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"I'm Peter Parker."
"That's not possible."
"I'm Spider-Man in my world."
―Spider-Man and Michelle Jones[src]

Peter Benjamin Parker is a superhero who possesses spider-like abilities and operates in New York City as the amazing Spider-Man. In the past, Spider-Man fought against multiple villains, including Lizard and Electro, who individually terrorized his home city. Unfortunately, after failing to save his girlfriend Gwen Stacy from falling to her death, a guilt-ridden Parker fell victim to his own rage, becoming an embittered and violent vigilante.

Later, due to an error in Doctor Strange's spell, Spider-Man was summoned to Strange's universe, meeting that reality's Spider-Man along with another alternate-reality Spider-Man, as well as with Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds. Learning that Lizard and Electro had also crossed universes, Spider-Man recreated an antidote for Lizard to use in a subsequent battle at Liberty Island. There, the three Spider-Men, and Otto Octavius, combated several universe-displaced villains to have them cured of their afflictions. During the fight, Spider-Man managed to make up for his past failure by saving Jones from a long fall. Finally, after the villains had been cured, Spider-Man embraced his alternate selves before being returned to his home universe by Strange.


Early Life

Life as Spider-Man

"I lost Gwen. She... she was my MJ."

Peter Parker was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, gaining spider-like powers and abilities. One night, his uncle Ben Parker told him a philosophy about power and responsibility, and later that night, Ben was killed, devastating Parker and motivating him to embrace Ben's philosophy and become the superhero Spider-Man. Parker also met the brilliant Oscorp scientist Curt Connors and became a couple with Gwen Stacy, who was aware of his dual identity.

Spider-Man's first great enemy was Lizard, who he figured out was Connors who injected himself with the prototype of a regenerative serum to regain his lost limb. Spider-Man and Lizard clashed when the latter tried to turn everyone in New York City into lizards like himself. Spider-Man created the Lizard Antidote and administered Lizard the cure that transformed him back to his human form.

One year later, Spider-Man met Max Dillon and encouraged him when Dillon believed he himself was a nobody, making Dillon a massive fan of Spider-Man. When Dillon fell into a tank filled with enhanced electric eels and gained powers, he became an enemy of Spider-Man known as Electro, who eventually found out Parker's true identity. In their final battle at Oscorp's main power grid, Spider-Man was left with no other option but to kill Electro by overcharging him with energy, causing him to explode.

In an ensuing fight that followed, Stacy died as a result of Parker being unable to save her from falling to her death. Guilt-ridden, Parker held this to his heart forever, and he was never able to forgive himself. Following her death, Spider-Man started to develop destructive tendencies, becoming engulfed in bitterness and becoming aggressive until he finally realized what had come of him.

Spider-Man also fought the Russian criminal Aleksei Sytsevich in a rhinoceros suit of mechanical armor, who was known as the Rhino.[1]

Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis

Brought to Another Universe

Spider-Man exploring a new universe

"Wow. String theory... Multidimensional reality... And matter displacement. All real?"
―Spider-Man to Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds[src]

One day, Spider-Man appeared suddenly in a different version of New York City. Using his scientific knowledge of string theory and the Multiverse, he deduced that he was in another universe. As Spider-Man navigated the new place, an Inter-Dimensional Portal to the Leeds Residence opened in front of him, where he saw Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones calling out for their universe's Peter Parker.

Parker unmasks himself to Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds

Spider-Man went through the portal completely suited up, frightening Leeds' grandmother. As he unmasked, Spider-Man introduced himself as the Peter Parker of his universe. He then asked if the Multiverse was real, realizing that he had been right in his studies. Leeds mentioned magic and Spider-Man asked if magic existed as well, in which Jones tried to change the subject.

Spider-Man proves his identity

Still not convinced that he was really Spider-Man, Jones asked him to prove it. Spider-Man crawled on the ceiling to help Leeds' grandmother remove cobwebs in the corner, causing Jones and Leeds to realize that they had summoned an entirely different version of Spider-Man.[1]

Parker meets an alternate Spider-Man

Jones urged Leeds to continue searching for their Peter Parker by opening another portal. Instead, they summoned another alternate Peter Parker, who was much older. Spider-Man confronted his older counterpart, who realized that he was not Leeds' and Jones' Parker, and shot a web at him, only for the older Parker to shoot a web back and perform a flip, proving that he was another Spider-Man.

