"What happened?"
"I got clocked."
"By White Hat?"
"No. I don't know who he was. But when he hit me, it felt like a sledgehammer. He had this... this hand. I think it glowed."
"Glowed how?"
"I don't know. Just some skinny white kid."
Claire Temple and Luke Cage[src]

The Ambush at the Wall of the Chaste was a three-sided open confrontation between Luke Cage, the combined forces of Iron Fist and Colleen Wing, and the Hand.


"I don't know what he's up to, but they're doing some kind of clean-up work."
Luke Cage to Claire Temple[src]

Sowande, one of the Hand's leaders, was recruiting young men from Harlem for cleaning up operations by the Hand in New York. After the death of Sean Miller, his previous cleaner, Sowande recruited his younger brother Cole.

When the Hand found the location of the Chaste's headquarters in an abondened workshop in Chinatown, they sent a group of warriors, led by Elektra. They killed all members of the Chaste and captured Stick.

After returning to New York, Luke Cage decided to find Cole. Using information from Turk Barrett, he found Sowande and followed him to Chinatown. In the meantime, Iron Fist and Colleen Wing went to the Wall and found the corpses of the Chaste warriors left after their battle with the Hand.[4]


"He punched me."
"You punched first."
Luke Cage and Danny Rand[src]

Unbeknownst about hiding Danny Rand and Colleen Wing, Sowande's crew came to the Wall and start destroying corpses with acid. Rand and Wing defeated them, but Cole Miller tried to escape.

Rand caught him up and tried to interrogate, but he was attacked by arrived Luke Cage. Rand tried to defeat Cage, but he could not hurt him because of his bulletproof skin. Cage won the duel, but Rand punched him on his head with the use of his Iron Fist. Duel was interrupted by the arrival of police officers. Cage and Rand escaped, but Miller was arrested.[6]


"You're taking the war to the ones at the bottom, is that it? If I were in your shoes, I'd think twice about using that thing on people who are trying to feed their families."
Luke Cage to Danny Rand[src]

After returning home, Luke Cage told Claire Temple about his encounter with Iron Fist. Temple realized that he meant Danny Rand, whom she knew. She brought Cage to meeting with Rand and Colleen Wing in Chikara Dojo.

To cover the tracks, Hand killed Miller and leave his body in a police precinct. Later, cops found him and informed his mother about the death of her son.[4]


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