Mirror Dimension to buy some time.

Doctor Strange, America Chavez & Wong

Wong and Doctor Strange protect Chavez

Doctor Strange and Wong came to her to get her out of Kamar-Taj, but Scarlet Witch disintegrated Strange's Sling Ring and started using the water reflections to try to catch Chavez. Although Chavez, Strange, and Wong have covered their reflections, Scarlet Witch passes through an interdimensional portal, escaping the Mirror Dimension and arriving at the place where Chavez is.

Multiverse of Madness

Chavez and Strange fly through the Multiverse

After Scarlet Witch elaborated her motivation of using Chavez's powers to become the mother of Tommy and Billy Maximoff in an alternate universe, followed by Strange and Wong's failed attempts to fight her off, she flings the sorcerers away and telekinetically grabs Chavez as she begins to absorb Chavez's powers. Chavez began to open a series of portals and was saved by Strange and the two begin to pass through various random realities, but not before Scarlet Witch uses her powers to damage the Cloak of Levitation.[2]

Escaping through the Multiverse[]

America Chavez in Earth-838

Chavez asks Doctor Strange if he is okay

"Food's free in most universes, actually. It's weird you guys have to pay for it."
"Hey! You didn't pay for that."
―America Chavez and Pizza Poppa[src]

Chavez and Strange fell through a number of universes through various portals, eventually landing in Earth-838. Strange chided Chavez for the lack of control over her powers, stating that he could control them better than her. This caused her to recoil as it reminded her of Defender Strange and his betrayal, and Strange apologized. They left to search for help in this new universe, with Chavez acting as the guide due to her previous experience with Multiversal travel.

Memory Lane

Chavez and Strange exploring Earth-838

Chavez took a pizza ball from a street vendor, explaining to Strange that food was free in most universes, and asked Strange if that was the same in his universe. This didn't turn out to be entirely true, as Pizza Poppa caught up to her and angrily demanded she pay him immediately for the food she had taken. Strange responded by casting a spell that forced the man to punch himself in the face repeatedly, quipping that this would allegedly continue for three weeks.[2]

Captured by Baron Mordo[]

Doctor Strange Statue America Chavez

Chavez sees the statue of Supreme Strange

"I'm sorry, Stephen. But I hope you, of all people, understand that it is not Wanda Maximoff who threatens our reality, it's the two of you."
Baron Mordo to Doctor Strange[src]

Chavez and Doctor Strange came across Earth 838's New York Sanctum, which had a towering statue dedicated to that universe's Doctor Strange in front of it. The plaque read that Strange sacrificed his life defeating Thanos. Approaching the entrance, Strange wondered who was the Sorcerer Supreme in that universe until the door opened and Baron Karl Mordo walked through. Strange then explained the relationship between himself and Karl Mordo of his universe to Chavez, which worried her.

America drugged by Mordo

Chaves is drugged by Baron Mordo

However, Mordo greeted Strange as a brother and welcomed the two into the Sanctum. Once inside, Chavez and Strange were offered tea, which they drank as they explained their situation to Mordo. Mordo then told them about the dreamwalking ritual which was a desecration to reality itself. However, they soon began to feel dizzy. They realized that their tea had been drugged, and they passed out.[2]

Imprisoned at Illuminati Headquarters[]

Doctor Strange and America Chavez

Chavez is imprisoned in a glass chamber

"This universe sucks!"
―America Chavez to Doctor Strange[src]

Chavez woke up at the Illuminati Headquarters in a sealed polycarbonate glass chamber, where she had been placed by the Illuminati so scientists could study her and ensure she was not carrying an unknown disease from another universe or was any other kind of hazard. She remained in her chamber even after Doctor Strange was escorted out to be interviewed by the Illuminati.

Chavez and Palmer

Chavez watches Scarlet Witch approaching

Scarlet Witch, Dreamwalking in the body of her 838 counterpart, soon broke into the compound and killed the Illuminati, and entered the room where Chavez was being held. Christine Palmer desperately attempted to open Chavez's cell, but the computer interface was disrupted by Scarlet Witch's powers. Palmer then attempted to break the glass open with a metal container but was unsuccessful. Chavez punched the side of the chamber, creating a large star-shaped dent large enough to free herself. Professor X then entered the room and engaged Scarlet Witch in a mental battle, giving Chavez and Palmer enough time to escape.

