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"They're throwing you under the bus. I'm sorry, Dex. It isn't right."
―Alvarez to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Agent Alvarez is a member of the FBI assigned to work with Wilson Fisk's detail.


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"You're not even on the clock yet."
"Yeah, I could use a decent cup of coffee. You mind going downstairs and grabbing me one? And I'll feed the animal."
"He's all yours."
―Alvarez and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Alvarez was assigned by Tammy Hattley to work on Wilson Fisk's protective detail in Presidential Hotel. Close to the end of her shift, she greeted Benjamin Poindexter who went to his shift two hours sooner. Alvarez asked Poindexter why he went too soon and he replied that his neighbors did not let him sleep well. Alvarez expressed her thoughts about his neighbors but Poindexter ignored her what Alvarez noted it and drew his attention, saying that she is going to serve lunch for Fisk. However, Poindexter asked her to grab a cup of coffee for him and said that he can serve Fisk instead. Alvarez agreed and left the office while Poindexter went to speak with Fisk.

Later, Alvarez returned to the office and spotted frustrated Poindexter looking at the monitors. She drew his attention again and showed him New York Bulletin newspaper about the FBI's investigation into him. She sympathized him, noting that making Poindexter a scapegoat for the Bureau is not right.[1]


Reinstated by Hattley, Poindexter went to the hotel with Ramsey and Wellers and informed Alvarez about shift change. She then said that they came on an hour ago but Poindexter explained that is was Hattley's direct order, adding that she probably punishing him for getting off suspension so fast. Alvarez decided not to argue with Hattley's orders and left the office with her colleagues.[2]