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"These Chitauri-fuelled weapons will provide us the firepower we need to lay waste to the regime. What further proof do you need that the U.S. is on our side?"
"That's about as much as I needed to hear."
ISIS Terrorist and Steve Rogers[src]

The Ambush on the Chitauri Nuclear Weapon Shipment was one of the missions undertaken by the team of former Avengers Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff in order to stop ISIS from using Chitauri-fuelled weapons.


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"Okay boys, our friendly terrorist shipment is headed your way."
Natasha Romanoff[src]

Continuing their efforts in getting rid of crime and terrorism, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Sam Wilson, all fugitives, made their way to Syria. One of Romanoff's old KGB contacts informed them of a shipment of weapons, enhanced by Chitauri technology being delivered to ISIS. Romanoff infiltrated the area and watched for the delivery to arrive, informing Rogers and Wilson that it was heading their way. As the terrorists inspected the weapons, Rogers and Wilson ambushed them and knocked them out with great ease. Romanoff then joined them and they all took off their disguises and went to move the shipment before they get caught. When asked on whether they should inform Tony Stark about the weapons, Rogers stated that he would have enough to deal with already.

As they were about to leave, they soon came under fire by more terrorists, causing them to hide. Rogers informed them that they had to move the crate full of Chitauri weapons before a stray bullet hits it and causes an explosion, asking Wilson to make a path for them using his wings. Wilson deflecting the incoming bullets, allowing Rogers and Romanoff to escape with the weapons, and then proceeded in firing back at the terrorists at the opportunity. They returned back to their Quinjet to load the shipment where they would strip the components, making the weapons unusable and then continue on in their secret missions in Lebanon. When they entered the Quinjet, they were approached by Nick Fury, who had come to them to try and help them mend the damage that happened to the Avengers.[1]


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