Spider-Man announces his favourite spot

The older Parker explained that he had seen Leeds and Jones on the news and sensed that their universe's Peter Parker needed help. As the older Parker urged Leeds and Jones to think of where their friend would go to clear his mind, Spider-Man admitted that for him, it was the Empire State Building because of the view, while the older Parker preferred the Chrysler Building.

Spider-Man on top of Midtown High

Jones and Leeds deduced where their Parker would be and brought them to the Midtown School of Science and Technology, where they found their Parker on top of the roof, crying and in despair over the death of his aunt May. Spider-Man attempted to console his younger alternate self, explaining that he was familiar with loss, but the native Spider-Man stopped him, too distraught over his own mistakes to listen or care. The native Spider-Man confessed that he no longer wished to save anyone and simply wanted them to return to their universes.

Parker meets Michelle Jones' Spider-Man

Before the younger Spider-Man could use the Macchina di Kadavus to send them home, the older Parker explained that he lost his uncle Ben Parker because of his own actions and witnessing the death of Ben's supposed killer didn't ease the pain. In conjunction, to help his younger alternate self cope and realize that he was not alone, Spider-Man confessed his own guilt of not being able to save his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, admitting how her death made him rageful, bitter, and violent. Both Spider-Man and his older counterpart explained to the younger Spider-Man that they did not want him to lead a path of darkness like them, encouraging him to honor his aunt’s final wish by curing all the universe-displaced people.

Parker works with his alternate selves

After managing to convince his alternate self, the group decided to retreat to one of Midtown’s laboratory rooms in order to engineer cures for their past enemies. Parker decided to develop Lizard' anti-serum, having made one before, while his older counterpart created the one for Green Goblin. The Parkers, Jones, and Leeds together engineered cures for Electro, Green Goblin, Lizard, and Sandman, and then devised a plan to bring their adversaries all to one spot using the Macchina as a lure.

Parker fascinated with the organic webs

Before leaving, Parker asked his oldest counterpart if he had his suit, which he did underneath his civilian clothes. He was then amazed to see he can shoot organic webs and wondered how that was possible.[1]

Battle at Liberty Island

Spider-Man at the Statue of Liberty

"What the hell is going on out there?! I keep yelling at you, Peter-Two, Peter-Two!"
"No, but I thought you were Peter-Two."
"Stop arguing, both of you, and listen to Peter-One! Look, we're clearly not very good at this!"
―Spider-Man, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man[src]

Spider-Man and his counterparts then travelled to the Statue of Liberty, using an Inter-Dimensional Portal opened by Ned Leeds. While the native Spider-Man deliberately broadcast their location, Spider-Man noticed that the older Spider-Man had back issues and shared that he did too.

Parker cracks his counterpart’s back

He then asked if he could crack it, which the older Spider-Man agreed too. cracked the older Spider-Man's back to ease his back pain, relating to what he was feeling.

Parker learns of Thanos and Symbiotes

With time to spare, Spider-Man then asked how the older Spider-Man was able to naturally shoot webs without the need for Web-Shooters. As the native Spider-Man asked what kind of villains they had faced besides the current ones, the older Spider-Man discussed having fought a black symbiote. The native Spider-Man then told them about fighting a purple alien in space and on Earth, much to both of their surprises. Spider-Man expressed a desire to fight aliens of his own, feeling that he was "lame" for fighting men like the Rhino, prompting the other Spider-Men to assure him that he was amazing in his own way.

Spider-Man prepares to fight

The three Spider-Men suddenly sensed that Electro had arrived, followed by Lizard and Sandman. Spider-Man faced Lizard and attempted to obtain the cure from the native Spider-Man but failed to coordinate well with his counterparts, leading to several early setbacks.

Spider-Man learns of the Avengers

As they regrouped, Spider-Man and the older Spider-Man both announced that they had never worked as a team and didn't know how. The native Spider-Man took command due to his experience with the Avengers, although Spider-Man and the older were unaware of what the Avengers were as they didn't exist in their home universes, and thought they were a band name.

