"I've seen you on the news. Armed and dangerous. They have no idea, huh?"
Curtis Hoyle to Billy Russo[src]

The Ambush on Billy Russo was an attempt by Homeland Security agents to apprehend Billy Russo.


"I wish I could see your face..."
"What are you talking about?"
"When you realize..."
"Realize what, Frankie?"
"That you're done. You lost everything. Everything you give a shit about is gone. Gone."
"This isn't my gun, Frank. I was never here."
Frank Castle and Billy Russo[src]

Billy Russo captured Frank Castle after the exchange for the Lieberman family. Taking him to Micro's Hideout, Russo interrogated Castle for the code to unlock Micro's computers as William Rawlins tortured the Punisher for revenge. Learning that Rawlins was fired from the CIA and that he was unstable, Russo cut the cords holding Castle, leading to Rawlins' demise. Russo took Rawlins' handgun and watched Castle brutally kill the agent.

Russo prepared to kill Castle until Homeland Security agents came to the scene. Russo was shot in the arm and fled the hideout as Castle was saved from death by Dinah Madani and David Lieberman.[1]



Billy Russo killing all the agents hunting him

Russo returned to Anvil Headquarters and patched his wound before Homeland Security agents came to capture him. Thinking fast and knowing the building's layout, Russo killed all the agents with a silenced pistol and escaped. Leaving behind Anvil, he destroyed the building and organization without looking back. Russo decided to go on the hunt for Frank Castle, wanting his revenge after losing everything he had, something Castle warned him about.[2]


Memento Mori pic

Billy Russo being disfigured by the Punisher

Punisher and Curtis Hoyle set up a trap on Russo. Russo managed to shoot Hoyle in the shoulder but Castle sniped him but missed. Russo then took cover to avoid getting shot. Castle called Hoyle's phone and told him to give the phone to Russo. Castle then told Russo that the fight is between them and should not involve Hoyle which leads to the agreement that a duel would take place, one on one.[2]


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