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"This guy's missing. The rest are dead."
"Aryan Brotherhood. They're not my kind of brothers."
Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

The Ambush on the Aryan Brotherhood was an attempt by the vigilantes Quake and Ghost Rider to take down members of the Aryan Brotherhood.


"The Chinatown Crew. They set the job up and were willing to pay big."
"Lies. Aryan Brotherhood working with the Chinese?"
T. Mitchell and Ghost Rider[src]

In an attempt to achieve his plan, Eli Morrow took the leadership of the Chinatown Crew. The Crew hired the Aryan Brotherhood to steal a Quantum Battery. Despite their racist ideology, the Aryan Brotherhood agreed to work with the Chinese thugs in exchange for a large amount of money. They stole the mysterious box and dropped it in a warehouse before leaving the place. However, they were being chased by both Ghost Rider and Quake.[1]


"That truck heist in East L.A.... three people were brutally murdered."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

M. Scott and R. Moore prepare to face Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider attacked the Aryan Brotherhood crew, wounding M. Scott, but they managed to temporarily escape him. However, they were also assaulted by Quake, who destroyed their engine, forcing them to stop. Believing to have seen her, Scott fired at a shop's window, but he ran out of ammunition and Quake faced him in hand-in-hand combat. Much to Quake's surprise, Scott quickly fell on his knees, begging for help and fainting because of his wound. T. Mitchell took a machine gun and intended to kill Quake, but she got to safety as she also protected a civilian from the bullets.

R. Moore is murdered by Ghost Rider

An engine roar was heard as the Hell Charger ultimately caught up with the Aryan Brotherhood crew. Mitchell ordered R. Moore to shoot at the ominous car with a rocket launcher but the car was left undamaged, landing back on its wheels while bathing in fire. Ghost Rider smashed his car into the stopped Aryan Brotherhood's car. He then violently murdered Moore and D. Anderson and kidnapped Mitchell, putting him in the Hell Charger's trunk. His attack being over, Ghost Rider drove the Hell Charger away. As the LAPD arrived, Quake promptly escaped as well.[1]


Quake tries to find Ghost Rider

"It's too late for me. They say when the Rider burns you, he burns your soul. And a soul can never heal."
M. Scott to Quake[src]

Intrigued by Ghost Rider's unexpected arrival, as well of his strange powers and demonic appearance from which she had only had a glimpse, Quake began investigating in order to find who he exactly was. In her search, she went to see M. Scott in the hospital, but he died from his wounds before revealing anything valuable.

Meanwhile, Ghost Rider sequestrated Mitchell in El Monte Junk and Salvage, where he violently interrogated him about the links between the Aryan Brotherhood and the Chinatown Crew. Once Ghost Rider got all the answers he needed, he brutally murdered Mitchell and left to chase the Chinatown Crew.

Quake would eventually cross the path of Ghost Rider, resulting in a confrontation between the two vigilantes.[1]