"You're not gifted. You're a freak."
"What have we or the mentally challenged ever done to you?"
"You saved the city. That's what the newspapers said. You were "heroes". [...] But I was there. I saw what really happened. I saw my mother crushed to death under a building that you people destroyed."
"In the Incident?"
"I was trying to pull my mother out from the rubble, watching her bleed to death, while all around me, you people were raining down hell."
Audrey Eastman and Jessica Jones[src]

The Ambush on Jessica Jones was a failed attempt by Audrey Eastman to kill Jessica Jones after learning about her abilities.


"Carlo thinks I'm an idiot. But I can smell it on him every time he sneaks into bed at 3:00 in the morning. Wouldn't be his first affair, either. Some people can't keep their lives in check. They just go along blindly ruining the lives of everyone in their path. I'm sick of pretending it doesn't matter."
Audrey Eastman to Jessica Jones[src]
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One morning at Alias Investigations Office, Jessica Jones was approached by a woman named Audrey Eastman, who hired the private investigator to seek information on her husband. She believed that he was cheating on her and wanted Jones to provide evidence of it. Despite taking the case, Jones expressed to others that she did not trust Eastman and trailed her instead.[3]


"Jessica? Can you hear me? Where... where is Carlo?"
"He's three feet to your right, asshole."
Audrey Eastman and Jessica Jones[src]

Witnessing Carlo Eastman escort a woman into the building, Jessica Jones followed behind them and to their room. As she heard sexual noises coming from within the room, she received a call from her client Audrey Eastman; quickly, Jones learned that the woman on the phone was also the woman behind the doors. Enraged, she burst through the door, where Audrey pointed a pistol at her.[3]


"You wanted to know how many of us there are? The last time I counted, I had 99 gifted friends in this borough alone. And now every single one of them is gonna know about this shit that you tried to pull."
Jessica Jones to Audrey Eastman[src]

Frightened by the display of Jessica Jones's powers, Carlo Eastman informed Audrey Eastman that he wanted a divorce. Jones met with the Kilgrave Victim Support Group and continued her investigation on Kilgrave's whereabouts.[3]


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