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"Margaret Elizabeth Carter! You'll be the death of me, Peggy Carter!"
―Amanda Carter[src]

Amanda Carter was the mother of Michael and Peggy Carter.



"Go on, have a laugh, but one of these days, you're going to have to start behaving like a lady."
―Amanda Carter to Peggy Carter[src]

Carter raises Michael and Peggy

Amanda married Harrison Carter and had two children, Michael and Margaret "Peggy" Carter. She tried to discourage her daughter from breaking gender roles and being outspoken, hoping she would become demure, despite Michael's constant attempts to allow her to embrace her desire for adventure and excitement in life.

Carter learns of Michael's death

One day, Amanda was helping Peggy with her wedding dress, telling her how beautiful she looked as Peggy prepared to marry Fred Wells when she answered a knock on the door; she and Harrison greeted members of the British Armed Forces, who informed them that Michael died in action during World War II. Amanda fainted and was caught by Harrison upon hearing the news.[2]




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