America Chavez hugs Strange

Chavez hugging Doctor Strange

Chavez and Palmer headed for a hall as they heard footsteps, thinking that it was the Scarlet Witch. However, Chavez and Palmer were relieved that it was Strange. Chavez happily ran to Strange and embraced him then told him that Palmer fixed his Cloak of Levitation. Also, Chavez told Palmer that this version of Strange is different than the latter she knew from her universe.

Scarlet Witch captures America Chavez

Chavez captured by Scarlet Witch

The three fled from Scarlet Witch into the tunnels of the Illuminati Headquarters. They eventually reached the Book of Vishanti, but Maximoff caught up with them and destroyed the book before it could be used. She then tapped into Chavez's powers, using them to send Strange and Palmer through a portal before opening a portal to Mount Wundagore on Earth-616 and taking Chavez through it.[2]

Battle on Mount Wundagore[]

Chavez reasons with Maximoff

Chaves tries to reason with Scarlet Witch

"I can't beat you. So I'll give you what you want."
―America Chavez to Scarlet Witch[src]

Upon returning to Mount Wundagore, Scarlet Witch placed Chavez on the altar, intending to strip her of her powers. However, the ritual is intercepted by Wong and the arrival of Doctor Strange, the latter having dreamwalked into Defender Strange's body. Rather than take Chavez's power, Strange told her to trust herself and trust her power in order to stop Wanda, telling her that she was controlling it all along as every portal she opens sent them exactly where they needed to go.

America Chavez vs

Chavez fights back against Scarlet Witch

Inspired by Strange's words, Chavez leaped off the altar and used her powers against Maximoff, punching her into various portals. One point, she punched Maximoff into a fiery hellish universe, but Maximoff gained the upper hand and pushed Chavez back. Seeing that she cannot beat Maximoff but knowing what can, Chavez transported them to Earth-838 inside the Vision Residence. Chavez watched as Maximoff realized what she had become upon seeing how Billy and Tommy reacted to her, then brought herself and Maximoff back to their universe.

America Chavez Opens Kamar-Taj Portal

Chavez opens a portal to escape with Wong

As Maximoff prepared to destroy the mountain, the Darkhold, and every copy of it within the Multiverse, Chavez opened up a portal back to Kamar-Taj and fled with Wong through before Maximoff destroyed the mountain. Eventually, she opens up another portal in front of Strange and Christine Palmer and so they could go through and returned to Earth-616.[2]

Becoming a Master[]

Training at Kamar-Taj[]

America Chavez & Rintrah

Chavez begins her training at Kamar-Taj

"Made some sparks."
"Great. Your parents would be proud. I hope you'll get to show them one day."
―America Chavez and Doctor Strange[src]

Chavez decided to stay on Earth-616 and began training with the Masters of the Mystic Arts at Kamar-Taj.

America DSITMOM end scene

Chavez has a moment with Doctor Strange

Chavez's impatience caused her to fall behind the other students, and she expressed frustration at how much harder magic was than creating star portals. Wong mused to Doctor Strange that she reminded him of Strange when he first entered Kamar-Taj. After practice, Chavez told Strange with feigned excitement that she had managed to create sparks, and Strange replied that her mothers would be proud of her. Chavez told Strange that she was glad that she landed in his universe, and he reciprocated the feeling before leaving.[2]


Chavez has an adventurous spirit and shows a lot of curiosity, evidently as she spent most of her life traveling throughout the Multiverse. Chavez also seems to be independent because of her adventures but didn't seem to know the difference between basic things that are considered morally right and wrong, as shown when she steals Doctor Strange's Sling Ring soon after first meeting and takes pizza balls while in Earth-838 without paying. This is presumably because she wasn't guided or taught, due to not having her parents around to guide or help her from a relatively young age.

However, despite her experiences and independence, Chavez had a low opinion of herself because of her uncontrolled powers as she held herself responsible for her parents being sent to another universe where they could be lost or dead. In addition, Chavez was afraid of her powers because of what happened to her parents and worried that the same thing could happened to anyone else she would get close to. However, Chavez's opinion was changed when Strange assured her that her parents might be alive somewhere in the Multiverse and encouraged her to hope that she'll reunite with them someday.

At first, Chavez was unsure of trusting Doctor Strange as she believed that he was going to betray her in a similar manner to one of his counterparts did. However, after Strange saved her from Scarlet Witch and forming a family bond with him, Chavez started to trust him and realized that he was different compared to his Multiversal counterparts. Also, through Strange's words of encouragement, Chavez was inspired to fight back against the Scarlet Witch and controlled her powers against her in the battle that followed. In addition, Chavez was influenced by Strange as he showed her the true meaning of helping people in need and that everyone deserves a second chance whether they are good or bad.

