"They say you're the most powerful Inhuman in all of Attilan. Want to find out?"
Mordis to Black Bolt[src]

The Ambush at Declan Research Facility Lab was a confrontation between a group of Attilan rebels led by Auran and the former King of Attilan Black Bolt, who they had been sent to capture. Although Black Bolt was outnumbered, he managed to escape thanks to the interference of his wife Medusa and her friend Louise Fisher, who helped him to escape after capturing the rebel Locus.


"We can't kill Black Bolt just yet. But we can keep our eyes on him."
"Well, you focus leading on Attilan. Leave Earth to me."
Maximus and Auran[src]

Prince of the Inhumans Maximus led a revolution in the city of Attilan, leading to the exile of the Inhuman Royal Family to Earth, where the different members separately arrived in different places on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.[1] Fearing their return, Maximus sent several Attilan Royal Guards led by Auran to track down and eliminate his family so he could rule Attilan unchallenged.

Following his arrival, Black Bolt was arrested by the department and imprisoned in the Oahu County Correctional Facility[2], from which he later escaped thanks to the help of Sammy, an Inhuman and fellow inmate, and Evan Declan, a geneticist who took both Black Bolt and Sammy to his lab.[3] However, Declan was secretly working for Maximus, although he did not know the connections between Black Bolt and his benefactor. Having been informed of Black Bolt's whereabouts by Declan, Maximus sent Auran and her team to the lab.[4]

Meanwhile, Medusa encountered Louise Fisher and forcefully enlisted her in the search of her family.[3]


Black Bolt and Sammy Escape

Black Bolt and Sammy are ambushed by Auran

"I have your wife. She's still alive. You do anything but come with us, she dies."
Auran to Black Bolt[src]

Black Bolt and Sammy discovered a syringe of poison in the Declan Research Facility Lab and decided to leave the place, as they feared Evan Declan could perform unwanted experiments on them. On their way out, however, they were ambushed by Auran who claimed that she had captured Medusa and threatened to kill her if Black Bolt did not come with them. When Black Bolt tried to attack Auran, Mordis came out and made him stand back.

Black Bolt then released the gas from a container to stop Mordis from attacking him, as releasing his powerful beams would have killed them all. Black Bolt ordered Sammy to leave while he confronted the rebels. However, Auran ordered Mordis to attack nonetheless. Before he could fire, he was knocked away by a car driven by Louise Fisher and Medusa. This caused Mordis to fire at the gas container, causing an explosion, knocking out Auran's team and killing Sakas and Auran.

Blackbolt locus

Black Bolt captures Locus

Having escaped the blast, Black Bolt then reunited with Medusa and the two of them captured an unconscious Locus and drove away to find the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family.[4]


"We stayed on the trail of Black Bolt, but we lost him. Did manage to capture the other human, though. Hey, you know he's got abilities?"
"I didn't."
"Yeah. He says that he and Black Bolt are friends. He helped him escape from jail."
"Bring him back to me. We need him."
Mordis and Auran[src]

When they regained consciousness, Mordis and Flora left the Declan Research Facility Lab and chased Black Bolt, only to capture Sammy instead. Meanwhile, the bodies of Sakas and Auran were reclaimed by Evan Declan for autopsy. However, Auran's regenerative abilities eventually activated, reviving her. Auran then decided to use both Declan and Sammy to lure Black Bolt into another ambush.

Using the powers of Locus who they had captured, Black Bolt and Medusa were able to locate Karnak, who they found along with Gorgon.[5]


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