The Spider-Men team together

The native Spider-Man urged them to trust their Spider-Sense, and the three decided to coordinate their attacks by focusing on one villain at a time, as well as naming each other, by Peter-One, Peter-Two, and Peter-Three. Spider-Man was listed as Peter-Three. The group then swung together as Spider-Men with a new spirit of teamwork. Spider-Man attacked Lizard, while Peter-Two attacked Sandman, and Peter-One attacked Electro.

Spider-Man faces Lizard

Returning to battle, Spider-Man retrieved Sandman's cure, passing it on to Peter-1 to pass off to Peter-2 while he continued to fight off against Lizard on his own, eventually webbing him up with his web fluid while he decided to descend at the top of the Statue towards Electro, with his cure in hopes of curing him.

Spider-Man comes face-to-face with Electro

Upon reaching at the top of the Statue, Spider-Man and the older one attempted to steal the Arc Reactor from Electro but were overwhelmed by his electricity powers. They were saved by Otto Octavius, who swapped the Arc Reactor with the cure, depriving Electro of his powers and his insanity.

Spider-Man makes amends with Max Dillon

Spider-Man then spoke with Electro, who had been returned to his normal self as Dillon, who lamented that he would return to being a nobody as no one recognised him in their universe. However, Spider-Man assured Dillon that he never was a nobody in their universe and he had noticed him. Dillon then told Spider-Man that he had hoped he had been black though, wondering if there was a black Spider-Man out there, in which Spider-Man agreed could be possible.

Spider-Man sees the pumpkin bomb

Afterwards, Doctor Strange arrived and was introduced to Spider-Man and the older Spider-Man by the native Spider-Man. Before they could talk further, Green Goblin suddenly arrived, attacking them with Razor Bats, and stealing the Macchina di Kadavus from Strange. When Strange retrieved the Macchina, all Spider-Men noticed a Pumpkin Bomb inside it and became alarmed. It detonated, destroying the Macchina and unleashing the unstable spell, which caused a dimensional rift in the Multiverse to open.

Spider-Man saves Michelle Jones

This action also toppled the Statue, causing Michelle Jones to fall off the scaffolding. When the native Spider-Man leaped to catch her, Goblin knocked him aside, forcing a shocked Spider-Man to jump down and save her himself. Redeemed for his failure to save Gwen Stacy when she died in a similar way, he became emotional but soon composed himself.[1]

Returning to His Universe

Parker sees Spider-Man’s fight with Green Goblin

As dawn broke, Spider-Man watched in concern as the younger Spider-Man faced off against Green Goblin and violently beat him down. Before the native Spider-Man could deal the fatal blow, however, the older Spider-Man intervened but was promptly stabbed by Goblin. As the older Spider-Man managed to survive, Spider-Man threw the cure to the native Spider-Man who injected Goblin with the cure, restoring his sanity as Norman Osborn and vanquishing his Goblin alter ego.

Spider-Man embraces his alternate selves

Spider-Man tended to his older counterpart, who was not mortally injured as he had been stabbed before, as the younger Spider-Man helped Doctor Strange fix the spell by modifying it so that the universe would no longer remember him. The three Spider-Men embraced and exchanged goodbyes.

Spider-Man returning to his home universe

Strange then cast the spell, returning all the universe-displaced to their home universes with him putting a peace sign up to his older counterpart before departure.[1]


"I couldn't save her. I'm never going to be able to forgive myself for that. But I carried on, tried to... tried to keep going. Tried to keep being that... that friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, because I know that's what she would've wanted, but... at some point I just... I stopped pulling my punches. I got rageful. I got bitter. I just don't want you, to end up like... like me."
―Spider-Man to Spider-Man[src]

Following the death of Gwen Stacy, this Peter Parker carried on for a while as Spider-Man. However, Parker later found himself bitter and anguished. This was further seen when he was upset to hear that he hasn't battled some of the enemies like his other selves and called himself lame. Despite his former more aggressive ways of treating his enemies, he is still good at heart, and wanted to find the younger Peter Parker in order to stop him from turning out like he did. He also contains a sense of humor and overall kind demeanor, frequently making jokes with others and even helping an alternate Spider-Man pop his back into place before the battle.

