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"Y'all got hit last night. That expensive, exclusive, hard-to-get hardware that Diamondback gave you is in a police evidence lockup. And the money that Domingo and his crew were supposed to give you is gone."
Shades to Cottonmouth[src]

The Ambush at the Harlem Junkyard was an open confrontation that began when the trio of Chico Diaz, Shameek Smith and Dante Chapman hijacked an arms deal between men acting on behalf of Domingo Colon and Stokes Crime Family.


"Let's get this money."
Chico Diaz to Shameek Smith[src]

Diamondback managed to obtain a big amount of assault rifles designed by Hammer Industries. He set up a business deal with Cottonmouth to sell rifles to Colon Crime Family and other criminal organizations in Harlem. Stokes contacted with his friend Domingo Colon and arranged a meeting between their men to finish the deal. They agreed to met at the local junkyard at night while their bosses discuss current deal in Harlem's Paradise.

However, Dante Chapman who worked in Harlem's Paradise as a bartender heard about a deal. He informed his friend Shameek Smith who decided to ambush them and steal all their money. Chapman said he was sick to miss his work in the club while Smith got the weapons and got Chico Diaz from the Pop's Barber Shop. Together, they headed to junkyard where gangsters already were.[3]


"Yo! You wasn't supposed to kill nobody, man!"
"I had to make a move, Dante. Shit went left. My bad."
Dante Chapman and Shameek Smith[src]

Members of the Stokes Crime Family and Colon Crime Family arrived to the junkyard in order to trade off the weapons and money as per confirmation from their bosses. Unaware, Shameek Smith, Dante Chapman and Chico Diaz appeared and held them at gunpoint. However, before they could get money with no blood, Smith shot one of gangsters what started a gunfight in which crew killed all enemies. Chapman became very anxious; to keep him silent, Smith shot him in the chest, leaving Diaz slightly shakened. They leave the scene with the money. Before death, Chapman called Tone and told him about Smith and Diaz.[3]


"You heard about that shooting at the junkyard? Near the edge of the river?"
"Really? There was a shootout. Looks like a gun deal that was robbed. Turned into a bloodbath. Dante Chapman was found dead at the scene. Shameek Smith was found about 18 hours later, beaten to death."
Misty Knight, Pop and Rafael Scarfe[src]

At the next day, group of New York City Police Department arrived to junkyard to investigate gunfight and confiscate Cottonmouth's weapons. Misty Knight identified dead Chapman and New York Bulletin wrote about his death.

Stokes began search of Smith and Diaz in order to get back his money. Firstly, Tone found Smith and cited him to the Harlem's Paradise. Stokes took his part of money, beaten him to death and left his body on the streets.[3]

Then Turk Barrett informed Tone that Chico Diaz hid in Pop's Barber Shop and, unknown to Stokes, came to barbershop with Shades. Tone assaulted barbershop, wounded Diaz and killed Pop in process. He took the last part of money and brought them to Cottonmouth.[4]

Diaz survived and decided to testify about Stokes and his criminal activities, but was killed by corrupt detective Rafael Scarfe who worked for Cottonmouth.[5]