"Someone missing as long as Antoine usually stays missing. Normally, I don't give a shit. More billable hours for me. But Luke being the client makes this case personal, which is against my policy."
Jessica Jones[src]

The Ambush at the Russian Hideout was an attempt by Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to track down and rescue Antoine Grier.


"Kid's name is Antoine Grier. He got in deep to a loan shark. Disappeared a week ago."
Luke Cage to Jessica Jones[src]

Antoine Grier took a loan from Len Sirkes, a loan shark in the area. When his sister Serena discovered his actions, she gave Antoine money to repay Sirkes; however, Antoine, with his friend Victor invested it in illegal drugs. The friends then found an abandoned warehouse and started growing marijuana there. Meanwhile, Antoine, who abandoned his apartment, did not contact Serena about his plans.


Jessica Jones and Luke Cage confronts Len Sirkes

Serena contacted Luke Cage to find Antoine, to which he agreed to the deal and began his search. Cage asks for help from Jessica Jones. Cage and Jones confronted with Sirkes and found out that he was searching for Antoine too. Their investigation brought them to the warehouse, but Sirkes followed them.[3]


Russian Hideout JJ

Jessica Jones lifts Sirkes

"You are a good P.I. Maybe I'll throw you some business in the future. Pay her."
"How about a new deal? All this weed is worth three, four times what he owes you. Let me keep Antoine, all of this is yours."
Len Sirkes and Jessica Jones[src]

In the warehouse Jessica Jones confronted Victor while Luke Cage dealt with his dogs. Jones then found Antoine Grier and Len Sirkes suddenly entered with thugs, praising Jones' abilities and requesting that she hand Grier to him; however, Jones refused, as she needed Grier in order to obtain the information his sister had. A fight ensued, with Jones escaped with Grier while leaving Cage to deal with Sirkes and his men.[3]



Luke Cage prepares to kill Charles Wallace

"Charles Wallace. He was the bus driver. In the accident? Wasn't an accident. The asshole was drunk. He got liquored up, went to work, and killed my wife."
"Luke... That's... It's over. Done. Right?"
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

At Serena Grier's Apartment, Luke Cage found out that the name of his wife's killer is Charles Wallace. Enraged, Cage decided to seek out Wallace and kill him. Jessica Jones, after being tipped off by Antoine Grier that Cage was planning to kill Wallace, stopped him and revealed that she killed Connors. She told Cage that his wife had information on Kilgrave and Jones was ordered to get it and kill Connors. Cage was perplexed; he then insulted Jones and left her.[3]


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