Parker does seem to contain a rebellious nature, as upon being discovered by Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones, he was refusing initially to crawl around on the ceiling to prove he is Peter Parker as he believes that hanging from it was good enough, though he does eventually relent after Leeds' grandmother asks him to clean some cobwebs out of the ceiling since he was already up there.

Parker quickly developed a strong bond with the other Spider-Men, as he realized that his younger counterpart needs his help, after his older counterpart explained to him, Leeds and Jones that he's been trying to find the latter ever since he arrived in the other universe. Also, Peter sees his counterparts as brothers, even telling them that he loves them before the final battle. In addition, Peter jumped to his younger self defenses when Doctor Strange was scolding the latter for trapping him at the Grand Canyon in the mirror dimension for twelve hours. He even showed great concern for his older counterpart when he got stabbed by Green Goblin as he rushed to his side immediately, after giving his younger counterpart the cure for Osborn.

Despite his best attempts to put on a positive front, Parker is pessimistic and is hurting very much inside following Stacy's death, having a low opinion of himself, viewing himself as inferior to his counterparts. Upon learning that his counterparts have fought aliens, Parker was envious of them as he hasn't fought an alien, lamenting that the craziest guy he ever fought was Rhino. This attitude changed, however, after the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man comforts him, reassuring him that he was not only a great Spider-Man, but an Amazing one who needed to stop beating himself up so much.

After saving Jones from falling to her death, Parker instantly breaks down and begins crying, having given himself much needed closure and redemption for Stacy's death. Following the end of the battle, Parker is noticeably happier and excited like his younger counterpart, openly embracing his counterparts before being sent back to his universe.

On another note, he shares his counterpart's intelligence such as having a love of science and biology, as when he learned of the older Spider-Man's organic webbing, instead of being disgusted, he was curious how it worked and was examining the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man's arm even asking him how it worked later on. He was also pleased to hear the history about the multiverse was accurate and correctly deduced he was in another world. In addition, he was surprised that his younger self managed to make cures for the villains and shares the same wisdom as his other experienced counterpart by sharing the loss of his loved one.

Powers and Abilities


"Why'd you do that?"
"Just trying to see if you have the tingle thing."
"I have the tingle thing, just not for bread."
―Spider-Man and Michelle Jones[src]
  • Spider Physiology: This Spider-Man possesses the proportionate powers of a spider, after being bitten by a genetically enhanced spider. The spider bite triggered numerous body-wide mutagenic changes within Parker, granting him superhuman strength, speed, toughened flesh, numerous arachnid-like abilities such as enhanced senses which allow him to evade several attacks from his foes.
    • Superhuman Strength: Spider-Man's muscles are stronger and more efficient as a result of a genetically modified spider's bite, being able to contend with Lizard without much effort during the Battle at Liberty Island.
    • Superhuman Durability:

      Spider-Man withstands Electro's electricity

      As a result of his mutation, Spider-Man's muscles and flesh are tougher than a normal human. He withstood many strong blows from Lizard without showing much reaction or signs of pain. He was able to handle being directly shot by Electro's electricity and managed to continue fighting without much struggle afterwards.
    • Superhuman Speed: Spider-Man can run and move much faster than an ordinary human. This allows him to easily dodge attacks from many of his formidable opponents, when combined with his precognitive Spider-Sense. He was fast enough to run and dive from a building at immense speed, to save Michelle Jones from falling to her death.
    • Superhuman Agility:

      Spider-Man leaping towards Electro

      Spider-Man is as agile as a spider, being able to make movements that would be extremely difficult for a normal human with great facility, capable of swinging around on thin spider-webbing and jumping great distances and heights without difficulty. His bones, muscles, and joints have more elastic strength and durability, allowing him to perform gymnastic and contortionist maneuvers without damaging his bone structure. Due to his incredible agility and flexibility, Spider-Man is extremely acrobatic and is able to perform high jumps, somersaults, and flips. He manged to outmaneuver Electro's blasts of electricity.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Spider-Man's advanced musculature produce fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human meaning allowing him to perform physical activities for an extended period before being fatigued. Parker managed to fight both Electro and Lizard in a row without getting tired, as well as web swinging in between. Without Parker's stamina he wouldn't have been able to survive the Battle at the Liberty Tower.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:

