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"So, you're the fool the TVA brought in to hunt me down."
"Me, I presume."
"Please. If anyone's anyone, you're me."
Sylvie Laufeydottir and Loki[src]

The Ambush at Roxxcart Mall was a failed attempt by the Time Variance Authority to stop Sylvie Laufeydottir.


After Hunter C-20 was kidnapped by Sylvie Laufeydottir, Loki, Mobius M. Mobius, and Hunter B-15 tried to intercept Sylvie at her last known location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Loki tried to help Mobius and B-15 into understanding Sylvie's actions, but none of them believed him and the timeline was pruned. Afterward, Mobius had a conversation with Ravonna Renslayer about Loki's actions, the Time-Keepers, and finding Sylvie.

Later on, Mobius met up with Loki in hopes to get closer in finding Sylvie. Loki explained to him that because anything that happened during disasters could not cause nexus events, he reasoned that the variant could be hiding in those points of time. The two tested Loki's theory, travelling to Pompeii during the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which proved true. Using the clue found by Mobius, they managed to pinpoint an exact location: a Category 8 Hurricane in Haven Hills in 2050.

After Mobius told Renslayer about their plan and Loki's prep talk with the Minutemen, the group travelled to the Roxxcart Mall in order to find the variant.[1]


As Loki, Mobius, Hunter B-15, and the group of Minutemen arrived outside of Roxxcart Mall, the group moved into the mall as Loki dried his clothes. B-15 ordered the group to split up in order to find the variant with Mobius asking that Loki stay with him, though B-15 disagreed and wanted Loki to stay with her. The two argued until Loki told B-15 that they can earn his trust, agreeing to go with B-15. In the mall's security room Sylvie watched as the group searched the mall, setting a timer to activate her collected rest charges.

Loki and B-15 walked through the sections until B-15 heard something. They found a customer examining a potted plant as B-15 suspected something was wrong. B-15 asked if he could be the variant, which Loki also suspected, and went up to the customer. The customer grabbed B-15's arm, enchanting her and collapsing to the floor. Loki asked B-15 if he was dead, but was suspicious that B-15 was enchanted after she began speaking differently than before. The now-enchanted B-15 observed Loki's presence as they made their acquaintance.

At the back of the mall, Mobius, alongside the Minutemen, found a group of survivors as they tried to find the reset charges. One of the staff members suspected that the Minutemen were FEMA or the National Guard and told them that they needed to be evacuated, though a Minuteman pushed him aside. Mobius reminded the Minuteman to not be so harsh since they were scared, though the Minuteman disagreed. As the two were about to argue, another Minuteman told Mobius that they found Hunter C-20. The group found C-20 exclaiming that something was real.

Meanwhile, Loki continued to follow the enchanted B-15 around the mall, admiring the variant's deception. A staff member approached the two and asked them if they were looking for the disaster shelter as B-15 grabbed onto him, enchanting him. Loki checked on B-15 and was about to ask for backup until the staff member disrupted him. Loki tried to make a deal with Sylvie by saying that he wants to overthrow the Time-Keepers, though Sylvie said she could see through his tricks. The staff member disappeared as Sylvie armed a reset charge.

As Mobius and the Minutemen tried to calm down C-20, she admitted that she told Sylvie everything about the Time-Keepers, their location, and how to find them as B-15 woke up. Loki continued to follow the staff member until he saw the armed reset charge, realizing Sylvie's plan. However, Sylvie managed to enchant another civilian, throwing Loki aside. Sylvie continued to attack Loki as the two engaged in a fight. B-15 managed to catch up with Mobius as they tried to find Loki. However, as it seemed like another fight was about to begin, the civilian collapsed to the ground as Sylvie revealed herself to Loki.[1]


As the timer on the reset charges hit zero, it sent a shock through the mall as multiple reset charges were activated and unleashed throughout the timeline. Mobius and B-15 had no idea what Sylvie's plans were as Ravonna Renslayer and the employees of the TVA saw the multiple branches in the timeline. As the mall's emergency power came on, Sylvie made her leave as Loki followed her through. Mobius and B-15 tried to stop him, but they were too late. [1] This led to B-15 being taken under the custody of Ravonna Renslayer who stopped the former from revealing that everyone at the TVA were variants just like the ones they pruned.[2]