"The Iron Fist does not surrender."
"Look, I'm not gonna let them die."
"Who cares about them? Wait for Bakuto to leave the building, then we take him down."
"I'm not losing my family to the Hand again."
Davos and Danny Rand[src]

The Ambush at Harold Meachum's Penthouse was a confrontation on the Hand leader, Bakuto during his attempt to capture Iron Fist. After holding the Meachums hostage and wounding Joy Meachum, Bakuto lured Iron Fist to the penthouse to seize him. Once they have captured him, Bakuto and his men were ambushed by Colleen Wing and Davos, revealing that they already prepared a plan to fight him.


"I need you to know how serious I am. It's a clean in and out. Get her to the hospital within 30 minutes or so, and she'll be okay. But if you're not here within half an hour - you'll lose another family."
Bakuto to Danny Rand[src]

Harold Meachum and Joy Meachum used the Hand's files and took out all Hand's accounts. Bakuto learned about it and visited Ward Meachum at Birch Psychiatric Hospital. He gave Ward a cure to counteract Steel Serpent and introduced himself as a member of the Hand. Bakuto promised to give Meachum the secret to killing his father. Ward accepted the offer, provided that Joy will be safe.


The Hand arrives to the penthouse

Ward arrived at the penthouse to speak with Joy. Ward asked to speak with Joy alone, while Meachum ordered Singleton to find out how he had been released from the hospital. When Ward tried to drag Joy away, Meachum ordered Kevin Singleton to stop him, only for Ward to stool Gary's gun, aiming it at Meachum and demanding that Joy come with him. Although Singleton offered to put a stop to this, Meachum told him not to while Joy agreed to go with her brother. However, Bakuto and several Hand's members arrived at the penthouse. They executed Singleton and Gary when they tried to fight back and then took Meachums as their hostages.


Bakuto threatens Danny Rand

Ward was forced to stop the transfer of Bakuto's money from Rand Enterprises. Once Ward had ended, Bakuto dragged Harold and explained that if they removed his head, then Meachum would be unable to return to life. Ward begged for his sister not to see this, Bakuto instead demanded his phone, which Ward immediately agreed. Bakuto called Danny Rand, showing Rand the video of all Meachums trapped under his control. To show Rand how serious he was, Bakuto shot Joy through the gut, promising that she would survive if taken to the hospital within thirty minutes. As another threat to Rand, Bakuto had then threatened to decapitate Harold if Rand did not come to him soon, before hanging up.[5]


"I kind of got this feeling you're not allowed to kill me."
"That doesn't mean I won't do what it takes to subdue you. We have some of the best doctors in the world. You'd be amazed at what they can stitch back together."
Iron Fist and Bakuto[src]

Danny Rand summons the Iron Fist to break free

Rand decided to save Meachum and managed to reach the penthouse in time to prevent Bakuto from decapitating Harold. After exchanging a few words with Joy, Bakuto's men put Rand in handcuffs. In the elevator, Bakuto said that someone in their organization wanted work with Rand. As they reached the bottom floor, Rand calmed himself and slowly regained a semblance of his Chi. Rand succeeded in summoning the Iron Fist and broke his chains but he quickly lost his powers again. While Bakuto and his men were distracted, Colleen Wing and Davos who hiding at penthouse spring from their hiding and attacked them.


Davos fighting against Bakuto's soldiers

Davos killed two Hand members and Rand had personally engaged with Bakuto. While they fought, Wing and Davos attacked Bakuto's men. However, Bakuto was by Wing's agony during the battle against his own men, allowing Rand to strike Bakuto, gaining some advantage during their clash. Eventually, Rand managed to land some strong blows against Bakuto, putting him at the advantage. Before long, Rand and all his allies had defeated the Hand soldiers, which forced Bakuto to then desperately run away through the streets of New York City to save his life.[5]


"What you did back there bringing Bakuto to my home, siding against me I couldn't help but think of my relationship with my father. You know, there came a time when I had to topple the king. Took a lot of balls to try and kill me again. And, uh now you know my weakness."
"It was a mistake."
"Oh, no, it was a mistake to think that anything could get in the way of the three of us taking back control of Rand."
"The three of us? What about Danny?"
"Oh, he's served his purpose."
Harold Meachum and Ward Meachum[src]
Rain Fight

Colleen Wing duelling against Bakuto

Bakuto was eventually chased to Bethesda Terrace were he was cornered and challenged to duel by Colleen Wing who was determined to get her revenge against her former sensei. Accepting the challenge, Bakuto raised his sword and pointed at Wing, before walking backward and stepping out into the rain, with Bakuto still keeping the eyes trained onto Wing while she was preparing herself to make the first strike against Bakuto. Following a brief standoff, Wing then swung at Bakuto as their duel to the death began, while Rand was forced to watch from the sidelines. In the brutal fight, Wing managed to wound Bakuto and Davos finished him. While Davos confronted with Danny Rand, Hand took away Bakuto's body and later, he was resurrected.[6]

Episde12 Joy Hospital

Joy Meachum is taken to the hospital

Meanwhile, Harold and Ward got Joy to Metro-General Hospital where she could get treatment for her bullet wound. Harold then confronted Ward, telling him that it had taken serious balls to betray him. When Ward tried to insist that this action of siding with Bakuto and the Hand had been a mistake, Meachum told Ward that the only mistake that had been made was by anyone thinking they could be stopped from retaking Rand Enterprises.[5]

Harold found that he did not need Rand anymore. He used Hand's heroin files to frame his former friend. While Rand was hunted by DEA, Meachum returned to Rand Enterprises.[7]


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