"We need to tell the police."
"Tell them what? I killed a member of an ancient organization of ninjas that are digging a giant hole in midtown Manhattan?"
Matt Murdock and Elektra[src]

The Ambush at Matt Murdock's Apartment was a failed assassination mission orchestrated by the Hand.


Stick and Matt

Stick heals Elektra

Daredevil and Elektra entered the Midland Circle, where they found a large hole. Then, they were ambushed by Hand ninjas. The two of them fought off the ninjas and during the battle, Elektra was seriously injured. They were saved by Stick, who finished off the others. They were followed and attacked by the ninjas. Stick ordered Quinn to drive them to Murdock's apartment.

When they finally arrived, Stick heal her near fatal wounds as Stick took a long sigh of relief. He told Murdock how he'd known Elektra and tol him about his war with Hand. While Murdock left, Elektra woke up to speak to Stick, telling him that she wanted to stand with Murdock. Elektra ordered Stick to leave, and he walked away.[3]



Hand ninja prepares to fight Matt Murdock

"Who do you work for? Who sent you? Answer me! You tell them, whoever they are, I'm gonna find them, and when I do, I'm gonna... No. You're just a kid."
Matt Murdock to Hand ninja[src]

At night, Matt Murdock returned to his apartment, noticing that Stick had left, but was relieved to find Elektra in bed. However, a Hand ninja had been secretly watching over Murdock's apartment waited until the pair were of guard as he had entered the apartment and attacked Murdock, shooting him through the shoulder with a poisoned arrow.


Elektra executes Hand ninja

Murdock managed to defeat and disarm the assassin, however when he unmasked him, he discovered that the assassin was a young man, hearing his heartbeat. Elektra came behind the ninja and, ignoring Murdock's pleas, ruthlessly sliced open his throat with a kitchen knife, much to Murdock's horror. She claimed that this is who she was and asked Murdock if he still wanted her before he began to pant heavily and then collapsed from the poison.[3]


Murdock shocked Elektra

Elektra treats Murdock's wounds

"Where is he?"
"Stick? He left, remember?"
"No, not Stick. The boy. The one you killed."
"It's been taken care of."
"Not "it". He."
"Well, he tried to kill you."
"He was scared. He was just a kid."
Matt Murdock and Elektra[src]

Elektra treated Matt Murdock's wound and contacted the Chaste members who turned up inside apartment and cleaned up the blood and repairing the crime scene. After Murdock woke up, he asked her about the Hand ninja and she replies that it's been taken care of. While Elektra insisted that the assassin had tried to kill him and therefore his death was self defense. Murdock insisted that they call the NYPD but Elektra noted that the police would never believe what had happened, telling him that the war had begun and that they both now needed to fight together against the Hand.

Seeing dark side of her, Murdock told Elektra that he did not want to see her anymore and she left his apartment. As she left, Murdock then told Elektra he would deal with the Hand himself.[4]


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