"You think I'm stupid. Is that what you all think? That I'm a stupid human! That I can't tell if someone is lying to my face! Your arrogance has blinded you! Nothing is going to stop me!"

The Ambush on Maximus was a result of a rebellion that was formed after Maximus had taken rule over Attilan in hopes to kill the human King.


"He's sending us off to Earth to die one by one. If we don't act soon, there won't be any of us left. Maximus must die."
Tibor to the Rebel Leader[src]

In an attempt to undergo a second Terrigenesis, Prince of the Inhumans Maximus overthrew his brother Black Bolt and exiled the Inhuman Royal Family on Earth, taking power in Attilan.[1] Maximus then sought the support of the Genetic Council, who refused to approve his plan, which led to the extermination of the Council, except for Tibor, Maximus' former friend.[2]

As Maximus tightened his rule over Attilan, ordering a conscription to hunt down the Royal Family, a rebel movement emerged in Attilan. The rebels recruited Tibor and sought his assistance for killing Maximus and returning the Royal Family to power.[3] However, Maximus eventually learned about the conspiracy.[4]


"Tibor and his rebellious friends here to kill me. But you should know, we have your families. If you resist, we will kill them all. Put down your weapons. I am saddened that so many of you have followed Tibor down this path of treachery."
"You will fail."
"You came after a king."
Maximus and Tibor[src]

Having discovered that some rebels were plotting his death, Maximus ordered Tibor to join him in Attilan's Control Room. Before that, he also consulted Bronaja in order to trigger a vision of his future meeting with Tibor. Bronaja replied that he did not see anything dangerous regarding Tibor and that Maximus could meet him without fearing anything.

Maximus Executes Tibor

Maximus executes Tibor

Maximus joined the Control Room with several Attilan Royal Guards. He had Tibor, who awaited with a knife, disarmed, and they waited for the arrival of the other rebels. Maximus informed them that their families had been captured and ordered them to put down their weapons. The rebels were forced to comply and Maximus decided to make an example out of Tibor. Therefore, Maximus slit Tibor's throat open despite the rebels' plea. The rebels were then taken into custody.

Bronaja Swears Loyalty

Bronaja is forced to swear loyalty to Maximus

Once the rebels and the guards were gone, Maximus leaned on Tibor's body and took some of his blood on his finger. He then painted Bronaja's face with the blood and forced the young Inhuman to swear full loyalty to him after his lie about his vision.[4]


The assassination of Tibor and the end of the rebellion against Maximus enabled the new King of Attilan to wipe out the last form of resistance against his rule on the Moon. Thus, Maximus could pursue his plans, provided he acquired the knowledge acquired by Evan Declan. However, Maximus' attempts to eliminate the Inhuman Royal Family while they were on Earth failed, and Maximus eventually could not prevent his family from returning to Attilan and thwarting his plans.[5]


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