Chavez quickly became close with Wong and trusted him, as he took her in in order to protect her from the Scarlet Witch. Also, after the events were dealt with, Chavez decided to stay in Wong and Strange's universe in order to train in the Mystic Arts and learn more about her abilities. Chavez has enough faith in Wong to teach her what he knows and help her learn more about her abilities.

Powers and Abilities[]


"You can travel the Multiverse?"
Doctor Strange and America Chavez[src]
  • Fuertona Physiology: Chavez has innate powers since her birth due to being a unique individual across the Multiverse, having no variants in any timeline or alternate reality. Her powers allowed her to hold her own against the Chaos Magic empowered Scarlet Witch, although she was eventually overpowered by her.
    • Extra-Dimensional Energy Manipulation: Chavez can channel inter-dimensional energies through her body, causing her fists to be surrounded by a blue glow and further boosting the power of her punches. Combined with her super strength, this allowed her to attack with enough force to temporarily stagger Scarlet Witch and knock her through a portal.
      • Superhuman Strength:
        America Chavez punches glass

        Chavez breaking a polycarbonate glass wall

        Chavez is a being that possesses powerful superhuman strength, which enabled her to dent a polycarbonate glass wall that was sturdy enough to take several hits from a heavy metal container without any damage, and later she punched Scarlet Witch strong enough to generate a shockwave.
      • Portal Creation:
        Star Portal 1

        Chavez travels to Earth-838

        Chavez can create star-shaped portals to alternate universes or other locations within the universe which she currently inhabits. Originally, these portals would open involuntarily whenever Chavez became afraid, but after gaining more control of her powers she's able to open them at will by punching.
        • Dimensional Travel: Chavez can create star-shaped portals to alternate realities, which she can use to traverse different universes, timelines and dimensions.
    • Singularity: Due to her anomalous nature, Chavez is completely unique in the multiverse, with no variants of her existing in any other timeline. Due to this, she is completely incapable of dreaming.
      • Power Absorption Immunity: Due to her anomalous nature, her supernatural abilities are inherent to her very existence and can't be absorbed. In spite of this, her vital force and extra-dimensional energies that was already in her body can be absorbed.
"How is this so much harder than a Multiversal portal?"
―America Chavez[src]


"Even that led you to this moment... when you're gonna kick that witch's ass."
Doctor Strange to America Chavez[src]
  • Combatant:
    Chavez fighting against Scarlet Witch

    Chavez fighting against Scarlet Witch

    Though she has no formal training, Chavez is an adept fighter with the use of her powers. She punched Scarlet Witch during the Battle on Mount Wundagore and landed a kick before she became outmatched.
  • Tactician: Chavez is a skilled planner as she could figure out clever strategies during situations. She first demonstrates this when being on top of a building while the Gargantos was about to attack Strange and Wong, she stomps to drop a piece of rubble off to get its attention which bought time for the sorcerer to impale the creature in the eye. In her fight against Scarlet Witch, Chavez was able to trick her by letting her briefly restrain her neck while she opens a portal for the latter's counterpart children to see her.
"She took my slingy."
"She took your slingy."
Doctor Strange and Wong[src]
  • Thief: Chavez was able to steal Doctor Strange's Sling Ring without him noticing.
  • Bilingualism: Chavez is fluent in her native Spanish, as well as English.


Other Equipment[]

  • Sling Ring: A mystical object which enables the wearer to open a portal to another location. Chavez took Doctor Strange's sling ring after Strange saved her, she later joined the Masters of the Mystic Arts and got a sling ring of her own.
  • Magic Inhibitor: When Chavez was detained by the Illuminati, Magic Inhibitors were placed around her wrists to stop Chavez from using her powers.








  • In the comics, America Chavez is a Multiverse-hopping superhero who goes by the name Miss America. Chavez's original backstory was that she came from a special dimension called the Utopian Parallel, but this has been retconned. Her current backstory is that the Utopian Parallel is actually just a small island on Earth that had a testing facility, and her mothers were scientists, not superheroes. All the fantastical aspects about the Utopian Parallel was just Chavez's imagination which she used to cope with the trauma.
  • In an interview with Xochitl Gomez and, America Chavez is stated to be fourteen years old during the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, much younger than her Marvel comics counterpart.[1]
  • Chavez wears an LGBTQ+ pin on her jacket.
  • Chavez has a phobia of bees.
  • While not explicitly stated in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, America is confirmed to be a lesbian.[5]

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