      Spider-Man dodging Electro's electricity

      Spider-Man's reflexes operate so fast that with the assistance of his Spider-Sense, Parker easily evaded attacks even from close range. He dodged multiple of Lizard's attacks without much effort and also evaded Electro's attacks with ease.
    • Enhanced Senses: After getting bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, Spider-Man's senses have been enhanced to superhuman levels.
      • Spider-Sense: A tingling sensation in Parker's skull warns him of danger, where it is coming from and how to avoid it. This power is passive and not fully controlled by Parker. Upon meeting Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds, he said that his tingle only triggers if something could actually hurt him or others near-by, as it didn't trigger off when a piece of bread was thrown at him, similar to his younger counterpart's Spider-Sense as he also did not trigger when a banana was thrown at him by May Parker.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: As a result of the spider bite, Spider-Man regenerates from his injuries faster and more extensively than a normal human.
    • Wallcrawling:

      Spider-Man crawling on the ceiling

      Due to Spider-Man's exposure to the mutated spider venom induced a cerebellum-wide alteration of his engrams resulting in the ability to mentally control the flux of inter-atomic attraction between molecular boundary layers.
  • Web Generation: Through the use of his Web-Shooters, Spider-Man is able to project a substance similar to a spider's web. The web's tensile strength and adhesive properties allow him to use the webs for a variety of purposes, from swinging between buildings to restraining his enemies.


"Well, I got Connors. I've already cured him once, so no big deal. What? It's no big deal."
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Parker is considerably smart, specifically in engineering, chemistry and physics. Before he was found by Ned Leeds, this Parker was able to deduce he was in an alternate universe and grasp the concept of the Multiverse on his own. Parker, along with his other counterpart, was able to successfully concoct several chemical mixtures that had the ability to undo the mutation of their deadly enemies.
  • Master Scientist:

    Parker creating the Lizard Antidote

    Parker is a brilliant scientist who is highly skilled in various fields of science, being able to develop his own web fluid. Through the use of his scientific knowledge, Parker was able to create an anti-serum for Curt Connors, and stated that he has done it before, which successfully cured him.
  • Expert Engineer: Parker is a skilled engineer, being able to create his own mechanical web-shooters.
  • Expert Combatant:

    Spider-Man fighting against Lizard

    Using a mixture of his superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, equilibrium, Spider-Sense, and Web-Shooters, Parker is able to utilize a devastating acrobatic fighting style that makes him a formidable opponent against the likes of dangerous enemies like Lizard and Electro. His skills were enough to take Lizard on his own again and subdue him.
  • Master Marksman: Parker possesses extremely keen eyesight and is able to accurately utilize his Web-Shooters to neutralize his targets during his crime-fighting.
  • Master Acrobat:

    Spider-Man swinging with his counterparts

    Due to his superhuman agility and superhuman reflexes, Spider-Man can perform acrobatic and gymnastic feats, such as flips, with little effort. After gaining years of experience, he has mastered the ability to use his acrobatic skills to fend off against his enemies, effortlessly being able to incorporate it into his fighting style.



  • Web-Shooters: A pair of web shooters worn on his wrists used by Parker to fire out thin strands of web fluid. Parker developed these web shooters by utilizing Oscorp's bio-cable technology, somewhat like his younger counterpart. The twin devices worn upon his wrists are able to shoot thin strands of a special web fluid at high pressure and speeds, enabling him to immobilize his opponents in combat along with moving through locations by attaching his web fluid to various objects. The web cartridges can hold multiple capsules at once.
    • Synthetic Webbing: Utilizing Oscorp's Bio-Cable technology, Parker can generate webs that are a shear-thinning liquid, virtually solid until a shearing force is applied to it, rendering it fluid. The web line's tensile strength is estimated to be 120 pounds per square millimeter of cross section.

Other Equipment

"You never had a web block? Because I run out of webs all the time. I have to make my own in a lab, and it's a hassle compared to what you've got."
"That sounds like a hassle, yeah."
―Spider-Man and Spider-Man[src]
  • Spider-Man Suit: Parker wore the amazing suit to conceal his identity while operating as the superhero Spider-Man.





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