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The Ambush on Torfa was a planned attack executed by the Skrulls and disguised as a rescue mission carried out by the combined forces of Starforce and the Accusers, and arguably a turning point in the Kree-Skrull War. Although the Kree managed to endure the ambush, Starforce operative Vers, who went ahead to retrieve Soh-Larr, was captured by the Skrulls and ultimately brought to Earth. This caused her to discover her true identity as Carol Danvers and ultimately that the war was in fact a genocide, eventually resulting in her defecting.


The planet of Torfa was home to a group of Skrull refugees. The Kree spy Soh-Larr infiltrated the planet to find information on their activities, and Starforce was sent to retrieve him. However, unbeknownst to the Kree, Talos had already managed to capture him and extract his memories.[1]



Yon-Rogg and Bron-Char taking cover

Ronan the Accuser led his vessels on a bombing run against Skrull settlements. Following this, Starforce landed to search for Soh-Larr. While Vers found what she believed to be Soh-Larr, the rest of Starforce was ambushed by a group of Skrulls disguising themselves as Torfans. While Starforce defeated the Skrull force with no casualties, "Soh-Larr" revealed himself to be Talos and abducted Vers.[1]


The Skrulls captured Vers in order to find Mar-Vell through reading her memories. While Vers quickly escaped, the ambush would kick off a series of events that led to her discovering her true identity as Carol Danvers. In addition, she eventually discovered that the Kree, not the Skrulls, were the aggressors in the Kree-Skrull War, leading to her deserting Starforce and siding with the Skrulls.[1]


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